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PawNosh, beautiful pet bowls just waiting to be made.

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Like I mentioned before, PawNosh bowls are designed and manufactured in the USA in order to preserve and protect U.S. cats design dogs Since we just backed the PawNosh Kickstarter project , I wanted to share it with you too.

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Why a #RichellPet pet gate is the perfect fit.

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And with so many people visiting, and cooking, it’s not always the safest place for a dog! This gate is recommended for dogs between about 6 and 33 pounds. design dogs pet care reviews

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Organic Bamboo Dog Collars

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An organic bamboo dog collar? So of course I was thrilled to see that bamboo has gone to the dogs! The post Organic Bamboo Dog Collars appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. clothing design dogs pet care That also looks great? Yes please!

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PlexiDor Dog Doors: A “New Breed” of Dog Doors!

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They have some awesome features that we have always thought dog doors should have (security for example). Have a look: Now your dog can come and go as often as you would like to allow. And last, but not least, be sure to read about how this dog door helped a mini pig!

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Animal Ethics

To the Editor: “ My Dog Days ,” by Arthur Phillips (Op-Ed, June 10), gave me those warm, fuzzy feelings and made my eyes tear. People who adopt from animal shelters will tell you that it’s not only a rewarding experience, but also that shelters are filled with a smorgasbord of the most amazing, delightful, intelligent dogs you’ll ever find on the planet. You can find purebreds, mixed breeds and designer dogs. Life is so much better with a dog friend at your side.