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PawNosh, beautiful pet bowls just waiting to be made.

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Like I mentioned before, PawNosh bowls are designed and manufactured in the USA in order to preserve and protect U.S. cats design dogs Since we just backed the PawNosh Kickstarter project , I wanted to share it with you too. PawNosh pet bowls are made from recycled glass, and not only do they look amazing, they are tough too! The bowl carries a lifetime warranty against breakage (something pet owners can appreciate). I love that they are made in the USA too.

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Organic Bamboo Dog Collars

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An organic bamboo dog collar? So of course I was thrilled to see that bamboo has gone to the dogs! The post Organic Bamboo Dog Collars appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. clothing design dogs pet care That also looks great? Yes please! Just in time for summer too, because as you can see, Baby’s new bamboo collar is super spunky in blue and lime green. I love bamboo material for myself, my favorite sheets in the whole world are bamboo!

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PlexiDor Dog Doors: A “New Breed” of Dog Doors!

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They have some awesome features that we have always thought dog doors should have (security for example). Have a look: Now your dog can come and go as often as you would like to allow. The sleek design, which features doors that open out from the sides, means the door is more energy efficient and you won’t need replacement flaps. Check out the review at Libby’s Library , she even has some tips for helping “scaredy dogs” get used to using the door.

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inubar; design for pets

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There is something for every stylish dog at inubar , and wonderful gifts for dog lovers as well. design dogs reviewsA beautiful new site just launched, and it’s just for pet lovers! We got a chance to check it out and were delighted by what we saw. Gorgeous treat jars, fun toys, cute clothing, and more. We even got to check out a few items, an adorable platypus that can be played with in the water, and a super fun polo shirt.

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Why a #RichellPet pet gate is the perfect fit.

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And with so many people visiting, and cooking, it’s not always the safest place for a dog! This gate is recommended for dogs between about 6 and 33 pounds. Another awesome feature of the gate is that it has a door, making it easy for the humans (and dog if you want) to go in and out of the gate. design dogs pet care reviews This post is sponsored by RichellUSA and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.

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Puppy Mill Raids in Western Washington

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Up north are Snohomish County and Skagit County where two puppy mill raids have led to the rescue of almost 600 pregnant dogs, about 80 percent of whom are pregnant. (We And, of course, they are all "designer dogs." What a mess. We live in Seattle, which is part of King County. We blogged about the Gold Bar, Snohomish County, raid last week). The woman who owns the Skagit County property is the mother of the one who owns the Snohomish property. Keeping abuse in the family!

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To the Editor: “ My Dog Days ,” by Arthur Phillips (Op-Ed, June 10), gave me those warm, fuzzy feelings and made my eyes tear. People who adopt from animal shelters will tell you that it’s not only a rewarding experience, but also that shelters are filled with a smorgasbord of the most amazing, delightful, intelligent dogs you’ll ever find on the planet. You can find purebreds, mixed breeds and designer dogs. Life is so much better with a dog friend at your side.