Funny video: Yoga and pets

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We all know that our pets love to have all of our attention. This video proves it, while the people are trying to get a yoga workout, the pets are trying to get the attention! They sure are some funny … Continue reading → The post Funny video: Yoga and pets appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cute animals cute video

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DIY pet toys for dogs and cats.

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We love this video from Best Friends showing how to make simple and fun pet toys. We’d love to see your pets having fun. The post DIY pet toys for dogs and cats. cats cute video DIY for pets dogs Give them a try, and let us know if you do too! appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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KARE video

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This is a small video that was made to help prevent the irresponsible actions of pet owners. This was made for KARE , an animal rescue center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It’s message is universal though, and hopefully people will remember that we are responsible for the animals in our lives.

SoulPancake: Pet Teachers

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Pet owners know that their pets often teach them unexpected (and wonderful) lessons. Below you will find a cute clip showcasing what people have learned from their pets. SoulPancake: Pet Teachers. So SoulPancake headed to a park and asked people to share what they’ve learned from their pets. What lessons have you learned from your pets? cute video pet stories tv

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How hot is too hot for pets?

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With Boynton Beach (FL) Police Department’s video saving a dog from heat stroke in a hot car has gone viral (click here to watch), Petplan pet insurance wants to remind pet owners that the heat takes its toll on our … Continue reading → cats dogs guest post pet care

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Pets do the funniest things!

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One of the many reasons why we appreciate out pets is because they always keep us laughing. From the adorable sounds our bird makes when she is happy, to watching our dog do “zoomies” around the couch again and again, and many other funny things in between, our pets have always had a way of brightening our days. What would our lives be like without our beloved pets to keep us laughing? Also, National Get a PAL for Your Pet Day is November 19th!

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Pets Add Life; Guinea Pig Interview

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” he asks, but more importantly he will let you know the real reason why being an only pet isn’t much fun! You can see more pet interviews on the PAL YouTube channel. We would love for you to join, you can pledge to help pets three different ways; adopting your next pet, volunteering at a shelter, or even just taking a photo of a pet in need of a good home and sharing it online. Will you take a pledge to help pets?

Pets Add Life; Baby’s Story

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If you doubt that pets add life, then you have never met our Maltese Baby. I can’t imagine a life without pets, it would feel so lonely. We are so happy to help Pets Add Life share this message, and hope that you will visit the Pets Add Life Facebook page and give them a like. Oh, and if you want to watch something funny be sure to check out their video, Pet Interviews- Guinea Pig. I would love to know, how do pets add to your life?

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PurinaOne is Helping Shelter Pets

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Between now and December 10th, Purina is donating one dollar for each time a video is viewed on their YouTube channel! They will donate up to $300,000 to help homeless pets this season, so please visit and watch a video about their new pet food, beyOnd. If you want to help shelter pets with just a click of the mouse, be sure to visit their page and watch a video!

PawNosh, beautiful pet bowls just waiting to be made.

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PawNosh pet bowls are made from recycled glass, and not only do they look amazing, they are tough too! The bowl carries a lifetime warranty against breakage (something pet owners can appreciate). Here is a video all about the PawNosh pet bowls: They have many different backer levels, and are in the final stages of fundraising to make the bowls a reality. This is why PawNosh bowls are more expensive than other pet bowls currently available for sale.

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The Shelter Pet Project

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The Shelter Pet Project is a wonderful public service campaign from The Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council! The project goal is to help the many great pets waiting in shelters. The campaign motto is “a person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet”! Ways you can help spread the word: Like the Shelter Pet Project on Facebook [link]. Watch and share The Shelter Pet Project videos on YouTube [link].

Cute of the Day: Head Tilts

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cute of the day cute video our pets

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Million Pound Pledge For Pets

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Did you know that one out of every two pets are overweight? She has now teamed up with Hill’s Science Diet to launch the Million Pound Pledge – a national call-to-action for pet owners to help their cats and dogs lose weight and get back on track to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. You can also participate in the live chat she is having today (live on Thursday, January 26 from 1-2PM EST): Live video for mobile from Ustream.

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Pet Day at NY Auto Show

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This video from GM is full of adorable dogs, and was created when The New York International Auto Show invited pet owners to bring their furry friends to the show to celebrate National Pet Day! It has great tips for traveling with your dog in the car. To see more cute photos visit Faces of GM. Keep your furry friend safe

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Five Famous First Pets

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So in celebration, here is a fun list of Five Famous First Pets. First Pet, 1963): John F. Kennedy’s family owned many pets, including a horse, which was a present to 5 year-old Caroline Kennedy. Watch this video of Caroline riding Macaroni. First Pet, 1789-1791): In addition to horses and hound dogs, George Washington owned a parrot. Dogs are the most popular presidential pet. Kennedy and Calvin Coolidge owned the most pets.

