Tom Regan (1938-2017), R.I.P.

Animal Ethics

To donate, simply make a check out to the “Culture & Animals Foundation” and mail it to: Culture & Animals Foundation 3509 Eden Croft Dr. Raleigh, NC 27612 You can learn more about the Culture & Animals Foundation and its mission here Yesterday, the world lost its most powerful voice for animal rights, Tom Regan.

2017 63

Mud, and those who seek it

10,000 Birds

That is, unless the good citizens of Raleigh start using a lot of water really soon. And not that I would encourage such irresponsible behavior, but people of Raleigh, just look at your neighbor’s yard. While those to the north are busy wallowing in shorebirds of impressive diversity and numbers , we to the south sit and wait for the scraps to trickle down into our own scopeviews.

2012 62

New Games for a New Year

10,000 Birds

Way back last year, a whole two weeks ago, a sudden influx of Ross’s Geese in central North Carolina led to an unofficial competition between myself and some birders in the Raleigh-Durham Area. I love birding games. Big Days, Big Years, County, state, and patch lists. I’m constantly on the lookout for different angles to take with my birding.

Game 73

The Goal – 200 by 2016

10,000 Birds

May 7, 2015 – I started the day in Raleigh, 100 miles from home, not expected to get any birding done. I finished my business in Raleigh, and headed home to grab my bins and camera, then headed out again. I’ll come straight out and say that this is about my home county list.

2015 52

Kite Running

10,000 Birds

Last week I was leading a field trip for the spring meeting of the Carolina Bird Club at Howell Woods, a patch of bottomland hardwood forest in Johnston County just southeast of Raleigh. The bird came first, just in case you were wondering. Sure, the official name, and associated behavioral verb, refer mostly to the Old World Kites, which look more harrier-ish than most of ours in the New World.

2012 59

What we talk about when we talk about reputation

10,000 Birds

I found this young Glaucous Gull at a Raleigh landfill among several thousand more common birds. In a recent article on birding in USA Today, I was quoted as saying the following : Nate Swick, editor of the ABA’s blog, says some people compare birding to golf, in that everyone keeps their own scores, relying on the honor system. What sets birding apart: No one cheats, “because that would be cheating yourself,” he says. Media is funny thing, and I was misconstrued a bit.

2014 78

Fall fronts in at last

10,000 Birds

Instead of heading out to my local patch, which abuts a section of gameland sure to disperse the migrants’ impact, I went to Lake Crabtree County Park which lies amidst the sprawl of north Raleigh, just under the airport. Birders in fall look forward to cold fronts the same way a toddler looks forward to Santa Claus. With anxious days, sleepless nights, and the inkling in the back of your mind that the man can’t quite measure up to the myth.

2012 70