April, 2022

A few more birds and streetlights

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After last Sunday’s post featuring a few of the birds that use the streetlights around Broome I thought I really should show you a few more! We had a surprise early morning storm on Good Friday, so that brought some clouds for a change and a welcome 10mm of rain.

Owling in Trinidad & Tobago

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While preparing an article this week for a local newspaper on the nighttime denizens of Tobago, it crossed my mind that I never considered owls as a group, far less target species for any particular outing (except for a select few, upon which I shall expound here).


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I bought my first plant for the garden, with my own money, when I was eight years old. I have no idea how I gathered enough money for the purchase, since I distinctly remember my allowance at that age being ten cents each week. Admittedly, a dollar went a lot further in the sixties.

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What’s Up with the ABA Now?

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The American Birding Association has not had a leader since November 2021. The Board of Directors has been searching for a candidate since that time, but it does not appear to have found one.

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Test webinar 6/10 10am

Speaker: Test

A Guide to Easy Birding in Costa Rica at Cinchona

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Birding can be a real challenge. For some, it can involve hiking into a furnace of a canyon to look for a small yellowish bird much easier to see in other countries. Birding can be spending the night on a boat in the Atlantic so you can wake up to White-faced Storm-Petrels and other pelagic treats.

Sentient: a book review

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The subtitle of Jackie Higgins’ book Sentient: How Animals Illuminate the Wonder of Our Human Senses , aptly sets forth her thesis – though the “wonder” it refers to could equally well be used to describe animal (not just human) senses, as she shows in fascinating detail.

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Striking Gold in Costa Rica

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The birding in Costa Rica is always golden but some days, you really do strike gold. Go birding in the humid, moss decorated forests of the Caribbean slope and the feathered nugget might take the form of a Bare-necked Umbrellabird.

A few hours of birding on Mauritius Island

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Apparently, Mauritius has one of the lowest tax rates in the world. Offshore businesses located in Mauritius that do not do business with Mauritians nor use Mauritian currency are exempt from Mauritian taxes. Bird-wise, Mauritius is probably primarily known for a bird that no longer exists, the dodo.

Birding the Yinggehai Salt Flats, Hainan

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If I was a location spotter for movies, I would certainly put an exclamation mark next to my notes on the Yinggehai Salt Flats on Hainan.

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Vagrancy in Birds: A Book Review

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It was a cold afternoon in Maine, and I was looking at the Steller’s Sea-Eagle perched on a tall coniferous tree across Boothbay Harbor, having arrived at the harbor area seven minutes earlier (I know! Thank you, goddess of birding luck and text group people).*

Summer Days

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When We Go High, We Go Low

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I would not normally choose driving to two of my furthest regular sites back-to-back. But when April came around, and I had not yet gone to see the birds that are specific to my highest site (3,000 m/10,000 ft), I drove one hour each way for a very successful visit there.

A Morning of High Quality Birding on Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

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All birding is essentially good. Time spent watching any birds is time spent connecting with our natural surroundings, a time that can act as a relaxed escape as well as one of meditative focus.

Bogle Vineyards: Juggernaut Pinot Noir (2020)

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This week marks only the second time the Osprey ( Pandion haliaetus ) has been featured here at Birds and Booze.

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Myiarchus Mysteries

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As is my self-declared tradition of speaking of groups of birds within the species gamut of Trinidad & Tobago, allow me to introduce you to yet another group of three.

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Attend third

Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Duckhorn Vineyards: Paraduxx Proprietary Red Blend (2018)

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One of the old jokes I always hear at Christmas Bird Count dinners pops up we get to the ducks, which is now pretty early in the compilation thanks to the current taxonomic order.

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Birding Shanghai in March 2022

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Strangely, one of the easiest birds to see on Chongming recently is the non-native Black Swan. Probably these are escapees from the nearby nature reserve or somewhere else. I guess I would therefore usually not include them in this post were it not for the information below.

An influx of Great Egrets

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Once again last weekend we ventured out to drive very slowly across Roebuck Plains on the Great Northern Highway. Although the land is still very flooded there has been some easing of water flowing across the highway and it is open with caution to all traffic.

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Collaborative list – March 2022

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In March 2022, the Collaborative submitted 184 checklists from 4 countries ( Costa Rica , United States , Mexico , and the United Kingdom ) and they included 637 species. The 2022 year list stands at 949 and the life list is now at 4,113.

Test webinar 6/9/22 9:40am

Speaker: Aggregage

Say Hello to my Little Friend

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Wood-Wrens , birds of the family Henicorhina , are very small wrens of Central and South America that like to live very close to the ground, in dense forest underbrush or elfin forests. The only one that occurs in western Mexico, where I live, is the Gray-breasted Wood-Wren.

Accessibility Matters

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A recent episode of the American Birding Podcast featured an interview with Virginia Rose (Founder and President) and Freya McGregor (Coordinator) of the non-profit Birdability.

They’ve Got Personality

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Well, it finally happened. The week on the cusp between March and April was the first week in which failed to pick up any FOY species for the year 2022. I believe that is because, after a rather grueling outing the previous week, I chose to go to a site with less promise, but greater proximity.

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

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Birds of Egypt and the Middle East by Richard Hoath does a good job at giving you the idea which birds to expect and how common they may be. For example, if you are using Collins Bird Guide by Svensson and Grant (covering the whole Western Palearctic) or, perhaps the best regional field guide, Birds of the Middle East by Aspinall and Porter, you will end up swarmed by many species that can be spotted on migration only and do not spend much time in the region.

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Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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The 100 Best Birdwatching Sites In Australia review

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With more than 950 bird species, including over 350 endemics, Australia is an impressive birding country… or a birding continent. Or both. Infrastructure is well-developed, prices reasonable – just rent a car (even better a 4×4) and head into your own adventure.

Birds and streetlights

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Around Broome the tallest structures are the streetlights and we have quite a variety of them. The current streetlights are gradually being replaced by more economical models as they fail, but the birds don’t care.

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Birding Jianfengling, Hainan (I to Z)

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Continuing the bureaucratic approach of a previous post, this one covers the Jianfengling birds with names starting from I to Z. The German approach to writing blog posts. This may be a Green-billed Malkoha. Hard to tell as the supposedly green bill is not visible at all.

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15 Australian Birds (Episode 1)

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It has been more than 5 years since I last went to Australia, and I was even less of a qualified bird photographer then than I am now. However, the lockdown forces me to go deeper and deeper into my photo collection, if I want to write anything at all.

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