Tiny Turtles

4 The Love Of Animals

This is a little late, so I am sure they have grown by now, but just look at how adorable these little sea turtles are! I adore turtles, and am happy to know that SeaWorld Orlando saved these hatchlings from Hurricane Bill.

SeaWorld Orlando Caring for Two Hawksbill Turtle Hatchlings

4 The Love Of Animals

We have a real love of turtles, so it is always great to hear of people helping care for them. Recently the SeaWorld Orlando animal rescue team received two hawksbill turtle hatchlings that were about two months old. This turtle was covered with algae and fauna, as seen in the photo.

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Another Depressing Oil Spill Story!

Critter News

With some 400 species estimated to be at risk — from the tiniest oil-eating bacteria to shrimp and crabs, endangered sea turtles, brown pelicans and sperm whales — experts say the impact of oil and chemical dispersants on the food chain has already begun, and could grow exponentially. “A A major environmental experiment is underway,” Ron Kendall, director of the Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University, told AFP. It's the "gift" that keeps on giving.

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Earth Day for Pets!

4 The Love Of Animals

We humans aren’t the only ones who can “go green&# ! Eco Turtle squeaky toy made from IntelliLoft fibers (85% recycled soda bottles). Just look at all the wonderful products for pets (and people with pets).

On Teaching Children

Animal Person

Are the kids cooking monkey, cat, dog, alligator or turtle? If you're going to call something an anthropological adventure, it would make sense to teach the kids about the other animals humans eat and give the kids the opportunity to prepare and eat dog, cat and monkey, no?

Guest Post: Susan Wilson

4 The Love Of Animals

Post a picture on Susan Wilson’s Facebook page and explanation of how your dog (or turtle, or human, etc!) She goes to the door, rejects the notion of going out, turns toward her dinner; goes back to the door, because clearly this human is not listening. Sasha, adopted at approximately nine months old, has taken roughly thirteen years to trust humans enough to be stroked while she’s standing on the floor. Today we have a great guest post from author Susan Wilson.

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M. P. Golding on Animal Rights

Animal Ethics

My pet turtle does not exercise, at his option, any rights over itself, things, or people. It may also be the case that their rights (if they have any) are, because of the nature of their interests, so insignificant in comparison with those of humans that they hardly deserve the appellation. ( Golding , "Towards a Theory of Human Rights," The Monist 52 [October 1968]: 521-49, at 545-6 [italics in original; footnotes omitted]) Note from KBJ: Is an animal (i.e.,