Group to Protest Ringling Brothers

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Ringling Brothers is coming to Kent, WA, and I'm happy to know the Northwest Animal Rights Network will be protesting (we live in nearby Seattle by the way.). seattle northwest animal rights network ringling brothers circus

Mexican Activists Staged Protest Early this Month

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MEXICO CITY – Animal rights activists staged a protest against the sale of pets in Mexico City, urging residents to adopt dogs and other animals instead of buying them. Two of the activists, one painted to look like a dog and the other like a cat, stood in gift boxes holding signs that urged people not to view animals as toys and to adopt pets instead of purchasing them. mexico protests activism animal rights companion animals animal welfare pets

Book Chronicles History of Animal Rights

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The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA by Norm Phelps came out in 2007. In a brisk, readable narrative, The Longest Struggle traces the campaigns of animal rights pioneers like Henry Spira, Alex Hershaft, and Ingrid Newkirk, as well as leaders who have come more recently on the scene like Heidi Prescott, Karen Davis, and Bruce Friedrich. Tags: animal rights

The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

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Today I’m exploring a couple questions that have been bouncing in my head for a while…I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’m not calling into question animal rights, just the focus of the movement. – The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive Animal rights. Unfortunately, once we discuss anything beyond this basic point, people vastly disagree on what is right and wrong. Politics Animal Rights I Am Birder PETA

Animal Rights Activists Arrested in UC Attacks

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21, 2007: A group of 20 protesters demonstrated outside of a UC Berkeley professor's home in El Cerrito. They trespassed on his front yard, chanted slogans and accused him of being a murderer because of his use of animals in research. 20, 2008: A group of five protesters tried to forcibly enter the Westside home of a UC Santa Cruz researcher during a child's birthday party. From the looks of it, they aren't charging them with any firebombings or anything like that.

Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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In " 'Animal Rights:' Pernicious Nonsense for Both Law & Public Policy ," Massachusetts attorney and "sportsman" Richard Latimer is on the mark with some concepts, and way off with others. However, both his perceptions and misconceptions are based on: 1) observing the work of PeTA and HSUS; and 2) the assumption that those two organizations are in the same category--"animal rights." Now, I know you're saying: That's not what animal rights is.

Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

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In issuing its condemnation of established cultural practices, the rights view is not antibusiness, not antifreedom of the individual, not antiscience, not antihuman. It is simply projustice, insisting only that the scope of justice be seen to include respect for the rights of animals. The animal rights movement is not for the faint of heart. Might does not make right; might does make law.

From the Animal Rights Action Network re: Greyhounds

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Brief commentary follows this e-mail I received regarding greyhounds, animal rights and Ireland. Back then I was a young child and never thought any different about greyhounds or indeed any other animal. Today it is a different situation, i learned from then about respecting animals and my life has been devoted to ending their suffering and torment. We're simply asking you for just a couple of hour to help greyhounds in serious trouble right now.

Weekend Protest Against the Oregon National Primate Research Center

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Animal rights activists stretched a 60-foot banner across the Hawthorne Bridge {Saturday} morning targeting the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU. In support of National Primate Liberation Week, the Portland Animal Defense League hung a banner that read "OHSU: Stop Killing Monkeys Now!" Tags: animal research activism oregon national primate research center oregon From Oregonlive.

British Activist Jailed for Petrol Bombs

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A British animal rights activist is starting a prison sentence after being found guilty of (I think) conspiracy to commit arson. He planted petrol bombs at Oxford University to protest plans to build an animal research laboratory. I agree that the animal research lab sucks, but anything that threatens harm does not help the cause. Tags: UK activism animal rights animal laboratories

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Our Strange Relationship with Animals

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I thought this was an interesting piece contrasting three different people and their relationships with animals. One is a meat-eating professor of animal welfare, another is an animal rights activist, and the third is an animal researcher. This quote from the animal rights person is spot-on for me.[Maria's] Tags: ethics animal rights medical research

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On Different Results of Direct Action

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There is a profound difference between what Sea Shepherd does and what the Animal Liberation Front does, but there are also similarities, and those similarities increase in number if a direct action by the ALF (or anyone else) is an open rescue and therefore a direct defense of sentient nonhumans being attacked by humans. Here's another direct action and its result, as described in an interview by Larry Mantle on KPCC Radio (it's the one called " Animal Rights vs. Animal Testing ").

