Animal Cruelty Database at

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Great research tool. There are 14,436 cases in the animal abuse database. You can search for all kinds of crimes against animals in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Amazing work.

Research for Policy Wonks

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They] offer a wide range of useful tools and resources, including nearly 1,000 independent research studies relating to animal issues. Thanks to Animalblog for the heads up. is a unique research website tailored to the needs of animal advocates. These people are serious. You need to apply to gain access and the applications are reviewed.

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Playtime is a special time! #RecipeForMoments

4 The Love Of Animals

Powered by Linky Tools. Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… The post Playtime is a special time! Creating special moments with your pet doesn’t take much effort, just a willing heart and the right “recipe” Here’s our Recipe For Moments: Cute and playful pet (dog, cat, bird, your choice). Favorite toy. Playful attitude. A little bit of space. Combine above ingredients together, add a dash of fun, and your recipe is complete!

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Felt Dogs (aka the cutest book ever).

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There is a list of all the tools and supplies that you will need to make cute dogs. Felt Dogs is an adorable craft book that teaches you how to make little dogs from felt. The book is packed full of different breeds to delight any dog lover. The book teaches a technique called needle felting. I also loved the step by step photos in the book, which makes it easy for beginners or experts to follow.

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15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

Proactive Talent

Social Recruitment Monitor Index The SRM Index is a definitive benchmarking tool for social recruitment. The Employer Branding Strategies Conference will do just that, giving you tools and tips to develop your strategy, strengthen your employer brand and learn about best practices. Through Buffer, you can manage your social networks and let the tool schedule posts for you to optimize engagement. It’s one of our favorite social management tools.

MyBowl for dogs.

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PetMD and Hill’s Pet Nutrition have partnered to create a wonderful interactive tool to help dog owners understand proper nutrition! We feel that the MyBowl interactive tool is a great tool for all dog owners! Have you ever wondered if your dog is getting the proper nutrition? You aren’t alone. According to a recent survey about pet nutrition, 69% of dog owners said they needed help understanding what their dog’s nutritional needs were.

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On Why You Should Post Videos Beyond YouTube

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We need to fight for animals everywhere, and that means being aware of what major online tools are not available to all. I received this from Chris in China, and it underscores the importance of posting videos beyond YouTube. Dear MFA, is blocked in China. Which means, none of MFA's videos are available. Some, on your site, are viewable, but since you're only using Youtube for sharing, we can't embed them on sites here yet.

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PROJECT: Pet Slim Down (giveaway)

4 The Love Of Animals

Target and Purina have joined forces to create this awesome program which includes downloadable tools, and even a $1 coupon for any Purina ONE brand product. Project: Pet Slim Down is a free online program designed to help your pet lose weight. With more than half of America’s pets being overweight, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Luckily, there is an easy and FUN solution! Spending time playing with your pet is good for them, and for you!

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Dog Town: Sanctuary

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So John’s got some tools to keep this rambunctious pup occupied. Be sure to catch a new episode of DogTown tonight! As always, here are some sneak peeks! Shaggy the Survivor” – After surviving 6 years alone in the Grand Canyon, this wild and dreadlocked pup is heading to DogTown. “Puppy Puzzles” – Penny’s a little too clever for Mike and Elissa’s own good. Dog Town: Sanctuary originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on January 22, 2010.

Adopt Me Because I Need You

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You can check them out in the gallery , and even use the pet-search tool to find a special pet for adoption near you. Many factors can make a pet seem “less adoptable&# , from special needs, to age, and even just the color of their fur! To help find homes for these special pets Petfinder has designated Sept. 17-25, 2011, as “Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week.&#. Shelters and rescue groups will nominate a very special pet in their care who is waiting for a home.

Greenpeace Activists Threatened with Terrorism Charges

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This is just a tool to silence criticism of large corporations. It's bullshit and there is no way this can stand, but the fact that it's even been threatened is ridiculous. These people are protesters, not terrorists. From the New York Times' Green Blog. Charges have been filed against seven members of Greenpeace who boarded an offshore drilling support ship in a Louisiana port and painted anti-drilling slogans in crude oil on the vessel’s side on Monday afternoon.

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Meditation on the Cheap

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It is, however, a tool that has demonstrated, positive effects on the human brain. As I've written many times, one of the ways I stay centered and grounded is through meditation. I do Transcendental Meditation and other kinds, as well, and recently I've been getting requests for good meditation resources that don't cost $2,500 for a mantra (like TM).

New Jersey Bear Hunt to Continue as Planned

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A regulated black bear hunt is one important and necessary tool to deal with the growing number of bears, as part of the state’s overall, comprehensive approach to managing its black bear population.". Despite efforts by animal rights activists to stop this hunt, it is scheduled to continue. That really sucks. It's a cull to "control the population." From North

It's Confirmed that Travis the Chimp was on Xanax

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But apparently drugs are becoming common tools for addressing pets' behavioral problems. Travis is the infamous Connecticut chimpanzee that wore clothes, drank wine, attacked a woman, and was shot by police afterwards. It's now confirmed that he had the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system. Did this play a role in Travis' attack? The victim is now blind, with a brain injury, severe damage to her face and the loss of both hands.

