November, 2017

Keep your dog safe on Thanksgiving

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and that means your dog might be fed by over-zealous relatives who try to sneak them food off the table. As a result, you could be spending nearly double at the veterinary hospital to treat your pet … Continue reading → dogs holidays

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Animal Ethics

I created this blog 14 years ago today. There have been 323,991 visits, which is an average of 23,142.2 visits per year and 63.3 visits per day

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4 The Love Of Animals

Tune into the Savage Kingdom on Black Friday while you recover from all the crazy sales and shopping of the day! Called “nature television as Shakespearean drama” this season brings rebellion as the sins of the lion king are carried … Continue reading → tv wildlife

10 Fun Facts About Parrots

4 The Love Of Animals

10 Fun Facts About Parrots by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect pet insurance. There are nearly 400 species of parrot There are 393 species of parrots (though more are being found all the time). Parrots also like the heat … Continue reading → guest post pet care

Safety Tips for Keeping your Dog Warm When it’s Cold

4 The Love Of Animals

We love these simple and effective tips for keeping your dog warm when it’s cold. The weather is getting colder in our part of the world, and although our dogs are better at keeping warm than we humans are, there … Continue reading → dogs pet care

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