Lessons Learned, The Finale

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My random number of 20 Lessons Learned From 4 Years of Blogging at Animal Person (for the others go to #1-6 , #7-10 and #11 & 12 ) ends today with #13-20, which is far longer than I thought it would be. The design of Animal Person is probably as uninviting as it could possibly be. As for categories, I never got that one right, either. However, it wasn't honest of me to promote such products because my goal, after all, is for us to not use animals.

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Canada Reaches Seal Product Deal with China

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Although 40 Chinese animal rights groups have protested, they don't really have any political or financial clout to change anything. In order to offset the loss of the seal product market in Europe, Canada has made a deal with China. I'm not surprised. China as a whole still doesn't have a national conscience about these issues. canada europe seal hunt seals china

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Lawsuit to Challenge Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

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A group of animal rights activists sued the U.S. government Thursday to challenge the constitutionality of a rarely used law they say treats them like terrorists if they cause a loss in profits for businesses that use or sell animal products. animal enterprise terrorism act activism lawsuit legislation animal law usRead the full article in the Washington Post.

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Foie Gras Disappearing From San Diego Restaurants

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Here in Seattle, NARN (Northwest Animal Rights Network) has been staging protests at a local restaurant that serves foie gras. Having said that though, I see that these types of protests have had an effect in the San Diego area. I guess small protests like NARN's seem futile when compared to the overwhelming issue of animal welfare, but you have to think that a number of small protests over time can have a large cumulative impact.

New Podcast for Week Ending February 13, 2009

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In this week’s podcast ending February 13, 2010: **Britain’s Ministry of Defense defends its use of pigs as subjects in explosives testing; **an elephant expert argues for the closing of the elephant exhibit at the Toronto Zoo; **the State of Hawaii seeks to toughen penalties for dog fighting; **Animal rights groups protest the Canadian seal hunt in the shadow of the 2010 Olympics.

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New Podcast Uploaded for 01/30/10

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In this week's podcast ending January 30, 2010: **A Mercy for Animals video spurs calls for a ban on tail docking in the State of New York; **Animal rights activists try to stop construction of a bullfighting ring in Beijing; **A PETA protestor gets a pie in the face for protesting against the Canadian seal hunt; **And legislation is proposed in China to ban the eating of cats and dogs.

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Foie Gras to Be Banned in California

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But for seven hours on Friday night, at a restaurant appropriately known as Animal, three chefs presented an eight-course meal that was nothing short of a glorification of this soon-to-be-outlawed delicacy. Apparently, this will happen in 8 months. I had no idea! Excerpted from The New York Times. In eight months, the sale of foie gras will be banned in California.

Tensions Mount over University of Florida Animal Research

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Wonder if that could get activists into trouble under AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.) Animal rights activists are targeting a University of Florida researcher for his role in experiments on primates — even though he says he doesn't personally conduct animal research. She's accusing him of being a "monkey mutilator" and plans protests with other animal-rights activists at the UF football game today and at the researcher's neighborhood in the coming weeks.

SHAC7 Trailer

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I credit Will Potter as the catalyst for shifting my focus away from critiques of other activists and activist groups (particularly his post, " While the Government Continues Attacks on Activists, Animal Rights Groups Protest Each Other " back in 2008). But when our First Amendment rights have been diminished as an activist group and we're being unfairly targeted and called "terrorists" and not afforded equal protection, it feels strange to protest against other vegans.

