Indian Government to Protect Bulls from Entertainment Use

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The Indian government has decided to add bulls to the list of animals protected from entertainment uses. There are still illegal events though. This prevents them from being exploited in Goa, an Indian state that had considered reviving the tradition. Goa was once part of the Portuguese empire which is where the bullfighting ridiculousness comes a Portuguese-American, I can say that.) India blood sport portugal bullfighting

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Disneynature Chimpanzee

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The money will help to protect chimpanzees and their habitats, now and into the future. events people helping animalsCelebrate Earth Day, April 20, 2012, by seeing the latest Disneynature film, True-Life Adventure, CHIMPANZEE!

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See AFRICAN CATS, Save the Savanna!

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A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to AWF through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor. events people helping animals

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Jane Goodall Live

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Animal lovers, this is a very special event! This exclusive event also includes the national debut of “Jane’s Journey,” a cinematic biography which includes special appearances by Angelina Jolie and Pierce Brosnan. Jane Goodall Live Exclusive In-Theater Event.

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Trainer Tips for Canine Co-Workers

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Plan, Prepare and Protect : Plan ahead and check with your co-workers to make sure everyone is allergy-free and comfortable with dogs. Most importantly, make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccines and protected from fleas and ticks that can be passed from other four-legged office mates.

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See OCEANS, Save Oceans!

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See OCEANS, Save Oceans ” is an initiative developed with The Nature Conservancy where a portion of each ticket sold for the film’s opening week April 22-28 will help establish new marine protected areas in The Bahamas. “We Tags: events

Handbags are a Dog’s Best Friend

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Tails are sure to wag on Friday, June 12t h as Luna Boston hosts “Doggies + Bags,” a special benefit party for the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS). A Luna Boston stylist will be on-hand to help you update your wardrobe for summer with the latest trends, and twenty-five percent of all proceeds made during the event will be donated to help CAPS in its mission to protect companions from cruelty and inhumane breeding practices in Pet Shops and Puppy Mills.

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Mexican Town Opposes Bullfighting

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More than 220 organizations, headed by the World Society for the Protection of Animals, are collecting signatures worldwide to petition the United Nations to adopt the proposed Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. Teocelo, a town of 15,000 inhabitants, last month became the first Mexican municipality to ban bullfighting and other events that involve animal mistreatment or cruelty. From Latino Fox News.

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Walk for Farm Animals Scheduled for this Fall

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Meredith Turner, Farm Sanctuary, 646-369-6212, 2011 Walk for Farm Animals Aims to Raise $1 Million for Abused and Neglected Farm Animals Thousands of People in More Than 35 Cities Across North America to Gather for Family-Friendly Event That Promotes Compassion for ALL Animals WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. From the Farm Sanctuary.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

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Your dog’s instinct is to protect the family. Tags: events news pet care Did you know that May 16-22 is National Dog Bit Prevention Week? Neither did we! That is, not until we got an email from the USPS. Now that we know, we are happy to spread the word. They are working hard to help spread that word about how to prevent dog bites. Here are the tips and stats that they sent us: Nearly 2,900 letter carriers were bitten by dogs last year, yet that pales in comparison to the 4.7

From the Animal Rights Action Network re: Greyhounds

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During this week in Ireland, we are working on staging peaceful events outside of every possible greyhound stadium there is in North and South of the country but we desperately need people who are reading this email who say they care to hit the 'reply' button to get involved. ARAN works with volunteers, activists, members of the public and other animal protection groups. They don't say: you want protection and I want rights, so I want nothing to do with you.

Organizations Putting Animals First

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Understanding that threats to animals can range from illegal trafficking to utter exploitation, these leaders strive to promote the safety and protection sanctuaries offer our fury, feathered, four-legged friends. Run by a very qualified staff, the organization’s employees boast a collective 40 years’ experience in animal protection in addition to their numerous accolades and certifications including MBAs, law degrees and more.

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The Rose Parade 2013

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We can’t wait to see this special float honoring the working dogs that protect and keep our troops (and us) safe. dogs events holidaysWe are pretty excited to watch The Rose Parade this year.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Keith, I am writing today to ask for your help in raising awareness about the 2011 Walk for Farm Animals, a series of fun, community-focused events taking place in more than 35 cities across North America this fall to promote kindness to animals and raise vital funds to support the lifesaving work of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization.

Research Animals Rescued from North Carolina Lab

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This event serves as dramatic testament to what can happen when the humane community comes together to oppose cruelty," says AWI President, Cathy Liss. "We We applaud the dedicated efforts of animal welfare advocates who stepped up to take in these animals, and hope that the exposure of this situation will underscore the need for stricter enforcement to protect animals in research facilities."

Dog Park Dangers

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As long as we as pet owners understand the risks, we can minimize them as well as have a plan of action in place in the unfortunate event that something does occur. You can’t guarantee the other dogs at the park are in great health, but you do your best to protect your dog if they aren’t.

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Adopt A Turkey!

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Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, promotes legislative, policy, and individual lifestyle changes to help farm animals. events holidays rescues

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Would you be interested in helping us promote this event by posting the notice below? Philadelphia, PA Find out how you can become an active participant in national efforts to protect farm animals from abuse at this one-day conference. Designed to raise awareness about current farm animal issues and campaigns, this unique event offers educational opportunities for activists of all experience levels. Hi Keith, Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Forum will be here before we know it!

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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Such registries would help protect animals, pet guardians and communities by preventing repeat offenses from anyone with an established history of abusing animals. Through its campaign, , the animal protection organization is promoting model legislation that state legislatures could enact. Rahrig was forbidden to own an animal for five years, but he was subsequently seen at an adoption event in California.

Preparing Your Pet for Winter

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This shelter should have an entrance that faces away from the wind, and be covered to protect against harsh weather conditions. In the event of a power outage, be sure that you have access to enough food, water and pet supplies to properly care for your pet. The following is a great guest post from the folks at Pet Care Education! Good tips for the coming cold season. PREPARING YOUR PET FOR WINTER.

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National Justice for Animals Week

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With the theme “Fighting Animal Cruelty, Honoring Animal Victims,” the week will be an annual event dedicated to raising public awareness nationwide about how to report animal abuse—and how citizens can work within their communities to create stronger laws and assure tough enforcement. ALDF was founded in 1979 with the unique mission of protecting the lives and advancing interests of animals through the legal system.

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What To Do If You Find a Pit Bull

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It may feel threatened, and animals that feel threatened instinctually protect themselves. For example, the petting a dog’s tail; an abuser may have done something violent to the dog’s tail, and the dog may try to protect itself when you touch it there. It is an identifying chip that many dogs have implanted into their shoulders to identify their owners in the event of being lost. As a breed, pit bulls have a bad rap.

Cool Summer Tips for Your Pet

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Protect them from the sun. Personally, I know I can’t spend more than five minutes outside without a thick layer of sunscreen to protect my pale Irish skin. If you pet has short hair, white fur or pink skin, they may need additional protection when out in the sun over the summer months. Talk to your vet about the best type of sunscreen or any other sun protection for your pet.

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