Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants

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Honolulu Zoo (Hawaii), Wildlife Safari (Ore.), This list was issued by In Defense of Animals last month. Here they are. San Antonio Zoo (Texas) Edmonton Valley Zoo (Canada), Buttonwood Park Zoo (Mass.), Central Florida Zoo (Fla.), Niabi Zoo (Ill.), Topeka Zoo (Kan.), York's Wild Kingdom Zoo (Maine) tied with Southwick's Zoo (Mass.), Pittsburgh Zoo's ICC (Penn.). San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Calif.) earned a dishonorable mention. I'm surprised that Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle didn't make it.

Altruism, Albatrosses, and Vicious Young Men

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Gutierrez, Justice, and Mesker were camping with classmates from Punahou, usually described as “a prestigious Honolulu prep school.” There is still time to write the Honolulu prosecutor’s office and voice your opinion – all it will take is a few lines. On Dec. 27, 2015 Christian Gutierrez, Raymond Justice, and Carter Mesker went on a camping trip to Ka’ena Point Natural Area Reserve on Oahu, Hawaii.

Vegan Food & Adorable Wild Chickens in Hawaii

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The last day we were there, we drove around Honolulu trying to find this hole in the wall deli called the Wellbento. If you ever go to Honolulu (or if you live there), you HAVE to seek this place out! Cajun BBQ tempeh with root vegetables from Wellbento in Honolulu. At the end of April I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend and my family. We had such an amazing time, and I have meant to post some pictures ever since! Now it’s JUNE and here I am finally doing it.

For the Birds: Midway Atoll Mouse Eradication and NEPA

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These remote islands, some more than 1,000 miles from Honolulu, are home to huge globally-significant colonies of Laysan and Black-footed Albatross, among many others. The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the largest assemblages of breeding seabirds in the United States. Many of these islands are part of the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge and one of the most important areas is Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.

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There is a reason for that; until recently, the only place you could find them was on Laysan Island, a lonely island (with a lake) 808 nautical miles northwest of Honolulu, in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. If you ask this Great Ornithologist, extinction is an extremely depressing issue. For mankind to snatch away a species’ very existence is wrong on so many levels that I can’t begin to explain them.

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The Case for Adding the U.S. Territories in the Caribbean to the ABA Area

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For comparison: Atlanta to Denver is 1,200 miles, Atlanta to San Francisco is 2,100 miles, and Atlanta to Honolulu is 4,500 miles. I recently asked whether Puerto Rico should be part of the American Birding Association’s ABA Area. That post led to a spirited discussion on the ABA Facebook page. I will suggest an answer to the question: this post makes the argument that both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands should be added to the ABA Area. # # #.

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Tongatapu and ‘Eua; Birding Southern Tonga

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I recalled spending two days in Honolulu and seeing approximately zero native landbirds (I wasn’t trying hard, but still) and figured I might have to work pretty hard to see anything (something that might be tricky to convince my not particularly birdy companion to try). I mentioned last week, while talking about rails and the Pacific, that Tonga is not a particularly birdy birding destination.

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