You Gotta Fight When You Think it’s the Right Thing to Do

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Paving of the road across the Reva Pond started and was abandoned several months later: only the sidewalk was paved. In the 21st century this may sound like 19th century reasoning, but I fight because it’s the right thing to do. It’s like I always tell ya kid, you gotta fight when you think it’s the right thing to do. I bird, therefore I am. Birding defines me, that much is clear.

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"Animal Rights Terrorism"

Animal Ethics

If I can show you that one of your moral principles entails that it's wrong to eat meat, then, to avoid contradiction, you must either abandon the principle or abstain from meat. If you're unwilling to abandon the principle, then you must abstain from meat. I leave you this fine evening with a column by Debra Saunders. For the record, I am opposed to violence in behalf of animals. I can't think of anything that does more harm to the cause of animal liberation.

World Animal Day in Minsk

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They also put up a tent to collect donations, such as pet food, cages, collars and other pet supplies, for stray and abandoned animals kept at the shelters. Tags: belarus animal rights I doubt caring for strays in Belarus is an easy task , so kudos to these people for the work they do. City Fauna and another animal welfare charity named Ehida brought around 40 pets from their shelters to the park on Sunday in an attempt to re-home them.

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Let’s Catch Up!

Creature Talk

About 3000 race horses are retired each year, and right now only about 1/3 of those animals find such homes. Most are abandoned or euthanized, or sometimes sold into slaughter. Tagged: animal advocacy, Animal Cruelty, Animal Rights, animal suffering, companion animals, dogs, dolphins, get involved, horses, humans, Michael Vick, The Cove.

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On Discounts on Adoptions

Animal Person

With record numbers of animals being abandoned due to foreclosures and the economy, and let's face it, adopting a dog or cats isn't going to save you any money, do you think it is irresponsible to offer discounts? And I admit to having very expensive (care-wise) dogs, but I imagine that the average dog must cost at least $1,000/year, right? Here's a Gray Matter for you (or maybe not): A humane society near me is doing a cat- and dog-adoption promotion this month.

And So It Begins

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and Canada, it had apparently discovered an abandoned nest, on which it was clearly showing nesting behavior. So, as they say here in Mexico, we got out of bed on the right side! I can’t resist loving my first week of birding each year.

Utah's Shelters Providing Strays to Labs for Research

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Scores of abandoned dogs, cats and livestock from Utah animal shelters become subjects of laboratory research at the University of Utah each year. The practice gained wider publicity after the animal rights group PETA said earlier this month that 1 of its agents spent eight months working undercover at University of Utah research facilities. Thanks to PETA's undercover investigation of University of Utah labs for bringing this issue to media attention. From the AP.

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Perch Wars

10,000 Birds

One heron had the good sense to abandon his quest quickly. Finally, the late-comer decided to let the stick’s rightful owner take his place. In April of this year, I had the crazy idea of submitting this article to 10,000 Birds for their consideration. Since I will still be enjoying my last couple of days in Spain on this week’s deadline, I thought it might be the moment to share it with all of you. I’ll post more recent material next week!

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Tom Regan on Utilitarianism

Animal Ethics

can experience pleasure and pain) and because they not only have but can act on their preferences, any view that holds that pleasures or pains, or preference-satisfactions or frustrations matter morally is bound to seem attractive to those in search of the moral basis for the animal rights movement. But utilitarianism is not the theory its initial reception by the animal rights movement may have suggested.

Farm Sanctuary needs help.

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Farm Sanctuary recently came to the aid of six male Holstein calves, several just days old, who had been abandoned without food or water and left for dead. Right now, due to an influx in cruelty cases, they desperately need to grow the FAAN program so they can continue to help farm animals in need. With much love and care these calves are now thriving, however, they are in desperate need of potential adopters for these sweet boys.

On Compassionate Carnivores and Betrayal

Animal Person

It's just not right. A violation of trust or confidence, an abandonment of something committed to one's charge. Stephanie's post about " The Compassionate Hypocrite " on Saturday reminded me of what Catherine Friend and other " compassionate carnivores " are doing in addition to twisting the definition of compassionate beyond recognition. Their claim is that what has become the customary way to take sentient nonhumans from babyhood to untimely death is not humane. It's cruel.

