My Birding Goals for 2018

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I had an amazing birding year in 2017 with tons of travel , lots of amazing birds , and some truly memorable experiences. But 2018 is a whole new year and calls for all new goals. My year list hasn’t even been started but when it does it will be as unattractive as the fledgling Yellow Warbler up above. I have similar goals to last year’s but with some new twists. I have no travel at all planned so most of my goals will be local. Will I be able to meet all of my goals for 2018?

2018 85

Computer-modelled Range Maps

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There are 240+ breeding birds in Serbia, but the colonial breeders and raptors were treated separately, and for a few dozen uncommon species there wasn’t enough data for computer modeling software. E.g., based on so much in-city data, the software recognized town and villages as the primary habitat for the Great Spotted Woodpecker , supposedly far commoner in urban areas (centre of the map, cover photo) than in forests.

2018 40

Birding Inner Mongolia

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Still, after I used modern software to turn the originally black-and-white photos into colored ones, some of them may still be worth looking at). (Note: this post refers to a trip I took a long time ago, in 2015.

Salon des Refusés (part 1)

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Though carefully removed with photo editing software, it is obvious that the bird in the air has been fixed by a wire. The Salon des Refusés was an art exhibition held in Paris in 1863 to show work that had been refused by the selection committee of the official Salon.

China 74

Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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Software. Today is the launch of. I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have. The goal is to provide blogospheric content that is easy to find, and from a variety of sources. On the left, you'll see this: Concepts. Project Treadstone. Responsible Policies. Rabbits. More >> Animals. Goats. Horses. Mammals. Buffalo.

Brown-headed Thrush

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In my case it is because I had only ever seen one, many years before, but had lost my details of the trip, so it never got entered when I crossed from my original wildlife-listing software to eBird.

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Pet’s Eye View Camera

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The camera will hold 40 of your dog’s masterpieces, which you can then download to your computer with the included USB cord (works on both PC and Mac with no additional software). Encourage your pet’s artistic side with a digital camera made just for pets! The Pet’s Eye View digital camera takes photos while attached to your dog’s collar. You can set the camera to take shots at intervals of 1, 5, or 15 minutes.

2011 100

Pet Photography 101 Giveaway

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The tips offer advice on how to set up shots, and even tips on using digital software for retouching, tips on storage, and many fun ideas for photos as well. We recently got a chance to check out a great new book called Pet Photography 101: Tips for taking better photos of your dog or cat ! The book offers tips and tricks for photographing your pet using the latest technologies. There is even a section for taking better photos using a cell phone camera!

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All of a quiver

10,000 Birds has been my “go to” birding software ever since Corey slapped me for getting hysterical over a Blue-winged Warbler at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston. You will have already realised that I am an eBird fan, but these superb upgrades makes it the fatball at the feeding station of birding software.

2018 43

A Slacker’s Guide to Bird Photography (Part Two)

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No doubt other digital brands come with equivalent software. Last week I humbly offered up a totally unprofessional, possibly misinformed guide to taking bird photos that aren’t completely embarrassing, and that might even make you proud on occasion.

Publish Your Own AR Book or Magazine

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But if you have something to say that you'd like the world to hear sooner rather than later, and you have an Internet connection and maybe some layout software, you don't need much money to get started creating your own books and magazines. As you may know, I'm a writer/ghostwriter/editor. That's how I've made my living for over 20 years.

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Home-cloning kit for waders.

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For the purposes of this post, I will assume a passing familiarity with the clone tool that comes with most picture editing software nowadays (however, if you are a first time cloner see the note at the bottom of the piece). I would agree with them if the picture were meant to deceive, but if the photographer openly declares that image editing software has been used and the retouching is to enhance the viewers’ enjoyment of the picture, then it is a perfectly legitimate exercise.

2011 63

Photography and Birding

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To take full advantage of the benefits of photography one must learn how to take advantage of the new camera technology, and also learn how to use the amazing power in photographic software to fully reap the benefits of the highly advance photographic sensors on the new cameras. While our binoculars and scopes have limited magnification, the use of software allows us to magnify to any extent.

2011 61

“Birds of Cyprus” field guide review

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are applied using digital tools (a computer, a graphics tablet and stylus, and software), digital painting is aggressively taking over the field guide scene.

Bird Watching Galapagos Islands

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I was told by some software savvy experts that you can download software that allow the airlines web-page to think that you are in Ecuador and therefore allow you to purchase the tickets on-line from anywhere in the world. Birdwatching and visiting the Enchanted Islands is a dream that can be materialized by many more people than one would guess.

2011 57

The Agony and Ecstasy of Surrendering to eBird

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For many years now, I’ve resisted every form of listing software available, choosing instead to maintain my world and ABA life lists on a simple Excel spreadsheet. My strategy is to let the software take care of it from now on. I blame Nate Swick. But Nate is an eBird fanatic. At the recent Swarovski Social Media Summit in Arizona, Nate proselytized passionately for the program that both manages your sightings and contributes them to science.

