Simple tips for happy pets. #GetHappyHealthy

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While regular vet visits and proper nutrition are the foundation, your pet’s mental well being is just as important! Don’t forget about the chance to win $100 towards your next vet checkup from Hill’s Science Diet ! The post Simple tips for happy pets.

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Creature Comforts: Tips for Moving with Pets

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If you don’t yet have a vet lined up in your new town, ask your current provider for recommendations. What other tips do you have from your experience? The post Creature Comforts: Tips for Moving with Pets appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Importance of vet care.

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A few tips from AAHA: By getting your pet’s weight down, you can help their life expectancy go up. There, you’ll also find pet health and behavior articles; pet insurance tips; pet memorials; ask a vet and veterinary expert blog; lost and found and microchip information; travel kit and relocation tips; plus games, contests and local pet events. Importance of vet care.

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Pet-Friendly Travel Tips

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Pet-Friendly Travel Tips. VCA veterinarian and pet health expert Dr. Donna Spector recommends keeping the following tips in mind: Make Proper Travel Arrangements – If you are flying, make sure to reserve a space with the airline.

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Creature Comforts: Tips for Moving with Pets

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Here, I’ve gathered several useful tips to ensure that your move purrs right along. If you don’t yet have a vet lined up in your new town, ask your current provider for recommendations. What other tips do you have from your experience? Moving is a stressful endeavor.

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12 Tips for new dog owners.

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This is a great article, and while it is geared towards the new dog at the White House, the tips are important for anyone who is getting ready to welcome a new furry friend into the family. 12 Tips for the Obama Family and Their New Adopted Dog, Bo. But these tips aren’t just for the First Family, they are for all dog guardians welcoming a new canine member into their family. Anyone can follow these quick and easy tips, which are also easily adapted for puppies.

Give your dog the best dog food for the best health! #GetHealthyHappy

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” campaign, I’m sharing tips to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. Dr. Ashley Gallagher, vet at the Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington D.C., Win $100 toward your next vet check up and a rebate, too!

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Diabetes and Vetsulin Recap

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I somehow became the non-vet, go-to person regarding dogs and diabetes, I suppose due to my frequent blogging about Violet Rays (left), my greyhound who has been through diabetes, blindness (then cataract replacement), glaucoma and retina detachment.

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Powder Puff, RIP, and More

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You may recall that when I took him to the vet (and at that time I thought he was a she) I asked them to check him out and they said he looked fine. This week we are going to try to trap four cats for fixing, vaccinating, ear-tipping and microchipping on Friday.

Top 5 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

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And, speaking of poisons, talk to your vet before putting down any rat or ant poison, which can sicken your pet before it reaches its intended target. With these top 5 tips, your home should stay as spotless as can be.

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Save money caring for your pet

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So here are a few tips on how to save money caring for your pet. This can potentially lead in fewer trips to the vet with a healthier active lifestyle for your pet, and it will keep you in shape at the same time!

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Dogs and Rat Poison

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If any of these symptoms are present, it is imperative you get to a vet as soon as possible. If you cannot make it to the vet, call an emergency hotline and they can give you best advice for your dog’s rat poisoning. Tips for Prevention. Here are some tips for preventing your dog from eating rat poison: Place pellets/poison behind fridges, stoves, and other large appliances your dog cannot access.

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Book: Shift Your Habit

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And the tips aren’t hard things either, everything is simple to do. Everything is broken down into categories and shows how the “shift&# can save you money, how it impacts the planet, and easy tips for making it work. Here are a few great tips for future and current pet owners. Shift-It Tip: If you’re set on a purebred dog or cat, buy one from a rescue association instead of getting a pedigree from a breeder. The book offers tips for every part of life.

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Transport your feline friend in style

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If your poorly cat needs to take a trip to the vet, or if they’re going on an adventure with you, it’s important for the safety of both you that they’re secure in their carrier or case. A few essential kitty travel tips.

A Hamster’s Story: The making of a novel

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And when she did have time for Hamlet, Emmie cried and pleaded with her mom to take him to the vet. As if the vet had a cure for old age. I would take him to my house that evening since the Vet was closed. Today I was to take him to the Vet’s. Emmie loves her pets.

Pet Amber Alert

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The Poster Alert option will send a faxed Lost Pet Poster to vets, shelters, animal control, etc., They are delivered and posted on the bulletin board at your local vet within 1 hour after the alert goes out. They also offer a free guide for download with helpful tips for when your pet gets lost (Lost Pet Recovery Guide, located on the homepage). The following is a paid review for When we were asked to review this site, we could not have been happier.

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets A Cold

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Below are some facts and tips on what to do if this does happen do your dog. If symptoms get worse or don’t change after a few days it is time to head to the vet as it may be more serious than a cold. Sneezing, runny nose, headache, even fever: these are the things that we human beings experience when we have a cold. But having a cold is not just exclusive to us humans as our beloved pet dogs can get a cold too. But how do we determine if our dog has a cold?

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Disaster Preparedness Plan May Save Your Pet’s Life

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Spector, DVM, DACVIM, offers the following tips to help you be prepared when a disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, strikes your home: If you are ever instructed to leave your home during an emergency situation, ALWAYS take your pets with you. Folder with list of types of vaccination records & medical history to get from vet.

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Guest Post: Bonding with your kitten.

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You will need to take your cat to the vet yearly for a check-up to ensure that everything is fine with your furry friend and that there are no problems that you may not have noticed. This guest post comes to us from Joy, from Animal Friends Insurance. Bonding With Your Kitten.

Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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Similarly, these ingredients may increase parasite infection, increasing the money you must spend on vet care and pet medications. Your vet can advise you about your dog’s specific nutritional needs, and you should always check the label to see what exactly is in the food you feed your dog.

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Seeing Eye Kitten (and her blind sister)

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Since then, their vet has discovered that Fortune, the kitten with the eye problem has a congenital condition called Coloboma. We just had to share this email! If you have room in your home and heart for this special pair, please get in touch with the Grand Bahama Humane Society!!