Attempt to Recover Sumatran Rhino Species

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Tam, whose species is known for its solitary nature, has been resettled in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia's Sabah state, the last preserve of the Borneo Sumatran rhino _ a subspecies of the bristly, snub-nosed Sumatran rhino. Authorities hope to bring at least five male and female rhinos into the reserve over the next few years so that they can mate and produce offspring, said Junaidi Payne, the senior technical adviser for the World Wildlife Fund's Malaysian Borneo chapter.

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Threatened Birds of Nanhui, Shanghai

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A former World Wildlife reserve in Nanhui was simply turned into agricultural land. By some measures, Shanghai is the most populated city in the world. That does not make it sound like a very promising or important bird habitat. And yet it is. Shanghai is located on the coast of the East China Sea and lies right on the East Asian–Australasian Flyway.

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Collaborative list – January 2020

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La Selva (OTS Reserve). Pench Tiger Reserve–Turia Zone. Pench Tiger Reserve–Turia Zone. Pench Tiger Reserve–Turia Zone. La Selva (OTS Reserve). Pench Tiger Reserve–Turia Zone. La Selva (OTS Reserve). Pench Tiger Reserve–Turia Zone. Curu Wildlife Reserve. La Selva (OTS Reserve). Curu Wildlife Reserve. La Selva (OTS Reserve). La Selva (OTS Reserve).

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Week 21: Our last week in Scotland

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Tomorrow morning we will head on down to England, and the township of Hull, to visit the Spurn Wildlife Reserve. It is Tuesday night, and I am sitting in a historic hotel, just a kilometer or so north of the Scotland/England border. It seemed a fitting way to end our time here in Scotland. We are at the very farthest south in Scotland that we will travel, when just a week ago we were at Dunnet Head, the northern most part of the mainland Scotland.

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Little Big Year – Week 34: We visit Colorado and Texas

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The west end of the lake has been designated as a Watchable Wildlife Reserve, with some nice walking trails and a couple of very nice hides built overlooking some varied waterways. With Wyoming and South Dakota in our rear view mirror, we look toward Colorado, and a hot spot I have been anxious to visit. Trinidad Colorado is located just a few miles north of the Colorado – New Mexico border, and home to the Trinidad Reservoir.

Sani Lodge Birdwatching

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Their forest neighbors to the north the Cyabeno Wildlife Reserve with 1,500,000 acres. Most importantly their forest is touching the Yasuni National Park to the south with 2,400,000 ares which is the most biodiverse reserve in the western hemisphere. The amazonian basin is a very important area for Ecuador since it produces 500,000 barrels of oil per day which is the main source of income for our economy.

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While it makes a passing attempt to say not all scientists are like these monstrous fiends (or truly arrogant, as she dubs them) it mostly focuses on these monstrous fiends simply to prove that scientists in wildlife conservation can be monstrous fiends, particularly compared to the environment-loving oil industry of Alaska. As related by people who financially fight wildlife conservationists all the time to open up more of the area to more drilling.

Wild Sri Lanka

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As Bill Oddie noticed in his foreword to ‘Wild Sri Lanka’ (2nd edition) by Gehan De Silva Wijeyeratne, this island paradise is probably the only country in the world where almost all books on wildlife were authored by a single person. Wild Sri Lanka brings together top wildlife stories, many of which have come to light only in the recent years. Such a concept seems perfect for a phone app on Sri Lanka wildlife watching. Reviews book review Sri Lanka wildlife