Millions of Animals Used in EU Experiments

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If the directive is approved, the number of animals used for experiments will be limited, and the animals’ welfare will be improved in accordance with ethical principles of the EU concerning animals. According to the Members of Parliament (MPs), who adopted the report on its first review last week, all planned tests should be subject to mandatory ethical assessments to take into account the concerns of the public on the matter. Awful. From the Epoch Times.

5 Vital Questions When Adopting A Rescue Dog

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With the growing awareness of pet overpopulation more and more families are choosing to adopt a shelter dog and save a life. When adopting a rescue there are added considerations on selecting the right dog for your lifestyle. The shelter staff will do a behavior assessment to determine a dog’s adoptability soon after arriving at the shelter. The decision to add a canine companion to your family is certainly a big one.

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Pet Foster Care Helps To Smooth Adoption Process

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Often times, animals in this situation have been victims of abuse, and their trauma may cause them to exhibit traits that make them less likely to be adopted. What you need to know about fostering pets: Time and resources – A person or family must have the time, room and resources to dedicate to a foster pet in order for it to be a positive experience for all parties involved.

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“New York’s Kindest” includes Rock & Rawhide!

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Rock & Rawhide , the charity that helps increase adoption levels of dogs and cats in shelters, announced today that it is included in Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C)’s latest advertising campaign, “New York’s Kindest” for their donations and assistance in increasing adoption levels through distraction therapy. The campaign encourages New Yorkers to support their city shelter by adopting, volunteering and donating to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals.

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Is fostering the answer? We think it is.

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Animals in the tri-state area are euthanized daily, rescue groups are unable to save as many lives as they wish, and animals spend years in boarding kennels while awaiting adopters to fall in love with them. Maybe it’s because they assume that a shelter animal is “broken”, or that they think they would never be able to give the animal up to an adopter, it would break their heart. Fostering is a wonderful experience. For an adopter, it makes the process a little easier.

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On Atheism and Veganism

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Most of us were born to or adopted by people who eat animals and believe in a god, and that was all a mere accident of birth and/or geography. Though we don't know the extent to which plants experience any kind of suffering, we do know that sentient nonhumans experience pain, pleasure, boredom and frustration. For me, atheism and veganism go hand-in-hand.

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Paws UP for Union Township Animal Shelter

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Rock & Rawhide , a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to increase adoptions for dogs and cats in shelters by providing toys and other items that serve as a form of distraction therapy, reducing the stress and noise levels. Research has shown that if noise and stress are reduced, adoptions go up! Towels and blankets need to be thrown out and dogs and cats are unfortunately without the warmth and comfort they need to potentially be adopted.

Beagles Rescued from Bankrupt Lab

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One hundred and twenty beagles who faced lifetimes being used in medical research experiments have been freed — just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. On Friday, the beagles — owned by a research facility in New Jersey whose parent pharmaceutical company went into bankruptcy — were released to the care of animal rescue groups that, after socializing them, hope to adopt them out as family pets. Good news! From ohmidog! a site for dog lovers.

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The Friskies Plus Playhouse

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The cats, which are part of the MeoowzResQ, are available for adoption. Friskies is always looking for new ways to enhance play experiences for cats,” says Alison Coburn, assistant brand manager for Friskies. “We’re MeoowzResQ helps find permanent homes for hundreds of cats each year, and has many other great adoptables in addition to those in The Playhouse. Starting today you can watch as 10 cats play and live in the Friskies Plus Playhouse!

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Sneeze Prone? Top 5 Dogs for Allergy Suffers

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It was bit of a traumatic experience for me and I vowed to never own an animal again. But as I began my search for a new family member at local shelters, I noticed that something was terribly wrong—I couldn’t hold the dogs I was considering adopting for more than 5 minutes before going into a sneezing convulsion. So don’t adopt a short-haired dog thinking that this automatically means that it will shed less and thus reduce allergies.

EU Bans Use of Great Apes in Animal Research

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After two years of heated debate on how to protect animal welfare without scuppering scientific research, the new limits, updating regulations from 1986, were adopted by the European Parliament despite objections from Green MEPs. Under the new legislations, experiments on great apes such as chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are to be banned and "strict" restrictions set on the use of primates in general. Some may disagree, but I think this is a huge victory.

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Utah's Shelters Providing Strays to Labs for Research

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University officials say they only collect animals from shelters willing to participate and pound animals are steered toward nonlethal experiments. They say cats and dogs at the lab get excellent veterinary care and survivors are placed into a volunteer-run adoption program. Thanks to PETA's undercover investigation of University of Utah labs for bringing this issue to media attention. From the AP.

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How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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While people with dogs often experience the greatest health benefits, a pet doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog or a cat. Choosing to adopt an animal from a shelter, especially an older dog or cat, can add to the sense of fulfillment, knowing that you’ve provided a home to a pet that may otherwise have been euthanized. Expert cites scientifically-proven therapeutic, physical and emotional health benefits of loving and caring for a pet.

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Is Charles with Lars Axl Fokker?