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He started frolicking with abandon in the dried green moss at the base of Bob, our resident Spathophylum. And right before my eyes, I discovered that Muscovy ducks eat frogs. Kermie. One of the reasons my marriage to a carnivorous Republican worked so well, at least for the first four years, was that he traveled a lot.

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Scientist Advocacy Group Oppose Some Animal Testing

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I found a link to them on ANIMAL's blog (ANIMAL is a Portuguese animal rights group.) These scientists are NOT an animal rights group. Despite the development of an all-encompassing theory as to why animals are not predictive, there remains—much to the detriment of human health and medical progress—extraordinary resistance to abandoning the use of animals as predictive models. Here's a group I've never heard of.

Fooled Again

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This has a lot to do with the way the birding mind recognizes patterns: see the correct shape and color in the right context and you automatically think that distant plastic bag shifting in the breeze is a distant Snowy Owl. Yes, a coconut, abandoned on the ice of Meadow Lake. Stick birds. Rock birds. Plastic bag birds. Leaf birds. Stump birds. Branch birds. Snow birds. Lump birds. Pipe birds. Plastic birds.

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Quantico Has No Compassion for Feral Cats

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It is NOT the animals' fault that they have been abandoned to miserable lives. (Of They just think this is the right thing to do and we don’t. Quantico Military Base is really behaving cruelly when it comes to the feral cats on its base. They've prohibited feeding and want the animals trapped. If they are not adoptable, oh well, kill them. Please. Of course, this is the military, so why should they be any better than humanity in general?)

Mylan Engel Jr and Kathie Jenni on Philosophy

Animal Ethics

At the personal level, philosophy challenges us as individuals to assess whether our own beliefs, attitudes, and practices are justifiable, with an eye toward abandoning or revising those beliefs and practices found to be unjustifiable. Mylan Engel Jr and Kathie Jenni, The Philosophy of Animal Rights: A Brief Introduction for Students and Teachers [New York: Lantern Books, 2010], 7 [italics in original]) Note from KBJ: I reject this conception of philosophy.

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Fear Of The Dark

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I though her to be a silent type, perhaps tired of flying and jet lag, but it never ever occurred to me that my female guest may be worried when passing closed and abandoned communist era factories. had every right to feel worried, with or without a reason. I picked up E. in the morning in front of her hotel. To avoid the traffic lights and rush hour, I drove through some forgotten, derelict industrial zone at the outskirts of the city (which is my usual shortcut).

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Orange You Glad To See Me?

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That’s right…I used the punchline from one of the worst jokes in history for this one, but it seems strangely apt. With it’s so-yellow-its-orange color on it’s head and breast, this bird looks right at home next to an orange. A Gray-cheeked Thrush contemplates abandoning all dignity and face-diving into an orange.

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How to find the Ural Owl in Serbia

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all the time pointing with my right hand while holding the steering wheel with my left, and the hardest thing, keeping my eyes on the road.

Ruff Ride

4 The Love Of Animals

Right now the book is available in limited quantities, but they are also going to be offering other fun products soon, including free ecards. Abandoned during foreclosures and often the first to go when financial instability sets in, the kennels are overflowing beyond capacity with our loyal canine comrades. We all know that the past year was a bit of a “ Ruff Ride “, what with all the economic bad news.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of May 2015)

10,000 Birds

The biggest offender right now, even as you stand knee high in splendiferous songbirds, is likely this one depressing thought: migration may almost be over… Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was a surprising Bar-tailed Godwit in Queens which he barely managed to twitch after receiving a phone call about the bird being present at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge while he was at Rockaway Beach with his family.

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There goes the neighborhood

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I have still seen each of these species out in the forest between two days and three weeks after they abandoned my yard. A pair of Warbling Vireos are regular client right now, and we have also had visits from Black-headed Grosbeaks and a Northern Beardless Tyrannulet this year. 10,000 Birds is having trouble with our website platform. If this post turns up on Wednesday, April 23, it will mean I was successful in uploading text.

