BP CEO Seems Like A Jerk

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He definitely doesn't endear himself to me.

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Adopt a Turkey Next Month

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I definitely want to do this. Farm Sanctuary has a cool "Adopt-a-Turkey" project. turkeys farm animal welfare farm sanctuary thanksgiving turkey massacre

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Keep your pet safe during BBQ season

4 The Love Of Animals

Whether it’s eating a pair of socks, chewing up the furniture or leaving unwanted messes on the floor, pet parents definitely have their hands full. Pets can sure find themselves in a lot of trouble. Warm weather on its way … Continue reading → cats dogs pet care

2017 142

What You Need To Know As a New Dog Parent

4 The Love Of Animals

Getting a dog home may be the first step in becoming a dog parent, but it definitely isn’t the last. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration before you even think of getting a dog home. … Continue reading → The post What You Need To Know As a New Dog Parent appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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"Bold Native" is Film About Animal Rights

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The film looks really interesting to us and we are definitely going to check it out upon its re-release this summer. We received an email from Open Road Films with a link to the Bold Native website and trailer. They will also be making the DVD available from their website. Here's the trailer.

Kathy Bauck: The Face of Puppy Mill Cruelty

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In case you’re wondering what the definition of a misdemeanor is (as I was): A crime punishable by less than a year of imprisonment in a county jail and/or a fine is considered a misdemeanor. Kathy Bauck. Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennels in New York Mills, MN, was recently found guilty of four misdemeanors: one count of animal cruelty, and 3 counts of animal torture.

A Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Heart

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It wasn’t a major heart attack, but it has definitely caused him problems. Several years ago my now 59 year old father had a heart attack. He’s been on medication since it happened, and has regular stress tests to see if the damage to his heart has progressed. Thankfully, up until this last time, his heart showed no additional signs of damage… but his test a few weeks ago had a different result.

On Fighting for "Animal Rights"

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Francione has defined abolition in a certain way and if you don't adhere strictly to his definition, you are not a Francione-style abolitionist. Being featured on ARZone's worldwide Live Guest Chat has reinvigorated my thinking about a couple of topics ( here 's the transcript). And then I read the "OMG!!!!!OED!!!!!LOL!!!!!" OED!!!!!LOL!!!!!" LOL!!!!!" in today's New York Times, and I couldn't resist posting.

Western WA Puppy Mills Had Troubled History, But Still Allowed to Operate

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This is definitely a situation that could have been stopped early on. This is a good article about the puppy mills operated by a Western Washington woman and her parents. She kept being given "one more chance" with the end result of about 600 dogs finally being seized from the establishments. How much suffering and death resulted from this family's practices? The article is particularly thorough and damning.

On Dogs and Unconditional Love

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She has definitely slowed down, but she looks great and has perked up a bit now that it's regularly under 90 degrees and the humidity decreases by the week. Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of my Charles Hobson Booger, III and it got me thinking about how easy he was to love. Everyone loved him. Okay, not everyone. There was that little Westie whose vulva he bit early on. Yes, vulva. No stitches, no puncture, but still a nasty bruise and some scratches.

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On a Replacement for "Bullshit"

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Here's the definition: wiffdoodle - Also spelled " whiffdoodle." Here's an e-mail from a linguistics junkie for your consideration. Is using the word "bullshit" un-vegan? Does it perpetuate linguistic-based speciesism? Ditto with horseshit, chickenshit, dogshit -- they're speciesist by default, if not always used in a speciesiest context. I never associate the word with actually shit from a bull. we need new words that are cut free from exploitation.

Just Two Lessons Learned for Today

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I guess this is more about definitive statements. Saying that only nonviolence of a certain definition will lead to your goal isn't accurate. I've decided that 20 lessons is a good number to stop at, and today I'll discuss what are probably the two most controversial ones, about the animal rights movement. Lesson #11. The Appeal of Cliques The first six Lessons Learned from 4 Years of Animal Person and numbers 7-10 hinted about cliques, but only the negative aspects.

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On Being Vegan "Friendly"

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And by that definition, Morton's and Ruths Chris are both "vegan-friendly." The Factual table I posted yesterday annoyed me a bit, and here's why: the categories "vegan," "vegetarian," and "vegan-friendly." Vegan: Got it. I can order anything on the menu without having to ask any questions.

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What's the Truth About Woodland Park Zoo's Elephants?

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I'm definitely open to feedback. I live in Seattle where Woodland Park Zoo is located. I just don't know what to think. On the one hand, Woodland Park is very proud of its elephant conservation program and its elephant residents. On the other hand, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants says they are not well-treated and should be in a sanctuary.

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Majority Rules in the Language of Animal Rights

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More likely, a flip is a shift significant enough to make the old timers who were acquainted with the original definition carp about the youngins and their wanton destruction of the English language, which for some reason they think should never change. And the purist, ever in denial of that fact of history, will forever endeavor to maintain whatever definition he or she believes is correct, and malign all others.

Everything in Moderation?