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In all of the lovely messages we've been getting, I've noticed two trends: 1) Death is a communal experience as well as an individual one. I'd love to think that I'll encounter a greyhound in a couple of years who will have a familiar look in his eye and I'll adopt him and care for him until the day he dies, as I did with Charles.

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And I received confirmation of something I've known since 2004, when we adopted retired racing greyhound, Violet Rays: That there's sort of a critical period for dog-behavior acquisition, and if it's missed, the dog isn't likely to mature into the type of loving being whose behavior we've come to associate with "pet" dogs. He was adopted by the Masson family and was apparently the most loving dog all who met him had ever had the pleasure of being licked by.

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Animal Shelter Portraits

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The book, Animal Shelter Portraits , captures just a small glimpse of what our furry friends experience in shelter situations. The book is a great reminder that our decision to adopt them is the difference between life and death. Photographer Mark Ross has captured some truly beautiful, and touching, photos of animals abandoned at kill shelters. The photos in the book made me want to reach out and save each one of them.

Managing Emotional Problems in Rescue Dogs

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However, that doesn’t mean they can’t make great companions for the right adoptive family. Sadly, however, one of the reasons people are hesitant to adopt these dogs is because of the assumption that such dogs are always “damaged goods,&# and can’t be re-trained. I hope my own story will encourage you to rise up to the challenge of adopting hard-to-place dogs like mine, and patiently help them bond with you and overcome their fears.

Must-Have Apps for the Avid Pet Lover

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Pets can be a bigger commitment than many people expect, between adoption, health care, training, and environment, there are a lot of variables to consider. Fido Pet Adoptions (iOS, Android). When you’re in the beginning stages of adopting a pet, the choice can be nerve-wracking, and going to the shelter without a plan is like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Keep your pet happy and healthy with these mobile apps.

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Organizations Putting Animals First

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Led by professionals who have experience with organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States, the group is definitely not new to the issues surrounding animals worldwide. Run by a very qualified staff, the organization’s employees boast a collective 40 years’ experience in animal protection in addition to their numerous accolades and certifications including MBAs, law degrees and more. In the fast-paced world of today, it seems people are always on the go.

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A Trip to an Animal Lab

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They did not experiment on primates (I asked!), but did experiment on mice and guinea pigs. Interesting that many of the grants this place gets specifically say they can't experiment on any domesticated animals (cats and dogs I guess.). It reminded me of an adoption poster at the animal shelter. Well, kind of. It wasn't a full-fledged tour, but disturbing nonetheless. I can't really talk about what I do except that I work in government.

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Lessons Learned From 4 Years of Animal Person

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And my experience was that when I chimed in the conversation changed (and sometimes stopped as if I had the answers). and I spent years with a buzz cut and dressed head-to-toe in black, as a 43-year old soon-to-be adoptive mom, I now appreciate the idea of "normal" more than ever.

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November is Senior Pet Month

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When I look into the eyes of a senior dog, I see a world of experience and wisdom. For info about adopting an older dog, see The Senior Dog Project. Did you know that November celebrates senior pets? There are many reasons to love an older animal, and here is a great post by Peggy Frezon for Guideposts that highlights 5 of those reasons. source }. November is Senior Pet Month. Do you have an older cat or dog sharing your home?

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Five Surprising Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pets

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Having puppies isn’t a fun science experiment. If no one adopts or purchases the puppies, you may be stuck providing a lifetime of care to puppies you never wanted, or never intended to keep. Keep Your Pet Healthy. There are major benefits of spaying or neutering your pets. Most of us know that spaying or neutering a pet can help reduce pet overpopulation and prevent an unintended pregnancy.

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Lessons Learned, The Finale

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Reading thousand-word long posts in black type on a plain white screen with nothing interesting to look at isn't exactly a satisfying sensory experience. Films, blogs, books, e-zines, sanctuaries, protests, promotion of adoption (of humans and nonhumans!). After all this time it seems that.

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Shearwaters from Shore

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When I was a new birder, I adopted Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay as a “patch.”. The evening of September 7, 2012 was a truly memorable birding experience. I just happened to be there to experience it. Of course, unexpected experiences such as this are one of the great appeals of birding. While there’s pleasure in any unusual birding experience, there’s something particularly satisfying about stumbling across one on your own.

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Shelby at the Shelter

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It was the first time I really wouldn’t see my pups on a regular basis or even be able to adopt one (or a few) of my own. But for some reason, on a non-spectacular weekday morning I found myself reading a story about how a local shelter was calling for more volunteers to walk pups, as the number needing to be adopted had gone up drastically as during a down economy, many families were forced to leave their animals in the care of shelters.

Choosing the Right Dog Breed For Your Lifestyle

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Having a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience. This is an essential thing to look into when you are considering adopting a pet. There’s a reason so many of us call our dogs our best friends. However, all too often, dog lovers choose a dog breed that they want without first considering how well that breed will fit in with their lifestyle.

When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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After talking to the owner of the shelter however, I learned there was more to adopting little Chester, or any pet for that matter, than my love at first bark. Hopefully sharing my learning experience at the shelter will help you make informed decisions when they’re ready to adopt. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan. At an NYC puppy shelter a few weeks ago, my mind was just about made up when I met Chester – The cutest Lab puppy I’d ever seen.

