Another Critical Article Directed at CITES

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This article is by the President of the Blue Frontier Campaign. I forwarded an article about this to my book club members. The CITES irresponsible treatment of marine animals made it to Huffington Post too. I'm glad others share my disgust with CITES and the UN. Hopefully, regular citizens will read this and not just other activists. (I Knowing them, I bet they were hoping for fish and chips instead!).

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Orca Whale Article Appears in Salon

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Informative article with one expert saying captivity can drive orcas insane. I'm not surprised. They are used to miles and miles of ocean. The argument that they have "plenty of room" has been made about elephants too. In fact, the animal research supporter in my book club said that very same thing. (By By the way, she works for a company that does clinical testing for drug companies. Animals are commodities for her. So why should I be surprised at her elephant comment?).

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Trending Sources Article on the Morals of Eating Meat

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Gene Bauer from Farm Sanctuary appears in this article. Pretty intense, but I hope people read it. There is a disturbing hedonism to eating. I went to a restaurant for a work lunch and everyone ate meat but me, even the animal lovers. We just don't think about where that flesh came from.and most of us don't care. meat farm animal welfare factory farm farm sanctuary

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Japanese Article on Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

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A surprisingly uncritical look at Paul Watson by a Japanese writer for the Japan Times.

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H1N1 and Your Pets

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Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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A recent article out of the Victoria Advocate sums up this issue nicely, I think: Pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog. I get frustrated when people suggest that all Pit bulls are a danger to society.

Let’s Catch Up!

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This article about the treatment of aging horses that have been used for racing is a great read. There have been SO many things I’ve wanted to write about lately, but I’ve let summer get the best of me and been a bad little blogger.

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House Cats and Big Cats Differ in Size, But That’s About It

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Written by Suzanne Redfearn for Nat Geo WILD and USA Today Article originally appeared in a special edition of USA Today for Nat Geo WILD Did you know that there are very few differences between your house cat and endangered … Continue reading →

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Humane Society and Changes in DC

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Here is a good article on the HSUS

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Buenos Aires Zoo Not Doing Well

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Unexpected article on the aging zoo in Buenos Aires. Sounds like it needs some dire help. argentina zoo buenos aires

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Asian Demand for Ivory Pushing Elephants to Extinction

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Very upsetting article. Be warned.

Animal Rights Lawyers Continue to Emerge

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Interesting article in the Gazette, a Canadian publication.

Tiger Farms in China

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The BBC has an article about the spreading practice of "farming" tigers.

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Animal Welfare Concerns May Be Influencing UK Animal Research

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This article in the Herald Tribune claims that animal rights is winning out over animal research. I would take the article with a grain of salt. It depends on who's writing the article of course.I I've read the same on the other side. think it's still a long, long fight. But perhaps these are positive signs. In a very depressing fight, every sign is worth something. UK laboratories animal rights medical research

More Info on Humane Society University

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I came across this article in Inside Higher Ed.

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Winter Pet Care Tips

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Click the photo above to read the full article. Winter is just around the corner, and you can help prepare your pets with these winter pet care tips. The post Winter Pet Care Tips appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats dogs pet care The Neighborhood

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Tortoise Smuggling on the Rise

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I admit I stole the title of this post straight from the article.

Smithsonian Magazine Spotlights Wildlife Trafficking

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HUGE article in the Smithsonian Magazine about wildlife trafficking out of Ecuador.

How we celebrate Halloween

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See the full article here. Halloween is this week, and we are sharing how we celebrate over on the PetCo community blog! Come read the ways we include Baby the Maltese in our Halloween celebrations , and maybe find some fun ways to include your pets in the fun too!

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10 Compelling Reasons to Add a Shelter Dog to Your Life

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Here is an article full of wonderful reasons to get your next furry friend from a shelter. It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! 10 Compelling Reasons to Add a Shelter Dog to Your Life. events rescues

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California Exotic Animal Laws Criticized by Some

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Here's an interesting article. Ohio's governor just signed an executive order modeled on California's exotic animal laws, actually spurring criticism of the effectiveness of those laws. exotic animals ohio california legislation

Is Meat Now "Pink Slime?"

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If you eat meat, read this article from the Huffington Post. We actually watched a report about this on Stephen Colbert's show of all places. It was nauseating and I don't even eat meat. Blech. meat agriculture agribusiness

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Forget About Equal, How About Alive

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The article, by the way, touts the technological advancement that allows the sperm of dairy bulls to be "sexed," thereby allowing dairy farmers to choose to "produce" more females, who are more valuable to them. You may have seen "Dog," posted by Stephanie. If not, here it is.