2012 60

Nature Blog Network: A Eulogy

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Our decrepit toplist software, which just didn’t keep up with the times, couldn’t hold up under the assault of literally thousands of spam registrations. Can you remember the world before blogs? I’m tempted to say I’ve been blogging for all of my adult life, but if you’ve seen the gray in my hair, you recognize that statement as, at best, exaggeration. And yet the nature blog feels like something we’ve always had and enjoyed. Just like Facebook.

2014 83

Evolution of the Multi-Media Bird

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” and “OK, that was great, can’t wait to hear it later” was converted into pretty normal level speech ready for conversion into a memo by speech recognition software. Clearly, we need better software. All of the sudden we have bird multi-media everywhere.

2012 58

Avian Quiz Answer – April 29, 2011

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When creating this last quiz, the software we use automatically keeps track of the number of words in the post. Life, Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. From what I read, birds are the class of Aves [feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, egg-laying and vertebrate animals]. Also, and this is pretty cool, there are extinct birds that have different characteristics [no wings, for example. Who knew?].

2011 43

Birding Argentina – Planning Stage

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Some of the basic stuff you must learn is MapSource which is the software used to add all of the waypoints and routes to the map which then can be uploaded to the Garmin GPS. Plush-crested Jay. Birding outside my home country is expensive but the current black-market for the dollar exchange rate to the Argentinean Peso help us save money.

Black-headed Gull

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philadelphia, but until such a time as my software updates, I shall continue to know them as Larus (this is a personal obstinacy and does not necessarily reflect the view of The Management ). The Black-headed Gull , Larus ridibunus, is similar in many ways to Bonaparte’s Gull , Larus philadelphia of North America. They are both small “black-headed&# gulls which take two years to reach maturity and retain their black, immature tail bar through their first winter and summer.

2011 60

The Warbler Guide: A Book Review by a Warbler-challenged Birder

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Donald Kroodsma employs them in his books about bird song; the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology promotes them and offers a link to Raven Lite , free software that allows you to visualize sound. Imagine a world without warblers. No small songbirds feeding like moving jewels in the canopy. A distinct lack of birdsong on a May morning. Warbler-neck” would become “kingbird-neck” or “gnatcatcher neck”.

2013 76

The Future of Birding Field Guides is Digital

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A complete guide would have pictures, audio, and video (something like Thayers birding software).

2011 55

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide — A Review by a Penguin Groupie

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They are software mascots, cartoon characters, animated film dancers, children’s book heroes, zoo celebrities, and documentary film stars. Last month woodpeckers, this month penguins. Some are cute, some are dignified (and royal!). None fly, most are curious and social, which probably contributes to our cultural perception of penguins as one step away from human.

Combined Beat list for 2016

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This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. It is a dream, nay, a mission statement of 10,000 Birds to see as many of the World’s birds as possible. A Strickerian task for an individual, but the combined eyes and optics of beat writers around the globe might be able to make a fair fist of it.

2016 45

Collaborative list – December 2018

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A big thank you must also go to eBird whose listing software makes it possible. So what do you want first? The numbers? The accolades? The lifers? December’s collaborative results also summarises the year’s efforts, so this is December 2018 and the rest of 2018 all rolled into one sentence.

2019 43

Combined Beats’ List – September

10,000 Birds

This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. Duncan has been in Africa, sweeping all before him like a brush fire. Through Botswana during the first week of September, then into Ethiopia with a late flourish, he has carried the list to 2191 as at September 30t h.

2016 54

Combined Beats’ list

10,000 Birds

This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. April was a good month for the list with a couple of our big–hitters weighing in to boost the numbers and The Management engaged in a beat recruitment drive in a cynical attempt to swell the catalogue. During last month, beat lists have been shared from Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Russia, UK, Canada and USA.

2016 40

Combined Beats’ List – August

10,000 Birds

This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. Big up for Corey. Our very own “Mr July” piled on the pelagics during August. In so doing, he has helped to push us through the 1900 milestone. But our pin-up for August and worthy of a double-page-spread, is Duncan who is currently sharing from South Africa.

2016 40

Combined Beats’ List – July 2016

10,000 Birds

This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. The list was in danger of diminishing during July as an input error threatened to cut the Beats’ hard-won sightings. Luckily, Redgannet managed to redeem himself with a well-placed trip to Brazil in time to see the Olympic torch stumble through Ubatuba.

2016 40

Combined Beats List – June 2016

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This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. The law of diminishing returns brings the inevitability of repeat sightings and has checked the momentum of the combined beats’ list for June. Despite recording 370 species during the month, the list total has advanced by just 45. As at June 30 th , it stands at 1796.

2016 40

Combined Beats’ List, May 2016

10,000 Birds

This is not an exhaustive list as a few of the beats do not use compatible listing software, or have reservations about revealing sightings of sensitive birds. This is an update for the combined yearlist compiled by the beat writers at 10,000Birds. The list is becoming big and cumbersome and difficult to fit onto one page. So this month, we have just noted the new sightings while we find a way to update the original without blacking out a city block.

2016 40