Stray Dog Rescued in Mumbai

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An old stray dog was wounded in the Mumbai attacks and rescued. Sadly, he is the lucky one in a city filled with starving strays. Sheru was a stray dog hit by an errant bullet when two gunmen opened fire in a crowded railway station during the first night of the assault. Some may ask why a dog is being saved when so many human lives were lost," said J.C. Tags: India animal rescue strays dogs

Mexican Border Town Offers Tax Exemption for Euthanizing Dogs

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There's a stray dog problem in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. If you bring in the dog for euthanization, you get a tax exemption.hooray! Mexican border town has a big dog problem, and it’s not sure what to do about it. There are about 70,000 stray dogs roaming San Luis Rio Colorado in northern Mexico. That’s one dog for every two inhabitants, according to the BBC. euthanization mexico animal cruelty spay/neuter strays dogs

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Documentary Spotlights Plight of Mexican Dogs

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The hourlong film is an unflinching commentary on the overpopulation of stray dogs in Mexico, who even outnumber us humans in some regions. Macho culture, argues {Dallas-based director Bill} Buchanan, goes some way to explaining why Mexicans are so reluctant to sterilize their male dogs. There is a common belief in Mexico, according to his narrative, that sterilizing a male dog will make the dog "gay." Tags: animal abuse mexico dogs

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Selena Gomez Auction For the Dogs of Puerto Rico

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We've blogged quite a bit here about the poor conditions for stray dogs in Puerto Rico. She is currently having an auction to benefit Island Dog Inc. Here is Island Dog's site. Tags: puerto rico dogs Here is a documentary on Youtube narrated by actress Selena Gomez. I'm glad that this will get more publicity for the issue. This will not only get people involved, but may also force the govt. there to spend some resources to deal with the problem in a humane way.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue

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Dharamsala Animal Rescue helps the thousands of homeless street dogs that roam the streets of Dharamsala. Many of the dogs are sick, injured, or starving. These stray dogs are also without vaccinations, making them easy targets for contracting rabies. This month they are trying to raise awareness and funds to help end the suffering of animals in Dharamsala, India – please visit them on Facebook to help them reach their goal.

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Why Humans Are the Only Ones with Rights

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Do you care about the stray dog or the almost extinct tiger? Someone posted a question about why humans have human rights and whether they should considering that others do not. I responded. I'm reposting what I wrote as I rarely do any original writing for this blog anymore. It's not profound, but an opinion.

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Hope For Paws and Planet Blue

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Do you remember the heartwarming rescue video of Fiona the blind dog? The rescue group who helped Fiona, Hope for Paws, is teaming up with Planet Blue to help spread the word and raise awareness of the overwhelming population of stray dogs. Follow the details below for a chance to change the lives of dogs in need, and win a shopping spree at the same time! If not, please take a little time to watch it here (have a tissue handy).

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Forget About Equal, How About Alive

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You may have seen "Dog," posted by Stephanie. When I saw " From Science, Plenty of Cows but Little Profit " this morning in the New York Times , I immediately thought of "Dog." We here in America claim we love dogs. If not, here it is. I thought: What if those were women, ears tagged, imprisoned in some metal contraption that made it easier for the man behind them to inseminate them. See the entire slide show, Happy Cows: Behind the Myth, here.). And the day-old calves.

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Awkward Fostering

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Especially it is associated with dogs, which may raise kids of other species and even of scary and dangerous representatives of wildlife! Dogs are likely to be true-born wet-nurses; in particular, it is related to whelp dogs, which are often used as step-mothers for young predators in the Zoos. It turns out that people are not the only ones, who can adopt children – animals are good at this as well.

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Searching for vultures in India

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The disappearance of vultures has allowed other species such as rat and [stray] dog populations to grow. A vulture’s metabolism is a true “dead-end” for pathogens, but dogs and rats become carriers of the pathogens. Oddly, I saw no rats, only a mongoose or two and a few stray dogs. What was the weirdest place you ever birded? Some smelly sewage ponds? Oh, don’t bother responding. A war zone? Then you are worse than me.

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New Place in Costa Rica, New Yard List

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Back in the old place, there were more birds in the nearby coffee farm but it wasn’t easy to bird because I couldn’t see it from my door and there were stray dogs. Recently, I moved to a new place in Costa Rica. As is usual for a birder moving to a new place, I couldn’t wait to see what the new yard would bring.

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Chilling out with Rollers and Hoopoes

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Black-headed Gulls somehow managed to build 31 nests on a few dead tree trunks left in the water, but Common Terns require bare soil and not having any on inner dykes – which were a safe haven, they build 16 nests on the higher outer dyke, a place exposed to foxes and stray dogs. Quiet morning on the Danube, paddling again after too long a time. It is a workday morning and despite being inside the city of Belgrade, we have the entire river to ourselves.

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“Understanding Animal Behaviour” by Rory Putman

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E.g. I remember trying to enter my local scrubland once, just across the car park behind the last apartment building and there, awaiting me, was a territorial pack of stray dogs barking at an intruder – me. Speckled Woods are found through most of Palearctic. Two inches across, they are grey-brown with creamy spots, which are brighter and more yellowish in females. They inhabit grassy, flowery habitats in forest, woods and glades, also hedges and urban parks.

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Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans

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In each instance they start with a striking anecdote — my particular favorite took place on the University of Montana campus, where in 1964 an American Crow learned to call and taunt stray dogs into causing perhaps the most adorable college riots of the decade. It is also clear that the authors envision a system where crows are more romping family members, like dogs, and less decorations in a cage like so many avian captives.

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All my patches

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and at the same time not grumpy enough to make them draw their guns (yep – it’s a true story, but do not trust the first impression: they were rough on the outside and soft on the inside, e.g. being fiercely protective of stray dogs and cats – that particular guy kept about five dogs and 15 cats, and they all lived together peacefully).

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We Got the Wrong Starling

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An Indian city is chock full of disturbances, not just an endless stream of people walking down the street, but random packs of stray dogs poking about and trucks whirling by seemingly free from any semblance of traffic laws, so this happens frequently. “Nay, I’ll have a starling shall be taught to speak nothing but ‘Mortimer,’”: – Henry IV, Part 1 And with that line from the great bard, an entire continent’s avifauna was thus affected.

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