Activists Again Target UCLA Over Animal Research

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This time, they've slipped unfired shotgun shells into the tailpipes of some UCLA vans. As today began (oct 6 2008) we caught up with a couple of your currently popular vanpools. In two different locales, using small wooden rods we slipped unfired shotgun shells into the mufflers by way of the tailpipes of two of your vans. We also phoned into your media relations desk to let them know about it. On a long enough drive or a hot enough day the mufflers will be blown off.

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On Different Results of Direct Action

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research) rally in defense of his community (he considers himself a proxy for the entire UCLA community). Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Gray Matters Animal Liberation Front animal rights David Jentsch Jerry Vlasak UCLA vivisection

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Animal Rights Activists Burn Wrong Car

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A group calling itself Students and Workers for the Liberation of UCLA Primates burned 3 cars, none of which belonged to the individual they were targeting. ALF is disputing the notion that the wrong cars were hit.

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On Deep Vegan Outreach and Dr. Ray Greek

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2) If you live in Los Angeles, you are probably more aware of the goings-on around the panel discussion that will involve Dr. Ray Greek and members of the Pro-Test community at UCLA. 16 UCLA Panel Discussion," which raises a handful of interesting issues about panels, debates, the importance of airing both on the Internet, and the realities of setting up a panel or a debate with people who are on the opposite side of your issue. This week I asked "Is this 'War'?"

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The ABA’s 50th Anniversary and Information: From Scarce to Abundant

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For example, a recent appearance of a Red-flanked Bluetail at UCLA was quickly posted to the California listserv, eBird, and other places. It made the Los Angeles Times and UCLA even issued a press release. The American Birding Association celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year and one aspect of its celebration was a reprint of the first issue of the publication now known as Birding.

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Listening to Falcons: The Peregrines of Tom Cade

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By the time Cade had finished graduate school at UCLA and received his degree in 1957, he was not only an ornithologist, but a zoologist and respected falconer as well. Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds. such as California Condors and Passenger Pigeons. She also has an abiding interest in important figures in natural history. She’s already written about Rachel Carson: Secret Birder.

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