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Sydney Morning Herald Spotlights Mountain Gorillas

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Good long article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the mountain gorillas in Virunga.

UK Animal Rights Activists Profiled

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Here is n article in the Guardian about several activists involved in SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty

Fighting Illegal Wildlife Trade Requires More Funding

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According to this article, the current funds are not sufficient for the work involved. Not surprising.

On The Goode Family and Infiltration

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Related articles by Zemanta Doctors endorse vegan and vegetarian diets for healthy pregnancies ( Image via Wikipedia I found The Goode Family disappointing on the vegan side. Yeah, lots of mockery, but I didn't laugh.

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Stupid Bull Tradition Catches Someone By Surprise

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Full article in the Mirror. The title says it all."Bull Bull rampaging in Mexican streets gores man right in the crotch." Maybe they should BAN this practice. mexico Stupid bulls bullfighting

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What Friends are For

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How ridiculous is it that " On the Psychological Continuum ," to say nothing of an article against rabbit fur, is on the same page as Gabriella's Fur Den? So this was in my e-mail box this morning. Now what?

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More Bad Press for BP

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In this article, they admit they underestimated the scope of the oil slick. This article talks about how BP skipped some testing of cement linings hours before the explosion occured. These cement linings were basically the well's seal. How did this decision contribute to the disaster?

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Ted Kennedy and Animal Welfare

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Interesting article on Senator Edward Kennedy that highlights his little-known contributions to animal welfare. It's from the Humane Society.

On the Eating of Seafood

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Related articles by Zemanta Call for 20-year fishing ban in a third of oceans ( "We are fighting a war against fish, and we are. winning." The End of the Line opens (limited release) next week.

UK Science Minister Says Public More Accepting of Animal Testing

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Discouraging article. According to this interview, he credits animal rights extremists for fueling the public backlash against animal protection.

Lots of Deaths in Animal Research Facilities

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Even I didn't realize how bad it was until I read this article from the Associated Press. This article lists some of the universities and private corporations with violations. The spotlight is on Charles River Laboratories.

On "Discarded" Greyhounds

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On Why I Pick on The Left. and Cookies

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I also liked Best's article because, though we all may have read Bekoff (and I'll write about Wild Justice soon!) Sometimes I get comments that make me realize I wasn't clear about a fundamental point, or I assume everyone remembers other posts or has even been to Animal Person before.

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On Flow and Water

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Related articles by Zemanta A Solution For Bottled Water (

More Bad News for Birds in the Gulf

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Here's an article exploring whether it's pointless to try to rescue oiled bird in the Gulf. This article states that most of the oiled birds probably won't even show up before they eventually die, so we'll never know how many have actually been killed.

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"How I Learned to Dislike Henry Alford"

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Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article that had what is perhaps the most offensive couple of sentences I've read in a long time. The article is called " How I Learned to Love Goat Meat " (thanks, Bea), and its author Henry Alford, as you might imagine, discovers the wonders of goat flesh consumption and tells us all about his journey.

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Newsweek Editor Goes Vegan

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Chime in, and because this article is in the magazine issue dated March 23, write a letter to Did you see that Newsweek editor David Noonan went vegan (see " I Can't Believe I'm Still a Vegan ")? He clearly needs a bit of encouragement as he finds it "sort of a pain in the ass. And kind of boring, too." But congratulations to Noonan for doing it and writing about it and sticking with it!

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On Deep Vegan Outreach and Dr. Ray Greek

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But as far as the article goes, I particularly like: "a radical new vision is needed to rescue the importance of the vegan message for global crisis and situate it in its full social and ecological context.". This week I asked "Is this 'War'?" over at Animal Rights and AntiOppression and I welcome comments (and will respond to the current ones shortly).

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Happy Easter!

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If you are thinking of adopting a bunny, please read this article about bunnies at Easter for great tips from Best Friends. We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday weekend. This is one of our all time favorite bunny videos. The bunny has a serious case of zoomies!

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On Taxes, Veganism and "Pets"

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I remember the first time I read an article by a prominent vegan--maybe it was David Cantor ?--who Because I'm a highly-social, party-loving gal who loves to get gussied up and enjoy an all-nighter on New Year's Eve, I. did my taxes yesterday. And by "did my taxes," I mean I went through all of my income and expenses and created a spreadsheet for my accountant (I don't know enough to do my own taxes!).

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