82-foot-long “Rescue Rig” on Way to Missouri

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Following the devastating tornado that ravaged Joplin, Missouri, American Humane Association has mobilized its famed Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team to help the animal victims there. American Humane Association is deploying in Joplin in partnership with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) at the request of the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency. Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association.

Humane Society Exposes Petland Practices

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The Humane Society has another great investigation into the shady practices of a corporate giant. Not so, says the Humane Society. This news story slipped by in November. This time it's Petland, who I'm glad to say has no stores in my area (that I know of.) It has about 140 stores nationwide that sell puppies that supposedly come from "good" breeders (are any breeders good? but that's another post.) Among the investigation findings.

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Like American Dog Rescue, Help Pets!

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American Dog Rescue has a generous donor who is willing to give $1 to Missouri animal tornado victims for every Facebook fan up to $10,000. Will you help them reach their goal of 10,000 Facebook fans? Upon reaching this goal, Arthur E.

On Ducks and Geese

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Reading Deb's post about the goslings at Poplar and getting Jenny 's request to sign a petition to save the Canada geese of Ballwin, Missouri from mass extermination reminded me how much I miss the wildlife at the neighborhood we lived in from 2002-early 2005. This is Girlie Girl.

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Weekend Adopt-a-thon for Joplin Tornado Pets

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ASPCA , Joplin Humane Society to Host Weekend Adopt-a-thon for Joplin Tornado Pets. WHAT : The Joplin Humane Society and the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) are hosting a major adoption event on June 25 and 26 for nearly 600 animals who need permanent homes after being displaced by the May 22 tornado that tore through Joplin. WHERE : Emergency Animal Shelter located next to the Joplin Humane Society (140 E.

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Going Green is Always in Fashion

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Yesterday’s News brand cat litter is manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company which promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. Louis, Missouri, where Ralston Purina was founded more than a century ago.

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From Today's New York Times

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20): Blake Hurst, a former hog farmer and president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, cautions that “we can’t ask the pigs what they think.” That system may treat sentient animals like car parts, ruin antibiotics we need for human medicine, and destroy rural communities by polluting our air and water, but at least it’s “efficient” (a word Mr. Hurst hammers three times). To the Editor: Re “ Don’t Presume to Know a Pig’s Mind ” (Op-Ed, Feb.