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Fabulous Pet Names

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The Limited recently launched Fabulous Pet Names , a social media campaign to promote its new pet clothing line. The Limited wants to hear the fun and quirky stories behind how you came up with your pet’s name. Participating is easy: submit a photo of your pet and tell how you came up with your pet’s name. Fabulous Pet Names originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on November 21, 2009.

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Pet Paradise Resort to donate ALL pet hair clippings

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Did you know that pet hair clippings (and human hair too) can be used to help clean up oil? Read on to learn what Pet Paradise is going to do to help with the massive oil spill. Pet Paradise Resort to donate ALL pet hair clippings from 13 resorts to help with oil spill effort in the Gulf of Mexico. Pet Paradise will be working with Matter of Trust, who creates the hair booms to soak up the oil. About Pet Paradise.

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Baby loves her Cesar Softies!

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Do your pets get excited for treats? cute video for pets our petsI just had to share, because it’s cute, and it’s totally Baby. She loves her treats from Cesar, they are called Cesar Softies Grilled Chicken Flavor. Other than carrots and broccoli, this little girl doesn’t get excited for treats, except the Softies. We really didn’t teach her to spin around like that, she just does it all on her own, and it’s pretty adorable.

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Happy Birthday Baby!

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To celebrate, we wanted to share a video that highlights some of her very favorite things through the years! cute video dogs our petsOur sweet Maltese is 9 years old today! She has brought so much fun and laughter into our lives, and despite having many health problems, she has always remained sweet. We love you little fluff… here’s to another 9 years!

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Can Puppies Fix Boredom? #PowerofPuppies

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SoulPancake has teamed with Puppy Chow to release their new #PowerofPuppies video and help raise pet food donations for shelter dogs in need. For each video view, Purina will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank (up … Continue reading → The post Can Puppies Fix Boredom? cute animals cute of the day cute video people helping animals

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5 Quick Tips For Taking Your Pet To Work

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They will help you get ready to celebrate “Take your pet to work day” on June 22nd! cats cute video dogs holidays pet careWe love these great tips from PetPlan.

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Give the gift of play!

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Baby loves interactive toys, and this adorable Martha Stewart Pets Christmas bag is her new favorite. cute video dogs gifts for pet lovers reviewsThe bag comes with a gift and a moose inside, and is crinkly too! Baby loves sticking her head inside to find a toy to pull out. The toy is a great way to stimulate your pups mind while they are having fun. A perfect gift for the dog in your life! You can find them in store, and they are even on sale!

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Dog Wants a Kitty

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Founded by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the PAL campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership and encourage increased animal adoption. cute video dogs people helping animals For more information visit PAL online at or [link].

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Simplify your cleaning routine with Neato Robot Vacuums #NeatoBestPetVacuum

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Everyone who loves a pet knows that they aren’t always tidy. Let’s face it, pet hair and other pet messes means more cleaning. Of course we wouldn’t trade our pets for anything in the world, which is why I am excited to share the Neato Robot Vacuum with you today! Not only does is it the best for pets, it has so many other features, I can’t wait to try it for myself some day (just read the rave review Daily Tekk gave it)!

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Born To Play!

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Beneful brand dog food is launching a video series featuring some fun-loving dogs that spread random acts of play in the most unexpected places. Now, go PLAY with your pup (or kitty, or whatever adorable pet you have)! cute animals cute of the day cute video dogsAs you can see, there’s a lot of cuteness involved!

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Feeling stressed? Try a little #KittenTherapy!

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This video is sure to make your day! The video is full of squee-worthy moments, urban art installation inspiration, and the feel-good vibes that SoulPancake has become known for. free pet adoptions to helping cat lovers find the litter solution that works for their home. cats cute animals cute video just for fun What happens when you take some stressed out humans and offer them a bit of relaxing therapy? A surprise that is full of adorableness, that’s what!

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Cat Bordem

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The most moving piece is a video public service announcement depicting many bored cats that haven’t yet discovered the solution. The playful video features a well-known actor and comedian. Additional tools for the fight are available at , including videos, games and surprise giveaways exclusively for Friskies’ Facebook fans. cute video for petsCat Boredom: it’s not a disease; it’s way more boring than that.

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Best Welcome Home Ever

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The warm welcome a pet provides to his/her owner when they come home is one that cannot be beat! launched the “Best Welcome Home Ever,” public service campaign intended to increase pet adoptions that will showcase all the silly, crazy and hilarious ways that pets greet their owners, and you can be a part of it! Send in your best pet welcome home and it might be featured on the site, or even on future PSA ads on television! cute video dogs

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PlexiDor Dog Doors: A “New Breed” of Dog Doors!

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I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and Plexidor. And of course, we like our pet products to look great too, and Plexidor certainly does. With the locking feature, you can control when your pet uses the door, and you can also keep neighborhood pets (and pests) from coming in. And of course, it’s always fun to see the door in action, especially when it’s in an adorable video like this one!

