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I especially appreciate the work they do on those horrific bear bile farms that are really just a form of torture for the animal. Implementation is through a dynamic three-pronged approach: Investigation: Using the latest veterinary techniques, animal care and conservation science, our network of field officers target countries in Asia, identifying local needs and finding solutions for the animals. Tags: bears bile farming asia I recently wrote my first check to Animals Asia.

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We loved seeing penguins, whales, polar bears, and wolves. Science at the Ends of the Earth – An examination of the remarkable scientific work being performed at the South Pole.

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To the Editor: Re “ Bearing Up ” (Op-Ed, Jan. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the scientific literature is very clear that polar bear survival is highly threatened in the wild. Because polar bears are at the top of the marine food chain, their bodies accumulate persistent organic pollutants that disrupt their reproductive systems. We must recognize the shortsighted nature of Governor Palin’s appeal not to list the polar bear as endangered.

Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

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Having misled us for so long about animals, science is initiating a revolution in our understanding. Mockingbirds bear a grudge against particular people ( Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. It's over-the-top, for me, and I often resent the time I must spend working through the ranting.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: It is deeply troubling that a legally mandated and urgently needed decision to protect polar bears under the Endangered Species Act has been delayed by one agency of the Interior Department even as another agency rushes ahead with plans to sell oil and gas leases across a huge expanse of critical polar bear habitat in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea (“ Regulatory Games and the Polar Bear ,” editorial, Jan.

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Here are three paragraphs from a recent essay by Roger Scruton : As I suggested, science provides authority for this weird morality only when clothed in moral doctrine. By disguising anthropomorphic (in other words, pre-scientific) ways of thinking as science, Wise rediscovers the enchanted world of childhood, in which animals live as Beatrix Potter describes them, in an Eden where “every prospect pleases, and only man is vile.”

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