Desi and the Bunnies

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What kid can resist the siren song of bunny rabbits frolicking in the grass? And Desi, being the offspring of two pretty cool people, if I do so say myself, loves chasing him some rabbits. Rabbits practically beg to be chased, with their cuteness and their swiftness and their uncatchability. Desi chased these bunny rabbits in the West Hylebos Wetlands Park in the town of Federal Way, Washington, the same place we saw our first ever Banana Slug.

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Being a Tolai Hare’s life Human

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One of the pleasures of birding through a landscape no man has gone before is that one has frequent encounters with individuals – birds, mammals, herps, whatever – that have never seen a human in their life. Mammals Kazakhstan rabbits Such has frequently been the case in my survey area deep within Kazakhstans barren Mangghystau province, and the most memorable reverse-lifer experience has been with a Tolai Hare just recently.

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Bunny Love

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Arctic Hare also were largely ignored by predators and bred, well, like rabbits. Mammals Arctic Canada Arctic Hare Bird Love Week rabbitsEditor’s Note : Though he is a very nice guy and a great blogger Clare Kines, the author of this blog post, might have lived in the far north for too long. Apparently the lack of birds and the abundance of cold has led to him thinking that writing a blog post about bunnies is an acceptable topic for Bird Love Week.

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There’s More to Birding than Birds

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In New York and Chicago, they’ve been pretty mundane—a White-tailed Deer here, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit there. Birding Lizards Mammals Reptiles Trips animals Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field. And of course, way too many chipmunks and squirrels and raccoons and turtles to count.

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Can Stewart Island become Pest Free?

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I’ve written at length in the past about the circumstances of that extinction event, how the rich endemic fauna was utterly vulnerable to introduced mammals and how waves of invaders wiped out different groups of species. The initial solution was translocation, but there were a limited amount of islands on which you could place species without mammals being a problem, and they were only very small islands.

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Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

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After a similar procedure, Moya’s watch-me-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-my-hat trick produced a fuzzy nestling Eastern Screech Owl. Even if you remove the branches and cut the tree to a safe height, it will still provide homes to birds, mammals, insects, and fungi.

Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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Rabbits. Mammals. Today is the launch of. I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have. The goal is to provide blogospheric content that is easy to find, and from a variety of sources. On the left, you'll see this: Concepts. Project Treadstone. Responsible Policies. More >> Animals. Goats. Horses. Buffalo.

What’s In the Freezer for Tonight?

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My mammal-rehabber friends give me their unfortunates, as well. He then ate a screech owl, a robin, two squirrels, a mourning dove, three chipmunks, and a rabbit. A wildlife rehabilitator friend, newly licensed, recently called to ask if he could feed a recovering Turkey Vulture anything besides defrosted rodents. Did I have an answer for him. Normally I feed vultures, as well as hawks and owls, defrosted mice and rats. Sometimes a defrosted chick.

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The interesting habits of Harris’s Hawks

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The area that the birds are living in will predicate what becomes the normal prey for the Harris’s Hawk , but those here on the Baja target Blacktail Jackrabbits, Cottontail Rabbits, California Quail, and many other species of birds and small mammals. For as long as I have been living here in Mexico, I have truly enjoyed watching the Harris’s Hawks antics. Soaring on the warm desert updrafts, or sitting on a group of cactus tops, always in groups of two, three or more.

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The Bird Way: A Book Review

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This is a bit of a rabbit hole, however, and you may find yourself, as I did, spending the day watching videos of Superb Lyrebirds singing and Kea Parrots making snowballs.

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When conservation and animal rights collide

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New Zealand has been the recipient of a higher than average number of introduced species, in particular a range of mammals from elk to mice. This is quite a big deal for an island group that had no mammals save bats for millions of years. The essential point is that the ecosystems of New Zealand were unable to cope with mammals, the organisms lacked the ability to defend themselves from the very different problems posed by mammal predation.

Acclimatisation Societies of New Zealand

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They took dogs to Australia, chickens across the Pacific, rabbits to England, horses to the New World, and then brought potatoes back. There were no mammals, little game, and not many birds either. Blackbirds and Song Thrushes were also problematic for fruit growers, but it was rabbits that quickly became enemy number one for the fledgling colony, as they striped the ground bare in farm after farm. Rabbits are still an agricultural pest.