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Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat

Animal Ethics

We should not abandon our meat-eating habits, but remoralize them, by incorporating them into affectionate human relations, and using them in the true Homeric manner, as instruments of hospitality, conviviality and peace. Bit by bit the news would get around, that there is a right and a wrong way to eat; and—failing some coup d’état by censorious vegetarians—the process would be set in motion, that would bring battery farming to an end.

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The Littel Big Year – Week 45: Wrapping up the Bahamas

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After that we visited a small remote site of an abandoned resort that is going back to the jungle quickly, and a water front location for shorebirds and gulls. Carolyn was able to get us into the right area, but was afraid that we were so late in the day, it was not likely that we would be able to find this rare bird. Right after those photos were taken, 8 more of these beautiful birds flew in and joined the first one, affording me a bit of a better photo.

The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds–A Hummer Book Review

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He sat…his crown giving searing shafts of violet as the light caught the feathers at just the right angle. If you had your choice of one bird family to pursue, to seek out and observe and photograph and kvell over, which one would you choose?

Smart and Getting Smarter

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When it noticed a piece of kelp with an air bladder attached, it abandoned the stuff near shore and made the short swim out to collect its prize. I was flabbergasted and reminded that we don’t have exclusive rights to imagining, planning, executing, and then forgetting. Most readers of 10,000 Birds know that nature is full of surprises and that we aren’t the only ones with a lock on intelligence and creativity.

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The 20 most common birds in Shanghai (Part 2)

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Even in the comparable wilderness of coastal Shanghai, it is far more likely to see the tree sparrow near an abandoned hut than in a more pristine spot. I am not a big fan of the Spotted Dove , though it has to be said that in the right light, it can also look quite nice. Today`s post is a continuation of last week`s – an introduction to Shanghai`s 20 most commonly seen birds.

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Travis got to experience things he normally wouldn’t (like spending about 5 hours every day in a pool) and seeing the world famous Canadian Forces Snowbirds aerobatic team (I can post a photo of them right? Most troubling for me, because I think of them as my birds, is the abandoned nesting attempt by a pair of Pacific Loons. The next day the pair was still in the lake, but egg was still there which gave me some hope that the nest hadn’t been abandoned.

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Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral

10,000 Birds

These owls don’t live in a state park or any sort of protected area, they live in the neighborhoods, right next door to stucco middle-class Florida homes, going about their business in a landscape of manicured lawns and screened-in porches. You can tell which abandoned lots host owls by a small roped off area with the tell-tale t-bars that the owls perch upon. Birding in Florida is unique in that so much of that state’s plenty is evident even to the casual observer.

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Those Freakin’ Flat Flies

10,000 Birds

If you work with other people, one of you holds the newly-arrived bird and the other one cleans, bandages, splints, wraps, and, if need be, chases down and kills the flat flies that start abandoning ship once they suspect the Mite and Lice Spray is coming. I arrived home with a nice inch-long incision right between my eyebrows, and found a car parked in my driveway. I had her wrapped in a towel and was giving her the once-over when … right!

2013 76

Carolina Parakeet: Mystery of the Incas

10,000 Birds

Barreling into your feeder with reckless abandon and cleaning you right out. The 19-teens were not a good time for North American birdlife. Not more than four years following the final breath of the last living Passenger Pigeon , and at the same facility – the Cincinnati Zoo, whose place in ornithological history is morbidly established – the last Carolina Parakeet died. It was called Incas.

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A “Thank You” is All You Need

10,000 Birds

A month ago I visited this site, right at the edge of Belgrade for the first time, only to discover that I cannot get into the overgrown area in my low-clearance city car. Over a few obstacles, we follow the dirt track into an abandoned and overgrown claypit. Yet, Starlings cannot dig and are happy to use abandoned cavities. Birders are utterly suspicious characters. By Greek law enforcement officers, I had already been taken for a spy.

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Many of us have neglected or outright abandoned our feed readers. But who has time to visit a blog every day, right? All you need to do is enter your email address right here: Email address: Of course we won’t be selling your email information or anything like that. In case you hadn’t noticed, blogging, both publishing and perusing , has transformed dramatically over the years.

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Urban birds, urban birding… is there a future?