Pet food, is natural enough?

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Here is a handy tool to help you choose your cat food , and also one for dog food. What is the first thing you do when you are looking for natural foods for your pet? I always look at the ingredients. What I didn’t know was that while ingredients are important, it’s what is IN the ingredients that matters. The ingredients are what give your pet their nutrients. Ingredients are things like chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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Pet food ingredients and sourcing. It matters!

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You can even use the handy tools on the Hill’s website to compare Ideal Balance to other natural pet foods, and to get recommendations for your pet. I have mentioned before that we have fed both of our dogs Hill’s pet food. I mention it again because it plays an important role in why you are seeing a lot of posts about Hill’s Ideal Balance on our site recently.

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5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

4 The Love Of Animals

This is mainly a project for parents and older kids who can use tools safely. This is another project for older kids, but its quite simple if you have the right tools. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier. If your family is starting to get a little stir-crazy as summer winds on, it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to keep everybody occupied. If you’re looking for a fun project, why not do something for the furry and feathered friends in your life?

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Lessons Learned, The Finale

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I didn't like the idea of the cloud for categories at first, but now I do because it's a great visual tool to determine what someone's focus (including mine) is. That's a far more useful tool than categories (not that they're the same thing). After all this time it seems that.

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Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

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Related articles by Zemanta Rooks can use tools 'just like chimps' ( Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. It's over-the-top, for me, and I often resent the time I must spend working through the ranting. But " Minding the Animals: Ethology and the Obsolescence of Left Humanism " is a great look back at how we humans have managed to always find a way to consider ourselves unique, despite what the reality of the nonhuman world tells us.

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Cat Bordem

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Additional tools for the fight are available at , including videos, games and surprise giveaways exclusively for Friskies’ Facebook fans. Cat Boredom: it’s not a disease; it’s way more boring than that. More than 40 percent of cat owners say their cats are bored some or most of the time, and 25 percent agree their cats are bored regularly. These alarming statistics led Friskies to fight the Cat Boredom epidemic with Friskies cat treats.

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Where Does Entertainment Begin and End?

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Is it possible that videos of open rescue or undercover videos taken of vivisection could be somehow lumped in with snuff and other vile videos and considered unacceptable (and don't think that wouldn't be intentional), therefore taking an important tool away from activists?

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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He writes, "The dog remained a vital tool in biomedical research for more than 300 years and was the vehicle for a remarkable run of medical breakthroughs.". It does not make them more or less a "tool." For those who didn't read the five-part Slate series " Pepper, the stolen dog who changed American science " by Daniel Engber , I recommend it for the history, but also for the misconceptions and assumptions that you might want to discuss on the Facebook discussion about the series.

Prepare a pet rescue plan.

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Please click here to read the full article , acsess helpful tools, and learn more about being prepared. Hurricane Season’s Here: Six Steps to A Rescue Plan that Includes Pets. “Katrina, Ike and Gustav are more than just names to those whose homes and families were devastated by these destructive storms. Even with the aid of disaster response teams, many evacuees permanently lost their companion animals.

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Southwest Primate Center "Celebrates" 10 Years

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Without them we would be stripped of the very tools we need to open new paths of discovery and to challenge old dogma.” This place is celebrating its 10th year with ground-breaking research into what makes us all fat. By destroying the health of baboons with fast food. Fast food is bad for you? Really?) After more than 50 years of studying the ways a fatty diet contributes to heart disease in San Antonio baboons, it might seem there wouldn't be much left to learn.

Build your cat a better life (infographic)

4 The Love Of Animals

We love the idea that you can make some awesome custom upgrades for your kitty, with just a few tools and materials. How cute and fun are these projects for your cat? Which one of the projects will you try … Continue reading → The post Build your cat a better life (infographic) appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Second Annual National Family Pack Walk

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or regional Pack Walks, obtain virtual Pack Walk tools and find out more information on the movement in Washington, D.C. Cesar Millan, and Scooby-Doo have partnered again for the Second Annual National Family Pack Walk on September 29 in Washington, D.C.

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Six Ways To Keep Pet Hair Off Your Clothes

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Did you know that regularly brushing your cat with a tool called a Furminator will help reduce shedding? Tips and tricks for keeping your clothing pet hair free. I love my cat! It’s evident from the fact that I walk around with hair all over my shirt all day long. The fact is that most pet owners feel where I’m coming from.

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EPA Wants to Rely Less on Animal Testing

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Environmental Protection Agency is reducing its reliance on animal testing to assess human risk of chemical toxicity and will instead focus more heavily on the tools made possible by advances in molecular biology, genomics and computational modeling. It's not a move based on compassion, but efficiency. I'll take what I can get though, even if it's not an immediate eradication of a despicable practice. The U.S.


4 The Love Of Animals

Another possible tool has been rolled out in order to help bored, anxious and lonely pups while their owners are away. For many of us, our dog is one of the most important friends in our life. Of course, when we aren’t with our human friends, they can generally entertain themselves pretty well and know that they will eventually see us again.

