Dead Sea Lions in Puget Sound - Again

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Washington wildlife officials say eight sea lions have been found dead in the Puget Sound region in recent weeks — all apparently shot. The bodies of seven sea lions with bullet wounds were recently found on the Nisqually River. On Monday, a sea lion was found dead on West Seattle’s Lincoln Park beach. The animal protection group Seal Sitters says a necropsy showed that the sea lion had suffered a shark bite and had twisted intestines in addition to a bullet wound.

Sea Lions Shot Near Seattle

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The deaths are a violation of the Marine Mammals Act and, because it’s a protected species, the shooting death of a Steller sea lion also violates the federal Endangered Species Act. Tags: wildlife crime seattle marine animals sea lions This is in our own backyard. Total cowards. I hope they're caught because they could face a 50 thousand dollar fine.

Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

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I can’t help noticing that you’ve just posted an angry story about Cecil the Lion on your timeline. I get that you’re really angry, I mean, he was a popular lion and yes, his cute widdle cubs will probably die to, but I can’t help feeling you’ve kind of missed the point a bit, and well, ending all hunting in Africa will not solve much and maybe make things worse and… No, no, I’m not a hunter. And that lions are really cute. Hi there.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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Assuming you have a passing interest in wildlife, or at the least you know someone that does, and chances are in the last week or so you’ve become aware that some lady from America shot a lion. I’m glad she shot that lion, and I think you should shoot a lion too (Only where valid, terms and conditions apply. This Lion should not be shot, as it is a protected reserve that forbids shooting. Shooting lions is big business.

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The Lion Forest of India

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This park protects the largest remaining tract of dry deciduous forest in the west of India, offering visitors 37 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals and, not to be forgotten – almost 300 bird species. Still, for the majority of visitors, there seem to be only one species – some of the last of the 400 remaining Asiatic Lions ( Panthera leo persica ). Therefore, it is quite annoying to hear a common question from a passing Maruti Gypsy: “Have you seen the lions?” “Yes,

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4 Lions are dead: Sad and all, but does it actually matter?

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Well, Copenhagen Zoo is back in the news; a few weeks after killing a giraffe and feeding it to some lions, it went and killed some of those same lions. This morning I opened up my iPad, read the Guardian and saw that four lions were killed without reason by a zoo. Yet I managed to learn about four lions from several sources today. Losing a few non-breeding lions in zoos a great deal less. Conservation Lion vultures

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Ligers in China

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A private zoo operator in Taiwan cross-bred lions and tigers, resulting in three "liger" cubs. Cross-breeding two protected species is completely against nature. Tags: zoos taiwan tigers lion endangered species One died and the other two were seized for sheltering at a research institution. Both species are endangered and it is illegal to cross breed them. From Focus Taiwan.

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Big Cat Week, day 3

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Tonight’s program is called Lion Warriors and premieres Wednesday, December 8, at 9PM ET/PT. Kilimanjaro in Kenya, lions are attacking Maasai cattle, as they have for hundreds of years. Now the Maasai elders and chiefs are recognizing that the threat to the lions is also a threat to their way of life, and have forbidden the warriors to hunt them. Warrior Initiation” – By killing lions, Maasai warriors protect their livestock and officially become men.

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See AFRICAN CATS, Save the Savanna!

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A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to AWF through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor. The area is a passage between the Amboseli, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks that is frequently used by lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes and a host of other animals in the African savanna.

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Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of March 2011?

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By Mike • March 3, 2011 • 12 comments Tweet Share I don’t know how this month has commenced where you are, but around here March has come in like a lion with multiple personality disorder. Fish & Wildlife Service expects sea levels to rise due to global warming, swamping beaches on which Snowy Plovers currently nest, it is good news that the number of beaches proposed for protection as Snowy Plover nesting habitat has doubled.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2011)

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birding / Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2011) Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2011) By Mike • March 14, 2011 • 11 comments Tweet Share Your experience of the month so far may differ from mine, but around these parts, March roared in like a lion filled with tiger blood.