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Personally, I wasn’t happy, but I do not live there and do not have a septic tank in my backyard, so I felt that I have no right to complain against something that would obviously improve the lives of local inhabitants. Nowadays, it has a feeling of an abandoned construction site.

2018 58

New Faces at the Olde Homestead

10,000 Birds

The landscape changes too: buildings get smaller, vistas are altered, developments go up or abandoned shopping malls fall down. Though I’d never spotted them, the range map for Tundra Swans does show them as passage migrants right smack dab over the Homestead, and we’re near their wintering grounds, so March seemed right. I’ve only seen Orchard Orioles in the parks of New York City, and that is right and proper.

2014 54

The Incredulous New Caledonian Crows

10,000 Birds

But, when the crow only saw the menacing stick and could not infer that the agent causing the stick to menace the feeding box was gone, the crow still went after the feeding box, but kept inspecting the hole, seemingly worried that the stick would come out of it, and in some cases, was too jittery to complete the act and simply abandoned the feeding box altogether. The next graph shows the average number of times per trial that the crow decided to abandon an effort to get at the food.

2012 73

The 20 best birds of Belgrade and where to find them

10,000 Birds

Pygmy Cormorant is easy to observe, in winter from the banks of the Sava and the right, urbanised bank of the Danube River, also around the Veliko Ratno Island Reserve (#1, visible from the riverbanks); in spring best viewed in wetlands along the levees at the left (northern) bank of the Danube. Eurasian Scops Owl is a bird of open forests and scattered trees, parks, orchards, abandoned houses, etc.

2019 78

The Wood-Warblers Are Back In New York City!

10,000 Birds

Every spring they totally steal the show in the northeast and you really can’t blame birders for abandoning their jobs, their families, and their sanity as they rush to New York City’s abundant and amazing parks to see the show live and in technicolor. This bird was much more cooperative than the Kentucky Warbler had been, and a whole big bunch of birders got on it once they were convinced to abandon the waterhole.

Spotlight: Maureen Eiger – To Intervene or Not to Intervene?

10,000 Birds

A parent bird’s instinct to feed and protect their young is very strong, and they will not willingly abandon their babies. Putting a baby bird back in its nest is not always the right thing to do. You (or your child/friend/etc) have just found a seemingly parentless baby bird. Now what? Here with the answer(s) is Maureen Eiger, a bird rehabilitator in Roanoke, VA: . Recently I received a call about an American Robin ‘s nest that fell down twice from a gutter.

2015 81

The Endangered Andean Flamingo

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Flamingos have been reported to abandon their nesting sites even when mining was initiated after the establishment of nesting colonies when the birds were expected to be engaged in a breeding attempt and were less likely to leave the colonies. Andean Flamingoes and Chilean Flamingo (far right) (Photo: Ron Knight – Flickr). The Andean Flamingo ( Phoenicopterus andinus ) is one of the three flamingos occurring in the high Andes of South America.

2015 54

John Passmore (1914-2004) on Bentham's Treatment of Animals

Animal Ethics

"The French have already discovered," Bentham wrote, "that the blackness of the skin is no reason why a human being should be abandoned without redress to the caprice of a tormentor. or the termination of the os sacrum are reasons equally insufficient for abandoning a sensitive being to the same plight." As so often, the Benthamites could join hands with the evangelicals.

2008 40

Rarer than Tigers: the Indian Wild Dog

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In the morning, still sleepy, we enter the jungle, where a sounder of Indian Boars (a long-maned subspecies Sus scrofa cristatus ) is watching us, standing among the first trees, right next to the road. Further down the road, we reach a derelict building with a large veranda hidden among the trees – an abandoned hunting lodge (if I were in a situation to invest, I would choose to upgrade this into a luxury wildlife lodge). India, February 2013.

2015 75

Germany’s Great Bustards and how to see them

10,000 Birds

Follow the track through a gap in the pine tree plantation and immediately turn right. Walk to a small abandoned farm and keep on along the track, crossing a small canal via a small bridge (don’t worry about the gate) just after the farm. Once you’re on the tower, the bustards are often seen towards the right. Around halfway through the open landscape between the villages, just over a quarter mile north of Garlitz, is the turn-off to the right.