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Seeking the Bahama Nuthatch

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Jim Wright is an author and birding columnist. His latest book is The Real James Bond , available as a hardcover, an eBook and an audiobook. For more Bahama Nuthatch information and links, check his blog, [link]. Jim’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds was A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink.

Birding Wolongshan, Sichuan, China

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With travel restrictions still in place, going on a birding trip outside of China is still not a practical option. Fortunately, China itself has a large number of bird species and habitats.

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Spotting My Florida Birds on their Maine Breeding Grounds

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Note: Erika is the Communications Director for Audubon Florida. During a chilly Florida day (yes, we have those) a few months ago, I drove thirty minutes outside of Tallahassee to a co-worker’s house for the singular purpose of checking out her bird feeders.

Mast Landing Brewing Company: Pantless Thunder Goose Double India Pale Ale

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The Guinness toucan is easily the most iconic bird mascot in beer history, but the storied Dublin brewery also boasted an ostrich and a pelican in its colorful, avian advertising menagerie of yesteryear.

May Flowers

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Another Iteration of the Trinity

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In the southeastern end of Trinidad, the Trinity Hills rises above the mostly flat interior of the island. This trio of hills stood out to a certain lost seaman over 500 years ago – who took it as a sign of the Holy Trinity and therefore coined the name La Isla de la Trinidad.

My Pilgrimage

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Twice a year, in February and July, I make a pilgrimage to the Hot Country ( Tierra Caliente ) thorn forest zone around Paso Ancho, Michoacán. Of course, I also go there several other times each year; I have, after all, seen 160 species at this endemic-rich site.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of July 2021)

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The best of summer birding in my experience takes place at the beach. Our land-locked species in temperate zones tend to become too focused on the little details of perpetuating their species to be sufficiently entertaining.

A xxxxxxxx of Woodswallows

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It is winter here on the east coast of Australia. So we are entitled to complain about the cold. At my house on a very chilly winter morning it may be as cold as five degrees Celcius [40 degrees Farenheit] although this happens only very rarely. Even for some of the birds it is cold.

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Great July Birding in Queens

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July in New York City is generally an unpleasant experience. The heat and humidity of summer combine with the concrete and concentrations of people you find in the five boroughs and the resulting stew of sweat, smells, and stickiness is decidedly gross.