June, 2017

Bambi is now on Blu-Ray

4 The Love Of Animals

A childhood favorite is now out on Blu-Ray, which means Bambi is looking the best it has since it came out on film in 1942! The special “anniversary edition” has a lot of fun extras, including 2 deleted scenes. It … Continue reading → movies


Animal Ethics

This blog had 1,266 visits during May, which is an average of 40.8 visits per day. A year ago, the average was 43.1.

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On the Scent of Life

4 The Love Of Animals

On the Scent of Life In the distance he saw it; the figure of a woman, emerging from a stand of pin oak and palmetto. He had to squint to make sure he was seeing right. Sometimes at dusk, when … Continue reading → The post On the Scent of Life appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

Top Tips for Summer Pet Safety

4 The Love Of Animals

Summer is full of fun events, and more and more of them are welcoming pets!

Pet Proof Your Car

4 The Love Of Animals

The summer season has started, and with it comes road trips! Of course, any time you travel with your fur baby in the car messes might happen.

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