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The Gas Station Bird

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It’s under the jurisdiction of the Exotic Species Division of the Department of Environmental Protection, which is a division of US Fish and Wildlife. For instance, you can own a lion in Alabama, but not in California. Above is a gorgeous photo of a Cooper’s Hawk by Ingrid Taylar.

“African Cats” Giveaway!

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Jackson, the story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother’s strength, spirit and wisdom; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a rival lion and his sons. Win a copy of African Cats: The Story Behind the Film! See African Cats, Save the Savanna!

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Big Cat Week 2012 Starts Sunday!

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A few facts that might surprise you: · Africa’s lion population has declined by more than 90 percent in the last 50 years. But experts can’t protect them without knowing more about them. Nat Geo Wild presents the third annual Big Cat Week starting Sunday, Dec 9th. The week features shows that highlight the kings and queens of the jungle! From Cougars, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, and snow leopards and more, it’s a great time to learn more about these amazing cats!

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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For only $450,000, we could buy almost all of the habitat neded to protect Ecuador's remaining frogs. Corwin tells the story of the Maasai of Kenya, whose culture involved disdain for and slaughter of lions. Through a program of education "built on mutual respect and interest" (198), the Maasai have now become guardians and caretakers of the lions, whose numbers have increased since the program's inception.

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“Hawk” vs. Hawk

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In addition to killing birds of prey, brodifacoum has also killed coyotes, grey foxes, red foxes, kit foxes, mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, Pacific fishers, and other animals, including domestic dogs and cats. In addition to that helpful information, they include another thoughtful warning: “The use of this product for the control of protected native rodents and rodent like animals requires permission from wildlife authorities.”

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Linkwood Distillery: 15 Years Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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For starters, the official national animal is the unicorn, a fairy-tale beast chosen by Scottish royalty in the Middle Ages for its reputation as the natural enemy of the lion, the adopted mascot of English kings.

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The 100 Best Birdwatching Sites in India

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Yet, with larger protected areas things get more complicated. Together with 4 bird photos and one of the Asiatic Lion , for which Gir NP is famous, there is very little text on the park.

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Falakhe’s Story

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And the morning before the Mkuze pack of Painted Wolves, or African Wild Dogs, had been very close to one of the park’s few Lions, as far as tracking collars had told. And the two species were not inclined to get on, by which I mean that Lions will kill other large predators including Painted Wolves. A Lion had attacked the pack, and this poor pup had taken the brunt of the attack. But a Lion attack is not a snaring.

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Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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She turned, looked, and by the expression on her face I guessed she was thinking “Goodness, I’m glad that was not a lion.”. The point is, Wildcat, the very close cousin to, physically identical to a domestic kitty cat but with a kick-ass attitude, is these days as African a beast as is the Lion (which once also lived across Europe and Africa) or the Okapi (which did not). Have you ever seen the Dryfus Lion?

From Today's New York Times

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It is only the prejudice of our species that justifies culling the deer population while protecting our own. Seamus McGraw tells us he has to kill deer in his section of Pennsylvania because “with no predators to speak of—the wolves were wiped out centuries ago and the last mountain lion in the state was killed more than 70 years ago—the responsibility for trying to restore a part of that balance fell to me.” Who wiped out the wolves and mountain lions?

Everglades Long-Legged Birds Feed Their Young To Alligators, Everything is Good.

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Even though the humans could become a bother, the absence of leopards, lions, hyenas, and other super predators (which were more widely distributed in those days, ca 12,000 years ago in the Middle East, or elsewhere, depending on how and when you think dogs were domesticated ) was a good thing. This example is important because it appears that the protector species, not just the protected species, gains a benefit, the latter having been documented many times before.