15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

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Building strategy Employer Branding Strategies Conference Sometimes an immersive experience is just want you need to inspire and learn. Through comprehensive audits evaluating your current employer brand or simply supporting the team with everything from content production to campaign execution on specific project-based campaigns or programs, we help companies in many different stages of employer brand adoption. Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat.

A Tale of Two Dogs

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Still, it is a story worth telling, simply because there will be some of you who are in the position I was a few months ago, and even if you don’t agree with my final decision to give up on one of my dogs, my experience will hopefully open up a conversational space for multiple pet owners who find themselves struggling. My story begins with Biscuit, a German shepherd mix whom I adopted four years ago.

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Teaching Kids Animal Compassion

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On the other hand, kids that don’t get the experience of having a pet early may become afraid of animals, especially if their parents don’t particularly care for animals. I strongly encourage people to adopt pound and shelter animals. Choosing the right pet for your child is key. By Dr. Tim Hunt, DVM. Children can learn so many valuable lessons by caring for a pet.

Star-Powered Auction for Animals!

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Pet lovers will be seeing stars November 5 – 15 at the Celebrity Experience and Entertainment Memorabilia Auction , launched online to support Precious Paws , a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Encino, Calif. I care for many of the baby animals that come into our fold while we help them find good people to adopt.”.

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Birding Chongming Island in summer

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This would have allowed you to summarize your experience in sentences such as “A total of 98 boluses regurgitated by 52 chicks aged 1 day to 11 days after hatching form the sample and are shown to contain 323 food items.”

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!: Tamarindo Gose

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Tamarind seems to have originated in Africa, though it’s now grown around the world in the tropics, and its soft, fleshy, sweet-and-sour fruit has been readily adopted by many cuisines.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of April 2016)

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The birds had already adopted their drab eclipse plumage, unlike the winter warrior featured in the photo above. If you’ve blogged about your weekend experience, you should include a link in your comment. Late April offers so much for nature lovers. If you didn’t see something interesting or new this weekend, you must not have gotten out of your house!

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Doggie Valentine Contest

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For every valid entry, Chef Michael’s will donate $10 (up to $7,500) to to support its mission to find forever homes for homeless dogs that also deserve to feel loved on Valentine’s Day. This is so much fun! Who doesn’t count their dog as their Valentine? CHEF MICHAEL’S® ANNOUNCES A NATIONAL CONTEST TO FIND THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE “ DOGGIE VALENTINE ” IN AMERICA. Winner Will Travel to New York for a Special Celebration. Dedicated to the Newest Valentines: The Dogs!

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Say Hello to Our New Nature News Beat Writer!

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She adores her new adopted home, especially because she lives in jogging distance of its birding mecca, the Magic Hedge. When she’s not poring dreamily through field guides or rescuing injured feathered out-of-towners, she’s a health and medical writer and editor—and inveterate newshound—who chronicles her experiences in the Windy City at Blog5B.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third Weekend of May 2011)

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Corey’s best bird of the weekend was a Grasshopper Sparrow in Queens, his first ever in his (adopted) home borough. If you’ve blogged about your weekend experience, you should include a link in your comment. What a weekend. My daughter’s birthday week (yes, we celebrate full weeks and more in my household) began with a bang and a rainbow cake, followed by some heinous plumbing problems.

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The BirdLog Connundrum

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I was a little slow to adopt BirdLog, the iPhone app that effectively lets you enter and submit an eBird checklist from the field. But I will continue to feel slightly uncomfortable at the extent that these things improve my birding experience while changing it slightly in uncomfortable ways. Like many birders in the online era, I’m a big fan of eBird.

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An Affront to the Idea of Family

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That's one of the reasons adopting wasn't a stretch for me at all mentally. But now I think about all of that being done to my daughter and I must say the disgust I experience at the notion that a family farm is somehow a wholesome place is a bit overwhelming. I'm not one of those people who thinks family is composed of only humans or humans who are biologically related.

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On Nonhuman Animals and Human Babies

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On Friday, June 25, I received a call from an attorney who said a little girl was born the evening prior, her adoption fell through and she needed a family. Because we planned to adopt I had been researching eco-friendly, vegan nursery items but had yet to purchase a thing. I did go to Babies-R-Us for some odds and ends and here's the Animal Person-related experience. Surprise!

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Rescue for the rescuer.

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They will have the opportunity find a forever home, experience unconditional love or transition to the Other Side. Whichever circumstance they experience as a result of their rescue, is better than where they came from and any of those options are desirable and welcomed by them. Understanding the animal’s history, wants & perspectives is a powerful tool toward a successful adoption & transition to the animal’s permanent home.

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Surrendering to eBird

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In fact, experience proved that the process is actually way more cumbersome and time-consuming than it should be. In my case, I had to format my excel sheet just so, a considerable task because when I dabbled in Birdstack (gone, alas, but not forgotten) I adopted its formatting as well as the more fluid International Ornithological Congress (IOC) taxonomy , both of which were inimical to that of eBird. I blame Nate Swick.

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