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Dancing Party Animals

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I tried to catch it on video: They come with the audio cable so you can get started right away! gifts for pet lovers just for fun Pet Tech reviews Dancing Party Animals are cute dancing animals (with a speaker) that connect to your favorite music playing device! Plug in your music, and watch them start to move and groove. They will dance until the music stops. They have a lot of fun animals to choose from. We were sent a dancing cat and a dancing dog.

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Do you dress up your pet for Halloween?

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Best Friends was curious about people dressing up their pets for Halloween, so they did a survey. More than 6,000 people responded, and the results are now in a fun video: We love a cute costumed pet, especially if your … Continue reading → The post Do you dress up your pet for Halloween? cats cute animals cute video dogs holidays just for fun

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Dog-sized Baked Frittatas

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Enjoy this video from Alan Ahtow, one of Hairy Putter’s uprights. DIY for petsIf you haven’t cooked for your dog, this might be a great place to start! Not only can you create a special, and healthy, treat for your favorite dog, but the great part is you can share it together! He will show you exactly how to make the baked frittatas (great for those who haven’t done so before).

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Fiona’s Amazing Rescue Story

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This is a beautiful video about a dog named Fiona. people helping animals pet stories rescuesShe was blind, living in a pile of trash. Be sure to watch to the end for the surprise happy ending. And please visit and support Hope For Paws to help more animals like Fiona get their second chances.

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Happy Campaign for Throw Aways

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Megan Blake and her dog have taken the Flash Mob idea to new heights, using it to spread the word for pet adoption! We love that she did this, and if you would like to know more about her and the work she is doing you can visit her Megan Hearts Pets website or her YouTube channel where you can see all of the videos. cute video people helping animals

Happy Bunnies!

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We love to see pets that are happy and healthy! They actually have complex welfare needs which need to be met so pet rabbits live happy and healthy lives. This year also marks the first time the RSPCA has been an official partner of Rabbit Awareness Week run by Burgess Pet Care. The national event happened this May and offered free health checks and education events to help owners get a more detailed understanding of what their pet needs. cute animals cute video


Oh those dramatic animals!

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Two funny videos to make you giggle! Is your pet dramatic? Tags: animal funnies cute video First up, the original “Dramatic Chipmunk&#. Second, the Geico Gecko’s take, a “Dramatic Gecko&#. Oh those dramatic animals! originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on November 4, 2009.

“Elsa’s Lullaby”

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The song is an endearing depiction of the relationship between pet and owner, and a testament to the triumphant spirit of rescue animals everywhere. cute videoNEeMA wrote the song “Elsa’s Lullaby&# about her dog Elsa, a former stray she took in from the cold streets of Northern Canada.

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Hill’s Ideal Balance: Behind the Scenes

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. We have been feeding our dogs Hill’s dog food for as long as I can remember, and now that Hill’s Pet Nutrition is offering a natural pet food recipe, we can’t help but be excited! The natural ingredients in Ideal Balance provide perfectly balanced nutrition for your pet. Also, Hill’s Ideal Balance pet food has no corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. cats dogs pet care

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A video on the importance of pet insurance

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Sheila Stewart from the Capricorn Animal Rescue centre speaks with money supermarket’s Felicity Hannah on the importance of pet insurance. Pet insurance video from As is quite apparent from the video, whether you have a dog, cat, horse or rabbit they quickly become a big part of the family regardless of their size. Looking after your pet when they get sick or injured can become a huge financial burden.

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ASPCA Joplin Adopt a Thon

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The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and Joplin Humane Society successfully found permanent homes for 745 pets during its weekend adopt-a-thon event on June 25 and 26. Just watch the video above to get an idea of what a great event this really was! It makes me so happy to know that so many pet lovers wanted to help find these animals homes! cute video news people helping animals rescuesSuch happy news from Joplin!


Thunderstorm Season

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Here is a great video from about how to help calm your pet in frightening situations. Tags: pet care webvideos We have been having thunderstorms already, and luckily our dog doesn’t mind them at all. However, there are many dogs that do. Thunderstorm Season originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on June 9, 2010.

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Dog rescued in Japan!

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Watch the video below to see the story: cute of the day news people helping animals pet storiesAfter being washed out to sea, and somehow surviving on top of the roof of the house that was washed out, this miracle dog was rescued! Amazing stories of survival keep coming out of Japan, and our hearts are lifted when we see stories like this one. We were so happy to know that this sweet dog was rescued, and and even more happy to hear that the dog was reunited with it’s owner!

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Bird’s Eye View: Cameras

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Here is a video of me being cute for the old black camera. birds eye view our petsMama bean used to have a black camera, and I loved it. When she would use the black camera I would pose, and chirp, and even put my wings up! She has some strange new thing now, and I don’t like it much. I always give it the stink eye, but she still insists on showing it to me. She says it’s a camera too, but I have my doubts. It doesn’t make the camera sound.

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