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Ditto for "never," "always" and other such definitive words. You may recall me writing about TD, my tax-resisting, raw-food eating, no-TV watching, parachuting-into-nuclear reactor(ing?) boyfriend of over 20 years ago. He was particularly talented at the conversation stopper: a succinct response to something that people found so shocking that the conversation would stop. Sometimes permanently.

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Are Women More Compassionate Than Men?

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That doesn't mean that I don't know thoughtful men who think about these issues, just that I've noticed the tendencies are definitely lopsided. It's an intriguing question that would probably get quite a response at any dinner party. Frankly, I don't know. All I know is that the majority of vegetarians, ex-vegetarians, animal rights supporters, animal rescuers, animal shelter volunteers, and feral cat colony stewards that I know are women. Not all, but the majority.

On The Respectful Emperor

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It wasn't long before The Humane Emperor came on the scene, and is still around, telling folks that with a little mental acrobatics you can include forcible breeding, captivity, separation of family, killing of day-old chicks, and of course, untimely death in the definition of "humane." The Humane Myth debunks any definition of humane farming you can create, though, and it would help animals enormously if we coached more people in the deconstructing of the notion of humane.

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On "Home"

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I watched Home earlier in the week and you can watch it on YouTube here , though a huge flat screen is definitely preferable. On the animal front, there is definitely a message that factory farming is unsustainable, and that subsistence farming is and was preferable; there is a vague if-we-did-it-differently-it-might-be-sustainable message. You get the idea at YouTube but the experience is vastly different on a great television.

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On "The Botany of Desire"

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And though The Omnivore's Dilemma definitely promotes the eating of animals if those animals were "farmed" a certain way (and locally), there's so much helpful information in it about the food supply, in general, that it's tough to tell people not to read it. This is coming very, very late, but part of why " Food Inc." wasn't impressive for me is because I'm not the target audience. I'd already read Pollan and Schlosser and seen " The Future of Food " and " King Corn."

Mad over Maltese

4 The Love Of Animals

Its good looks definitely earn it many doggie points. This dog definitely seems quite great to people for its tiny size. With that lustrous mane and coat, accessories can definitely not take a back seat. Mad over Maltese. . These tiny fluff balls will make you laugh out loud and drive you crazy. Best friend and protective- pampering parent, you will have to switch roles and shift gears with these sprightly creatures before blinking an eyelid.

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On Cat Killers and Mental Competency

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Pigs definitely don't get much respect from humans, but the evil (and I can't think of a better word and I don't mean it in a religious sense) I see around cat-haters is different. People in South Florida are still in an uproar over the mutilation and slaughter of 19 house cats (allegedly) by 18-year old Tyler Weinman, who was declared mentally competent and not a danger to himself or others (!).

Is Charles with Lars Axl Fokker?

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Charles is definitely with me in spirit, but I don't know if there is a spirit. Charles died a week ago today, and if you haven't seen Deb's tribute , it's a must-see and we're very grateful and humbled by her post as well as all of the e-mails and cards and calls we've received. In all of the lovely messages we've been getting, I've noticed two trends: 1) Death is a communal experience as well as an individual one.

2010 103

On Compassionate Carnivores and Betrayal

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Stephanie's post about " The Compassionate Hypocrite " on Saturday reminded me of what Catherine Friend and other " compassionate carnivores " are doing in addition to twisting the definition of compassionate beyond recognition. Interesting definitions of betray include: 2.

On "Discarded" Greyhounds

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The RSPCA believes: " at least 20 greyhounds a day - either puppies which do not make the track, or 'retired' dogs aged three or four - simply 'disappear', presumed killed " Many vets will admit to killing healthy greyhounds – by definition it cannot be classed as euthanasia – for a cut price fee, for fear the dogs will be disposed of in a less humane manner and you have to accept the vet’s justification of this when you hear of stories similar to Dougie’s.

On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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The part that I definitely believe is laudable, and I can get behind, is in the final chapter: "Exploited to Extinction.". When I was asked if I wanted to read Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS (Rodale 2009) I was ambivalent. I know he's a conservationist, therefore I know he will advocate for "managing" the "resources" that are sentient nonhumans. And managing means killing them, breeding them, and otherwise fiddling with their populations.

Seal Meat Served in Canada

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Definitely a niche market ,but demand has been increasing. And this is despite the bad press received by the annual seal hunts. For time immemorial seal has been eaten -- raw -- as a traditional food by indigenous people such as the Inuit. It also has been a traditional food for generations of hunters in Canada's east who serve it up roasted, or sometimes with a hearty Burgundy sauce.

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Horse Rescue Group Blogging from Marysville, WA

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Definitely one I want to follow. I've received so many donation requests from "People Helping Horses" that I finally decided to send a donation. I've never been around horses much, but a friend of mine who has 3 horses and 2 burros (!) told me that horse groups have been hit particularly hard with the economy. Not only have horses been dumped or starved due to owner finances, but the price of hay has risen sharply all around.

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On "Compassion," "Nonviolence" and "Justice"

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My definition of violence would begin with the physical harm of living beings. Why all the quotation marks? Because I've been thinking about the evolution of my own thinking--and languaging--regarding animal rights. Both animal rights groups and animal welfare groups use "compassion" frequently. Then again, so do people who kill animals for a living. Compassion" has been so diluted that most people don't bat an eyelash at the idea of " compassionate carnivores."