Tribes and Birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

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Nearly 2,500 square miles of the wildest sections of the Omo Valley are protected in the almost contiguous Omo National Park on the river’s west bank (Ethiopia’s largest park) and Mago National Park on the east bank. These vast and rugged lands of savanna, hills, gorges and rivers still protect some of Ethiopia’s largest extant herds of typical African savanna game, including African Elephant, African Buffalo, Giraffe, Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog and numerous species of grazers.

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How I Become a Birder

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No, I took a paddle and discovered the Danube backwaters (cover photo: 1995), the very same area I am fighting to protect now, but the Government, it seems, has an interested investor… Seeing the most valuable habitats disappearing in front of our eyes, environmentalists are quite prone to depression, but that is another story.

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Common Moorhens at Hannover Zoo

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Fun detail: nicticating membrane protects the eye from damage by algea that can fight back verociously in their death struggle. The life of a wild bird at a zoo may sound like a tempting retreat from the dangers of the wilds to the comforts of civilisation, but moorhens beware: I’ve seen lions at Heidelberg zoo take out a Grey Heron that landed in their enclosure. The Common Moorhen still is in Germany what its name implies: common.

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Tanzania – Africa at its best

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This country boasts over 1,000 bird species, vast wildernesses, a superb network of protected areas, the greatest concentration of large game and predators on the planet, excellent lodges and friendly people. Vast swathes of the region are protected parks, well serviced by tourism infrastructure and lodges, in close proximity to each other and offering the very best of Africa’s wildlife-watching and birding. Tanzania is without a doubt the quintessential African safari nation.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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” They agree with George Wuerthner saying, “Nonhuman predators (wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, ravens and others) are disfavored by wildlife managers at all levels as competition for sportsmen and are treated as second-class citizens of the animal kingdom. As a consequence, “people should treat all creatures decently, and protect them from cruelty, avoidable suffering, and unnecessary killing.”

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Flight to Freedom

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Four lions, rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) from a Bolivian circus when the country banned the use of animals in circuses have a new home, and a life of luxury at the ARK 2000 sanctuary in Calaveras County. You can follow their blog, Flight to Freedom , to get updates on how the lions are doing, and to read the full story and see videos like the one below. These lions really are home for the holidays.””.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 2 of 13

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This doesn’t mean we let them run wild, for we need to protect ourselves. Suppose it were discovered that with proper training lions and tigers could live on zebra-flavored soy products. Should vegetarians promote a society that trains lions and tigers to eat such meat substitutes? This training would involve interfering with the freedom of lions and tigers, with the ecological balance, and so on.

Birding and Safari-ing South Africa with the ABA

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The Safari was focused on two locations: (1) Capetown, home of African Penguins at Boulders and Betty’s Bay and Ostriches at the Cape of Good Hope and Greater and Lesser Flamingos at West Coast National Park, and sunbirds and sugarbirds, (2) Kruger National Park, where we birders went gaga over Lions and Leopards and Giraffes, hornbills and storks, a blue lizard, and even, for a few lucky groups, a Secretarybird. (I I wanted Penguins. And Sunbirds.

Should is not a Solution

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And embattled minority should be protected. People that are interested in conservation are all about the should – conservation’s raison d’être is the people perceiving that we should protect species and ecosystems, we should not allow them to be lost to extinction. It’s a powerful motivator that has attracted millions of people from all around the world to devote time and money to protect these resources.

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The Geladas of Ethiopia

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They have also been known as Lion Baboons and Bleeding-heart Baboons, due respectively to the males’ lion-like cape and tail, and the bare patch of red skin on both sex’s chests. In parts of the Simien Mountains of northern Ethiopia, from which I have just returned, Geladas have been protected from persecution for some time.

A morning in a Kalahari Leopard’s life

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You can notice in the above images how the Leopard uses her eye-lids as hoods to protect her sensitive eyes from the bright sun as she sprinted towards us. People are often surprised that large predators kills smaller species but its actually a common phenomenon and I have previously seen a Leopard carrying a dead African Wild Cat at Punda Maria in Kruger National Park and Lions killing a Black-backed Jackal in Namibia’s Etosha National Park.

