June, 2017

On the Scent of Life

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On the Scent of Life In the distance he saw it; the figure of a woman, emerging from a stand of pin oak and palmetto. He had to squint to make sure he was seeing right. Sometimes at dusk, when … Continue reading → The post On the Scent of Life appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Animal Ethics

This blog had 1,266 visits during May, which is an average of 40.8 visits per day. A year ago, the average was 43.1.

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7 Signs Your Cat Is Sick: The Symptoms You Need to Look After

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When you own a furry feline, you’ve got a friend for life! And what’s great about owning a cat is how laid-back and relaxed they are. But the problem is that they can end up being too calm that you … Continue reading → cats guest post pet care

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Bambi is now on Blu-Ray

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A childhood favorite is now out on Blu-Ray, which means Bambi is looking the best it has since it came out on film in 1942! The special “anniversary edition” has a lot of fun extras, including 2 deleted scenes. It … Continue reading → movies

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Top Tips for Summer Pet Safety

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Summer is full of fun events, and more and more of them are welcoming pets!

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