Create the perfect habitat for animals in your garden

4 The Love Of Animals

It’s definitely worth supporting it with a bird bath and table as well, or you may only get occasional visitors – you can add a nest box too if you want some permanent residents! With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can attract all creatures great and small to your garden.

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Do Animals Laugh?

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A prominent researcher in the specialized field of animal laughter, Jaak Panksepp of Washington State University, said it definitely goes farther back than that. "I There are researchers out there who say that they do. I certainly think they can laugh and have fun. I've seen it. And the link below takes you to an article with the cutest orangutan baby enjoying himself. From Cosmiclog at MSNBC. How do you graph the evolution of a laugh?

Apes 131

On Charles and Project Treadstone

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I then promptly completely caved in and bought Wellness ' new large breed, definitely nonvegan dry food (and I always soak kibble) that has 25% protein (Natural Balance Vegetarian has 18%, and all from non-animal sources) and I've started cutting some in just in case (I'll stop at 50%). Just in case you were wondering what an 85-lb red fawn greyhound looks like from the back with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him.

At Least Five Dead Whales Around Bay Area

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We're definitely seeing an increase in ship strikes - it's awful," said Mary Jane Schramm, spokeswoman for the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Really sad. It looks like they are getting killed by ships as they try to eat krill. A bountiful crop of krill and busy shipping lanes are to blame for a rash of dead whales that have surfaced around the Bay Area within a few short months, according to scientists.

Whales 109

Creature Update

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If I told you what I spent last year doing work-wise, you probably wouldn't believe me and you'd definitely suggest I write a book about it. As many of you know, 2009 was chock full of creature-related drama for me. From the feral cats of Project Treadstone to Charles' back surgery to problems with Violet's Vetsulin (insulin for dogs), we had more than our share of issues.

On Mainstreaming Veganism

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This was a "lifestyle" event that had a "health" angle (both in parenthesis because they promoted a certain country-club lifestyle and the event was held at a country club, and a certain definition of health), and it was pleasantly surprising to have anyone asking about veganism. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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Trader Joe's Eggs NOT Humane

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Here's what they say about Trader Joe's eggs (definitely does not sound humane to me.) I decided to look online for some information regarding the "Organic Free Range Eggs" that Trader Joe's, my favorite store, sells. Here is what their web site says. A Note About Eggs At Trader Joe's we listen to what our customers tell us about the choices we give them. Thanks to their valued feedback, in 2005 we made an important change in our egg selection.

Eggs 146

On Quieting the Mind

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I can do it anywhere, any time (though there are definitely optimal conditions). I've been using Transcendental Meditation (TM) as my meditation technique for over a decade. I still do some Mindfulness Meditation a la John Kabat-Zinn , but TM is what I do regularly. There's been a fair amount of controversy, though less nowadays, regarding TM's founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (who passed away over a year ago), and his followers.

2000 100

On Dolphins as a Gateway to Animal Rights

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which animals and why, what characteristic/s and whose definition of them, just to name a few)? My life-as-a-tweeter is less and less significant these days. It's just not all that interesting to me. Something about jockeying for position in 140 characters or less, rather than interacting and sharing, I guess.

Ways to Promote Alliance Politics

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Finally, when you read, I recommend not using your disagreement with someone about, say, the definition of violence, stop you from going out into your community and building alliances. You'll get the irony of this fuzzy bit of culinary activism taken in my suburban home with the reminder of ahimsa in the background if you choose to read the remarkably tame and informative " 13 Ways to Promote Alliance Politics and Total Liberation " by Steve Best.

2009 100

On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

Animal Person

What kind of definition of respect includes: I don't need to kill you but I'm going to because it will make me money? Bea sent me a link to an article in Gourmet called " Humane Slaughterhouses ," by Rebecca Marx, that is absurd. And the absurdity is in the reality that the author and the featured person who kills sentient nonhumans for a living, think they're onto something. And they were, before they stopped their train of thought prior to it reaching its most important station.

On Different Results of Direct Action

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Jentsch talks about the cost ("it's hard to put a price tag on") of protecting those like him, so we definitely know that the tactics of those who seek to defend animals are working on one level (economic harm, though once removed at least in this situation).

California's Ag Industry Worried that State Committee will Focus on "Emotion"

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There is definitely a new tide in California, post Proposition 2. Basically, it sounds like the ag committee will be including food safety and animal welfare concerns in their discussions. The ag industry does NOT like this. In a move that elevated the anxiety level among grower-shippers, Darrell Steinberg, the new president pro-tem of the California state Senate, overhauled the body’s agriculture committee.

On Project Treadstone and Welfare, OED-Style

Animal Person

Definitions 4 and 5 are getting there, and I find 4 particularly appropriate. Project Treadstone If anyone in Palm Beach County wants to get involved in the Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) of feral cats, now is the time, as the county's Spay Shuttle is back in business (but for a whopping $40/cat rather than the original $15), and Pahokee ($25/cat) is open as well.