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The Simple Economics of Pet Overpopulation

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The primary tool for this is spaying and neutering to decrease the population. It seems to me that the root of the problem in pet overpopulation can be expressed simply in economic terms. The supply of pets is way, way greater than the demand for them. What we need to do is reach an equilibrium where the supply for pets equals the demand. Many groups and individuals are working very hard on this by trying to decrease the supply.

5 Puzzling Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Entertained for Hours

4 The Love Of Animals

Puzzles are great tools to keep boredom away. A bored puppy is an unhappy puppy, and possibly a destructive puppy. Dogs are intelligent animals. Your dog’s wild cousins such as the dingo and the coyote need to use their cleverness to find and capture food. You’re the alpha of your dog’s pack, and so the heavy lifting of the food gathering would fall to you. Of course, the fact of the matter is that you provide the food in your household, or one of the other humans does.

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ASPCA Go Orange in April!

4 The Love Of Animals

ASPCA Ambassadors also have access to easy-to-use email tools and a personalized web address to help spread the word. We just had to share this post from one of our favorite animal groups, the ASPCA. April is “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month&# , and the ASPCA urges people to “Go Orange&# to show their support. More than that though, they are inviting people to do more by becoming an Ambassador! Become an ASPCA Ambassador this April!


BBS Giveaway – Pet Fire Safety Awareness

4 The Love Of Animals

Pet Alert stickers are an incredibly important tool that save many lives each year. Yesterday was Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day. Many people don’t have a set plan for house fires. And sadly, even fewer have plans that include their pets. The United States Fire Administration estimates 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year. To spread awareness about this important topic, we here at BestBullySticks have partnered with the great folks at 4 The Love of Animals to host a giveaway!

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Giveaway: Housecat Housecall

4 The Love Of Animals

“The third season of Housecat Housecall continues our mission of providing cat owners with actionable tips and tools to help them create a well-balanced home life for the whole family, including the cat,&# said Dr. Katrina Warren. Housecat Housecall is one of the first reality TV shows that is cat based! The third season started on June 5th, and features a great group of cat lovers, including Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With the Stars. The show airs on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.

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Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

Animal Ethics

To protest against the rights view that justice applies only to moral agents, or only to human beings, and that we are within our rights when we treat animals as renewable resources, or replaceable receptacles, or tools, or models, or things—to protest in these terms is not to meet the challenge the rights view places before those who would reject it.

Animal Rescue Month

4 The Love Of Animals

Throughout August, The Volunteer Advantage will be facilitating connections between those helping and those who want to help using a custom-built web portal featuring a variety of tools for volunteers. The Volunteer Advantage ( ) has announced that August is the organization’s “Animal Rescue Month.&#.

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Pet Safety During Home Improvements

4 The Love Of Animals

Never leave your pet near loose tools or fasteners. Simple tips to keep pets happy and safe while you work. Infants and pets can present an interesting challenge when you want to get some repairs or remodeling done around the house and the dangers aren’t always obvious. Here are a few potential issues to look out for, and what you can do about them. Get your pet to safety before starting work.

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The Kitten Connection

4 The Love Of Animals

It’s important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable these animals are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure their kittens the best start in life. Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat’s development. In order to raise a well adjusted kitten to become a healthy, happy and well-mannered adult cat, it is best if owners prepare themselves for their new pet.

Happy 50th Anniversary Jane Goodall Institute

4 The Love Of Animals

It was through her research that she learned how chimpanzees make and use tools, eat meat and engage in war-like activity. Today is a milestone for the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and its founder, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE. Fifty years ago, on July 14, 1960, a then 26-year-old Jane Goodall arrived in Gombe. Today, she is known world wide for her pioneering work as a primatologist, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace. “It

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Creature Comforts: Tips for Moving with Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Kenneth McCall builds creative and innovative tools for customers seeking self storage units. Moving is a stressful endeavor. There are boxes to pack, valuables to secure, and furniture to disassemble. But when your shift from one home to another involves a pet, the undertaking becomes even more, err, ruff. And if you’ve got a dog or cat that doesn’t travel well, things can get downright hairy.

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Weekend Adopt-a-thon for Joplin Tornado Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Both agencies are lining up other activities for the adoption event as well, such as tours of the ASPCA Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit, a specially-designed vehicle outfitted with state-of-the-art forensics tools as well as medical equipment tailored for animal patients. ASPCA , Joplin Humane Society to Host Weekend Adopt-a-thon for Joplin Tornado Pets. Nearly 600 cats and dogs looking for permanent homes during major pet adoption event June 25 – 26.

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“petcentric” mobile application

4 The Love Of Animals

The application provides pet lovers with a simple tool to find the closest and most popular pet-friendly places in the United States in various categories, including lodging, dog parks, beaches, restaurants, travel, services and events. Pet lovers who rely on mobile phone technology for information now have more ways to enjoy Nestlé Purina PetCare’s “petcentric” application. Guess what? It’s free too!

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Dog Collars

4 The Love Of Animals

From your bridal registry, decorating your first home, to your first baby registry, Bering’s has special gifts for special occasions and the right tools for the right job. By Augie Berings, Bering’s Hardware. Nearly every dog owner buys a collar for their new pet but few are aware of the long history and many different types of collars.

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