University of Louisiana Plays Defense on Primate Research

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They are at least admitting there are problems with standard operating procedures at New Iberia Research Center. Tags: animal cruelty exper new iberia research center primates medical research Officials claim to be taking steps to correct certain problems. Maybe. This web page also has a video with a tour of the facility, conducted by center staff.

USHS Alleges Animal Abuse at the University of Louisiana New Iberia Research Laboratory

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The Humane Society of the United States released the video scenes Wednesday, saying that’s only part of the documentation of what it claimed were 338 violations of federal law and policy at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Laboratory. It is the nation’s largest primate research lab that studies chimpanzees. Actually, it's more then allegations. They have video.

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Bob Barker Funds Space for HIV-Infected Chimps

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Retired game-show host and animal rights advocate Bob Barker is opening a new area for five HIV-infected chimpanzees at a sanctuary in northwestern Louisiana. louisiana chimpanzees Bob Barker chimp haven animal sanctuary primates medical researchAs I've often said, Bob Barker is a good man. From The Washington Post. The former host of “The Price Is Right” donated $380,000 to create space at the Chimp Haven near Shreveport.

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Animal Researchers Promote Sob Stories

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I don't support animal research and I have no sympathy for animal researchers. I would never advocate violence against a researcher. I almost quit a book club a year ago because one of the members is a proponent of medical research. I posted on this blog about quitting because of the New Iberia scandal in Louisiana in which the Humane Society found primates being abused. All of this BS by medical researchers must be challenged.

New Iberia Inspection Documents Available

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Humane Society Calls for Refuge for 9 Chimps

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These chimps are currently at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center. I just love the language used by the Research Center's spokesperson. {Dr. The animals have not been and are not currently being accessed for biomedical research,” Rowell said." Tags: chimpanzees animal research humane society chimp haven new iberia research center primates

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Two Blogs, Two Views on Experimenting on Chimps

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This blogger, Earle Holland at Oregon State University, doesn't seem to believe the allegations coming out about the New Iberia Primate Center in Louisiana. He is the assistant vice president for research communications in the Office of University Relations. Tags: chimpanzees medical research animal welfare Here's his post about it.

When You Have to Make a Choice About Your Beliefs

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I've decided to quit my book club, which I dearly love, because of a member who works in medical research and supports animal experimentation. Then I read more about what's happening at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana. This is a link to a recent scandal at a primate center in Louisiana. And researching the company she works for makes me wonder whether the clinical trials she sells actually include animal experiments. Tags: animal research

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Several colleagues and I recently conducted a purely observational study to determine the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in chimpanzees previously used in experimental research and now living in a sanctuary in Louisiana. Hope Ferdowsian Director of Research Policy Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Washington, July 14, 2008To the Editor: “ What’s Next in the Law?