Journalists Arrested During Namibian Seal Hunt

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The dramatic film shows seals being killed by hunters during a hunt at the Cape Cross Reserve in Namibia and hunters armed with clubs running towards film maker Bart Smithers and Jim Wickens, from the UK's Ecostorm agency. The journalists, who were working on assignment with Dutch lobby group Bont voor Dieren were violently attacked by seal hunters before being detained by police. Tags: animal cruelty africa seal hunters seals namibia hunting

Seal Slaughter Stopped by Russia. Canada? Not So Much.

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Maybe Canada can learn something from the former KGB agent and avid hunter about compassion. The ministry said: “This is a serious step forward to protect Russia’s biological diversity. Kudos for Russian leader Vladimir Putin for stopping the slaughter of seals. This decision was made largely thanks to public environmental organisations which took an active position on this issue.”

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Wolves & Eagles No Longer Endangered in Michigan?

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Michigan's removal of the bald eagle and gray wolf from the list will be the most significant change in species protection the state has seen in years. The delisting would not open the door for hunters to kill wolves, the state's DNR notes. That's what Michigan's State Department of Natural Resources says.

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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link] Of course, the animal activists don't even really care about the health or welfare of deer herds except to protect them against the "cruel" hunter who killed Bambi's mother. The issue has surfaced again recently, as focussed hunts have been scheduled in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, with the "animal rights" zealots militating for expensive and basically ineffective birth control practices to curb overpopulation.

Push Land-Grant Universities Out of the Meat Industry

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Environmentalists recognize the meat industry as extremely ecodestructive – including fish, dairy, eggs, feed crops with their massive use of water & topsoil and toxic runoff killing rivers and oceans, and the killing of billions of free-living animals to protect farmed animals and feed crops. Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends!

The Horrors of Shark Finning

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While there are laws in place protecting endangered species of shark from shark finning, international waters are rarely regulated when it comes to the practice. Fin hunters also rarely care what type of shark they remove the fin from, threatening both endangered and at risk species with extinction. The following is a guest post about the horrors of shark finning.

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Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency charged Wildlife Services for its illegal placement of a sodium cyanide M-44 (a highly lethal booby trap) on public land, which harmed a U.S. This amount is considerably less than the number of animals taken by hunters and trappers annually. Environmental groups have called on Obama to get rid of the USDA's Dept. of Wildlife Services , which is involved in mainly predator control programs (coyotes are a big target).

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Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

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Even hunters try to justify their killing of animals with reasons, e.g., "If we don't cull the deer herd, there will be massive starvation of deer come winter, so we are doing the deer a favor by providing them a quick death (assuming accurate shooting, which one really shouldn't assume!) The point is that even hunters seem to think that they need a reason to justify killing these animals.

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