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Atttorney's File Motion to Dismiss Charges Against AETA 4

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Attorney's for 4 people accused under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. From the press release: “To characterize protest and speech as terrorist activities is ludicrous,” said Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) cooperating attorney Matthew Strugar. And it is not just animal rights activists who are in danger here. Tags: animal experimentation AETA 4

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Good News for the Alamagordo Chimps!

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This gives animal rights activists some time to prepare further defense of the animals. Animal welfare activists protested the transfer. chimpanzees animal research primates National Institutes of Health new mexicoI received an alert from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The Alamagordo chimps will be allowed to remain in New Mexico for about two years while the NIH studies the issue of their transference.

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Military Used Pigs in Brain Injury Research

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car companies used live animals, including pigs, for crash tests until the early 1990s. They stopped after protests from animal rights groups, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Tags: rats animal experimentation military pigs Lovely. Military researchers have dressed live pigs in body armor and strapped them into Humvee simulators that were then blown up with explosives to study the link between roadside bomb blasts and brain injury.

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On Small Victories

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Yesterday's " Do Small Victories Affect Big Picture in Animal Rights Debate? Both, of course, were seen as victories, but the article's author, Richard Foot, asks: Do such successes mean the animal rights movement is winning its long, controversial campaigns to gain the same legal protections for animals as those ascribed to humans? restaurants by animal rights activists." Paul Watson 's response is, I think, the right one.

Bloodless Bullfights No Longer Interest Me

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But within the last year, an animal cruelty investigation almost shut one down because spikes were being used to antagonize the bull. This was a clear violation of animal law. Next time, though, I might want to hook up with an animal rights group to protest. I used to support the bloodless bullfights held in California. These bullfights are allowed because they are part of religious festivals in the Portuguese-American community.

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Growing Number of Scientists Question Animal Research

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The feud between animal rights activists and researchers is among the bitterest in science. But many researchers - although adamant that animal research remains critical to finding cures and expanding medical knowledge - have come to concede that using creatures as human stand-ins is unnecessary for many procedures. Plus, animals are messy, require feeding and constant care, draw protests, and, yes, can be a bit smelly.

Twenty Years Ago

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But I saw on television that certain animal-rights activists demonstrated against the wearing of furs. I agree with the protesters that producing, selling, buying, and wearing furs is wrong. 11-27-87. Today—the day after Thanksgiving—is traditionally the busiest retail sales day of the year. Needless to say, I stayed away from the stores. It was obviously orchestrated; and it succeeded in getting television, radio, and newspaper attention.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 8 of 13

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In fact, animals used for food do suffer a great deal. Now there is no doubt that the actual treatment of animals used for food is immoral, that animals are made to suffer needlessly. One argument is this: The present practice of treating animals used for food is immoral and should be changed. KBJ: Singer’s claim is that one should not contribute, even incrementally, to animal suffering. Certainly, not eating meat could have this protest function.

Irish Travel Agency Removes Matador from Advertising

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The move was in response from pressure from an animal rights group. THE MATADOR – one of the most abiding and traditional images of Spain – has been removed from advertising by a leading Irish travel company following a protest by animal rights activists. It's a small step, but every one counts. From the Irish Times.

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The True Costs of the Rhetoric of Terror Continue to Mount – Part 1

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Bush signed the “ Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ” into law this past Monday (November 27, 2006). The law protects animal enterprises from courses of conduct designed to disrupt their normal profitable functioning. It is chilling in its narrowness, because it targets a single group of political activists, namely, animal rights activists. Thomas Petri (R-WI) introduced House Bill H.R.4239 , dubbed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. That’s right.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 11 of 13

Animal Ethics

The Argument from Human Grain Shortage All of the clearly moral arguments for vegetarianism given so far have been in terms of animal rights and suffering. The eating of non-grain-eating animals, e.g., fish and wild game, is morally permissible on this view. Nobody wants existing animals to be slaughtered. It is useful to remember that grain was fed to cattle and other animals in this country in order to use our surplus; it was an economic move.