Getting the Bill – Taste, Touch and Smell in Birds

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Pale-mandibled Aracari by Luke Seitz Taste, touch and smell in birds are generally considered to be weaker than these same senses in mammals. Whilst catfish have around 100,000 taste buds, rabbits around 17,000 and humans approximately 9,000, birds rarely exceed 100 of these receptors. Most appear to have a very limited sense of smell and mammals appear to have better developed olfactory glands.

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

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It’s not surprising that animals—especially, but not only, mammals—share many emotions with us because we also share brain structures—located in the limbic system—that are the seat of our emotions. After publishing my stories I got emails from people all over the world who had seen similar behavior in various birds and mammals. He never chased the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, or deer who regularly visited.

Songbird-parrot link strengthened in new study, with implications for vocal learning

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This relatively new technique has been used to study relationships among and within several groups of mammals, including lagamorphs (rabbits and hares), rodents, and cetaceans (whales and dolphins), but I couldn’t find many references to its application in avian systematics yet. Last month, I wrote about hypothesized relationships between passerines, parrots, falcons, and seriemas , noting a need for further research on the subject.


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However, they were refound on Buldir Island, a remote island that never had any introduced mammals. Rabbits were introduced to the island by guano miners, which turned the previously verdant island into a giant sand dune; almost all vegetation was wiped out. If you ask this Great Ornithologist, extinction is an extremely depressing issue. For mankind to snatch away a species’ very existence is wrong on so many levels that I can’t begin to explain them.

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Poop From The Front End Of The Bird

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I took home a few of the pellets and found that the owls were feasting on grey squirrels and cottontail rabbits. There was also a mammal jawbone in the pellet too. I wasn’t as interested in the mammal jawbone, but it totally piqued his interest. Birds evacuate waste in many ways. It doesn’t all go out the rear end, some of it comes through the front end and these are known as pellets.

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Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

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Africa is famous for its large, charismatic mammals, and the Big Five epitomize the most sought-after of these fantastic beasts. As visitors’ and the public’s interests expanded from the Big Five, and an appreciation for lesser mammals, birds and smaller wildlife has became more widespread, the term Little Five was coined. The Afrotheres consist of several groups of mammals that evolved in Africa and include elephants, hyraxes, elephant shrews, aardvark, pangolin and golden moles.

Do Not Feed Baby Birds Ham

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Not only do we take care of zillions of injured and orphaned birds/mammals/reptiles/whatever, we also have to deal with and educate the public. Perhaps she had been watching Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.). “I Wildlife rehabilitators are a multi-tasking lot. The baffling, mind-boggling public. Luckily for rehabbers there’s FaceBook, where we can b h and moan and vent and swap can-you-top-this stories with other rehabbers.

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On the Keeping of Endangered Fishes

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Assuming that the fish are kept in a large aquarium that mimics their natural habitat, and that the keeper treats the fish as family (as they would a rescued dog, cat, rabbit, etc.), As I share a home with rescued cats and rabbits, I can't help but think that it's better for them to live their lives cared for and loved than to be put to death in a shelter somewhere due to irresponsible overbreeding, even if they are now confined to the house.

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The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

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The number of individual birds and mammals alone that are affected by these factors are countless; and when you consider fish, reptiles and amphibians, it is hard to comprehend the magnitude of life that gets wiped out around the world (and certainly including the U.S.) Yes, of course it is too bad that so many animals (most often rats, mice and rabbits) have to be killed.

The One and Only Outer Banks Big Day

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We ended with 7 species of mammal, including River Otter, Gray Fox, and Marsh Rabbit, but the highlight may have been a little Canebrake Rattlesnake crossing the road at the Bodie Island lighthouse, a lifer herp for me. 5:15 am is never easy to see, but I rolled out of bed regardless. My friend Paul Taillie and I had to meet an intrepid bunch of birders for the inaugural Outer Banks Big Day field trip at the Wings Over Water festival in eastern North Carolina.

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15 Australian Birds (Episode 2)

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According to the HBW entry for this species, it “has been claimed that loss of native mammals after European settlement created shortage of nesting material, explaining this species’ penchant for taking hair from humans.”

15 Australian Birds (Episode 6)

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” Tim Low (in “How Song Began”) gives a colorful description of Long-billed Corellas , stating that they “have drooping bills like witches’ noses” and explaining that “Their ‘noses’ are long because, like many mammals, they grub up juicy roots – or used to.”

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