EU Bans Use of Great Apes in Animal Research

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Europe banned the use of great apes in animal testing Wednesday as part of drastically tightened rules to scale back the number of animals used in scientific research. After two years of heated debate on how to protect animal welfare without scuppering scientific research, the new limits, updating regulations from 1986, were adopted by the European Parliament despite objections from Green MEPs. Tags: chimpanzees europe animal research apes primates

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Portugal Pursued by EU for Poor Environmental Policies

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The European Commission said on Wednesday it is pursuing legal action against Portugal for breaching nature protection legislation. The resort falls within a site protected by the Habitats Directive and in the vicinity of a Special Area of Conservation for wild birds (Costa Sudoeste sites). Tags: habitat europe portugal environment wildlife endangered species Oh, it's no surprise that the Portuguese are allowing rampant development for tourism.

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Ag Subsidies Cut for Scottish Landowner Using Pesticides

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It's the largest civil penalty imposed under EU legislation in which wildlife protection is a condition for receiving funds from the EU's Single Farm Payment Scheme. He owns the Glenogil estate in Angus and has suffered the largest ever financial penalty under European Union legislation that demands landowners protect wildlife to qualify for farm subsidies. Tags: UK europe

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European Union Screws Apes Used in Medical Research

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Drug industry group EFPIA said the parliament had managed to balance the protection of animals, the reality of biomedical research, and the needs of patients. Tags: europe animal research medical research Here are the results of the EU flirtation with restricting research on primates. It's from a Reuters article from last May.I will try not to smash my computer screen in frustration.

France's Ugly Secret: Eating Endangered Songbird

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In a co-ordinated protest, members of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) destroyed hundreds of traps and set free the birds inside. The hunting and selling of ortolans, which have suffered a Europe-wide decline of 40-50% in the last 40 years, has been illegal in France since 1999. Now France can add another to its long list of gastronomic sins.eating ortolan, an endangered songbird. From the Guardian.

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And Mr. Klinkenborg’s conclusion that an international effort similar to what is happening to address the current global financial crisis will be necessary to protect species prompts a question. What would it cost to stabilize our planet’s biological health by protecting species and their natural habitats? An estimated $13 billion a year would be enough to maintain and expand protected areas in the tropics, where the vast majority of plant and animals species are found.

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ADI, which has previously rescued and relocated animals in Europe, South America and Africa have described it as one of the most complex logistical operation they have ever undertaken but say it will be worth all of the effort when the animals walk free. ADI gathered evidence has led to campaigns and legislative action all over the world to protect them.

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