Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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Brown Pelicans , and the northernmost Brown Booby breeding colony on this side of the Pacific. Ringer Gannets and Boobies (Sulidae) Black-and-white gannets breed on the cold, rocky coasts of the northern and southern oceans. Share Your Thoughts « What is the National Bird of Nicaragua?

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My Pilgrimage

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The first words describing this species in Wikipedia are “poorly-documented” Before 2015, when I first saw it in Paso Ancho, it had only been reported twice on eBird outside of its Sierra Madre Occidental breeding range: once from Taxco, Mexico, and another report from Nicaragua.

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The Conspicuous Steller’s Jay

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They are a non-migratory species found in western coniferous and mixed-coniferous forests, breeding from Alaska, western Canada, and the United States south through western Mexico to Nicaragua. Although they are normally non-migratory, populations that breed at high elevations typically move to lower elevations during the winter. The Steller’s Jay ( Cyanocitta stelleri ) is one of the ubiquitous birds seen at Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

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Stairway to Heaven

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The Yellow-green Vireo is another of those rare birds that winter in South America but only travels north as far as Mexico to breed. The Masked Tityra is a tropical bird found from Mexico to Nicaragua.

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The First Bird Tracking Station Is Up and Running in Costa Rica

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This is where a birder can see flock after flock of Eastern Kingbirds flying south, some occasionally alighting in trees to gobble up small fruits (they apparently go “waxwing” when moving south of their breeding grounds). Part of a series of coordinated radio telemetry arrays, this station is found between other MOTUS stations in Nicaragua and Panama that automatically log data from radio transmitters attached to Alder Flycatchers, Cerulean Warblers , and other species.

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Birds of Central America: A Field Guide Review

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Birds of Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rican, and Panama , just published in October, is a field guide that was ten years in the making. The guide covers the all–1194 species in the Species Accounts, including 959 native breeding species, 219 Nearctic migrants, 8 breeding visiting species, and 5 introduced species. Of the native breeding species, 112 are endemic or “very nearly endemic.” (Can

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The Blackbird that is a Meadowlark – Red-breasted Blackbird in Trinidad

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Trinidad is the northern limit of the range of the Red-breasted Blackbird , though it is unclear if the occasional birds that show up in Tobago are wanderers from Trinidad or northern South America or are breeding there. Considering that they only recently colonized Costa Rica and have since been spotted in Nicaragua, it seems that there will be Red-breasted Blackbirds for a long time to come, good news for fans of brilliant birds! Blackbirds are blackbirds.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Northern Central America: A Book Review

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The end result is that the whole “biographic” area (NCA plus southern Mexico and northern Nicaragua) is home to 41 endemic bird species. The map template shows the political boundaries of each country, and are color and shape coded to show permanent residents, nonbreeding visitors, breeding visitors, transients, vagrants, breeding colonies, local wintering sites, locally resident year-round sites, and suspected sites. Birds know habitat.

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