June, 2022

Critically Endangered Birds in Costa Rica- How to See Them, How to Help Them

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Sadly, horribly, we live in an era of mass extinction. Go for a walk in a local park in near the capital of the USA and the statement seems far-fetched, absurd even. Most of the usual birds seem present, a frog or two call from a small wetland, and a few other expected animals are there too.

Not enough Woodpeckers

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It is hard to imagine any birder not liking woodpeckers – they are the “motherhood and apple pie” of the avian world. So, writing a post about them is easy.

This is my dream – this is my nightmare

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Located in the Kutch District of Gujarat, the Naliya Grassland is the smallest reserve of India, covering only 2 square kilometers (yes – 0.77

Rarely Seen Costa Rica Birds That Aren’t Rare

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A birding trip is more than arriving to your destination and watching birds. It’s also getting ready for the trip and in a sense, once you buy that plane ticket, when you begin with serious planning, you are on your way!

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Different, but the Same

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An eternity ago, when our now-adult children were young enough to watch Sesame Street, that show used to have segments about diversity with the phrase “We’re different, but the same. The same, but different.”

The Wryneck: Biology, Behaviour, Conservation and Symbolism of Jynx torquilla: A Book Review

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The Eurasian Wryneck is the woodpecker that doesn’t look like a woodpecker, the bird with the portmanteau name that is also a medical condition (and which may remind some people of a Nora Ephron essay).

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My Do-over

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Anytime I travel, I do what it takes to get in some birding. After all, the best way to find new birds is to look in new places. However, I rarely get to travel with family or friends who share my obsession. So I need to find a way to indulge myself without inconveniencing others too much.

Birding the Kruger Park (1): Skukuza area

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Skukuza is the largest camp and the administrative center of Kruger Park. Inside the camps, you are allowed to walk around freely – outside, this privilege is reserved for the animals. There are quite a few raptor species around Skukuza.

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Amber Ale

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One of the remarkable aspects of today’s craft beer market is that there’s such variety and abundance of breweries out there and yet still so much sameness in their offerings. Go ahead and pick a random can or bottle off the shelf of your local beer shop.

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Honestly, How Much Could It Rain?

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Any California-raised person knows that it just doesn’t rain in California in June. San Francisco averages two-tenths of an inch for the month, while San Jose only averages half that much. I was raised in between the two cities, and visited that area earlier this month.

Summer Days

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Birding Hongbenghe, Yunnan

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Hongbenghe is a very small village in Yunnan, right next to the border with Myanmar. One road simply ends here, giving the place a real end-of-the-world feeling.

The Warbler Brewery – Skylight Double India Pale Ale

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Times flies. So do birds. Well, most birds do. Penguins don’t. I had a nice double IPA with a penguin on it to review last month in time for my local bird club’s annual big day – a long, grueling event that always leaves me thirsty for a strong, refreshing beer when it’s over.

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Pallid Cuckoos and Processionary Caterpillars

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For a few weeks now there have been an increasing number of Processionary Caterpillars around Broome. The length of the procession can be incredibly long and I have counted over seventy caterpillars in some of the processions.

Back in the U.S.A.

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I may have mentioned in previous posts that I have recently had a to-the-death struggle with the Mexican banking system. This has made me wonder if there is such a thing as banking PTSD, and has certainly contributed to my being consistently late at getting my 10,000 Bird posts out.

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Revenge Birding (Shanghai, early June 2022)

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With the lockdown lasting until the end of May (ironically thus pretty much including the whole spring migration – the divine sense of humor is a rather malign one, I am afraid), June still had the freedom of birding anywhere in Shanghai, not just inside a smallish compound.

Young Thrushes

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Admittedly this has never crossed my mind as being remotely interesting, young birds are generally awkward things, not yet fitting into the sleek and streamlined expectation of the dictionary definition of “bird” Furthermore, thrushes are often underappreciated creatures on their own.

Birding Shanghai in May 2022

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The lockdown continued throughout May, making this another rather unexciting post. Well, I had to go through the lockdown while you do not have to read this post. Fortunately, the lockdown was lifted on June 1st.

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Another update from the Hakea macrocarpa

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I have continued to enjoy all of the birds that have been coming to feed on the Hakea macrocarpa in Cygnet Park this week. Last week I introduced you to all of the honeyeaters that had been feasting on the nectar.

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Foggy Winter’s morning birding in Broome

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Last week I mentioned the sudden requirement to wear an extra layer and socks in Broome first thing in the morning. Over the last week we had a foggy morning, which was still cold, but also damp. All of the birds looked quite wet and miserable including the Rainbow Bee-eaters above.

Winter’s morning birding in Broome

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In Broome we do not have much difference with our maximum temperatures throughout the year. Generally our maximum temperature is around 32c for the most part of the year, but in Winter the overnight temperature is much lower than in the Summer.

The Secrets of my Success

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All right, I’ll admit it. I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. I came back from a Monday birding trip and told my wife, prior to reviewing my photos, that I saw a bird that was either 1) interesting, or 2) historic.

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Bird Litigation:  Guilty Plea Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act

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A wind energy company recently pleaded guilty to multiple violations of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and agreed to pay approximately $8 million in fees and restitution. For the next five years, it must also implement an Eagle Management Plan.

May Flowers

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15 Australian Birds (Episode 2)

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Some more photos of Australian birds mixed with irrelevant facts and mediocre half-jokes, as a way to pass away the time while being under lockdown in Shanghai (note: it is over now but this post was written during the lockdown).

Bradt travel guide to Sri Lanka by Philip Briggs – review

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Sri Lanka is a ‘must visit country’ for any keen birder. It is slightly larger than Costa Rica, and in the most strategic places it has a well-developed infrastructure. In addition, it has over 450 bird species and more than 30 in-country endemics, of which it is possible to see every single species!