Where to See Kiwi (and other birds) During the Rugby World Cup

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Sadly the great gannet colonies during the July to October period to protect the birds, but if you head up to Boundary Stream you’ll find a good mix of lowland and mountain forest where active management is keeping forest birds going. At sea there are also New Zealand Sea Lions and Southern Right Whales. A National Park protects the forest on this mountain, which is visible from many other parts of the country.

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Snow Leopard hunt by Adam Riley (INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours)

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This is the genus of the typical large cats including Lion, Leopard, Jaguar and Tiger. The Snow Leopards’ thick pelts have long been highly sought-after artifacts by the people who share its Central Asian range, providing amazing insulation in the cold, but another reason their pelts are so thick must be to protect the leopard when it takes rough tumbles across its rugged, rocky environment. All text and photographs are by the author and protected by copyright.

Africa’s endangered species

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An adult (left) and subadult (right) White-backed Vulture with full crops after feeding on the remains of a Lion kill, Ndutu, Tanzania by Adam Riley. This is despite the fact that the Northern Bald Ibis was one of the earliest officially protected species, thanks to a decree by Archbishop Leonhard of Salzburg in 1504. This colony outlived dozens of others as it was protected by the local religious belief that the ibises migrated each year to guide Hajj pilgrims to Mecca.

The Storks of Africa

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Marabous have also learnt another trick, and that is to follow vultures and scavenge off the remains of Lion and other large predator kills. Sometimes they have to protect their catches from piratic African Fish Eagles who swoop down as soon as they that see a Saddle-bill has successfully caught a fish. Africa has more than its fair share of storks, with 8 of the world’s 19 species gracing the continent.

Pipits and the Sweet Smell of Seaweed

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Or These Blasts From The Past Reason To Become A Bird Watcher #13: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Fish & Wildlife Service expects sea levels to rise due to global warming, swamping beaches on which Snowy Plovers currently nest, it is good news that the number of beaches proposed for protection as Snowy Plover nesting habitat has doubled.

2011 54

Polygynandry and avian swingers

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Nice. ((** all names have been changed to protect identities and have been substituted with (almost) randomly chosen substitutes suitable for a family of Alpine Accentors.))

2011 70

This Week in Bird News: Win (Gunnison Sage Grouse), Lose (Bird Flu), or Draw (European Blackbirds)

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Finally some good-ish news for the Gunnison Sage Grouse : The boomers of the Rocky Mountain states have finally been granted “threatened species” protection. The United Nations released its new list of protected species as well, adding the Great Bustard along with the Polar Bear and other species. Better luck next time, African Lion.). Also getting an early holiday gift, in the form of thousands of acres of protected Texas habitat : the Aplomado Falcon and Ocelot.

Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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Lacey of Iowa introduced the nation’s first wildlife-protection law, which banned the interstate shipping of unlawfully killed game. That year Congress passed the Lacey Act, followed by the tougher Weeks-McLean Act in 1913 and, five years later, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which protected not just birds but also their eggs, nests, and feathers 1. References: 1 Why the Passenger Pigeon Went Extinct , 2 Trump Wildlife Protection Board Stuffed with Trophy Hunters.

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We Cannot Allow This Administration’s Environmental Policies To Stand

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Not only is the Trump administration going about removing our hard fought environmental protections, they are destroying our reputation around the globe. With the administration’s plans to remove many regulations put in place to protect our environment, what can we expect in our future? Trying to get protections for the Sage Grouse before their time runs out.

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My First West Coast Pelagic Trip

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I’ve been on a whale-watching trip in Orange County , twice gone out to Santa Cruz Island , and even visited Protection Island off the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Pacific White-sided Dolphins , 120 or so Humpback Whales , Northern Right Whale Dolphins , Blue Whales , Fin Whales , and Harbor Porpoises were all spotted to say nothing of Stellar’s Sea Lions , California Sea Lions , and a Northern Elephant Seal.

2016 42