Hedgehog basics

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We introduced you to our hedgehog Yuki awhile back, and many of you have reached out with questions on if they make good pets, and if then need special care. Hedgehogs do make great pets, but there are some things … Continue reading → hedgehogs Uncategorized

Preparing Pets for Hurricanes

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Too many times we see pets abandoned during weather-related disasters and with yet another Hurricane possibly headed our way (Irma), Petplan pet insurance wants to remind responsible pet parents to be aware of these simple tips to keep their pets … Continue reading → cats dogs hedgehogs people helping animals pet care

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Northern White-breasted Hedgehog Erinaceus roumanicus

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” It turns out it was a hedgehog, a Northern White-breasted Hedgehog to be exact. Neither of us had ever seen any species of hedgehog and it is no wonder that we were both surprised and excited to see such a cool little creature. Fortunately for those who want to see what Erinaceus roumanicus looks like, an even more cooperative hedgehog showed up the next day on the shores of Lake Tisza. New Zealand has a host of hedgehogs but they are introduced.

Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding Review #ChewyInfluencer

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As we are always on the look out for ways to make our little hedgehog happy, … Continue reading → hedgehogs pet care reviewsWe received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review. We recently got to try out this product thanks to Chewy.

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10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets

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10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets – by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect ExoticDirect offer pet insurance for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, mice and other small pets. They also insure parrots, reptiles, tortoise and even pygmy hedgehogs! pet care

Kaytee Cuddle-E Cup Review #ChewyInfluencer

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It’s not always easy to find things that are made for hedgehogs. Yes, they are still quiet uncommon little pets! hedgehogs reviewsI received this item free of charge from Chewy in exchange for my honest review. But luckily a lot of.

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Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

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These long-nosed (hence their being named in honor of the Elephant) shrew-like creatures have at one time or another been placed with rodents, shrews, hedgehogs, hares and rabbits, ungulates and treeshrews, but are now curiously classified in a new group of mammals called Afrotheres and are actually considered to be not too distant relatives of their giant namesake, the Elephant afterall! In Asia they are even commonly kept as pets!