May, 2021

A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink

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Jim Wright’s latest book is The Real James Bond , the biography of the ornithologist whose name Ian Fleming stole for his secret agent 007. He writes “The Bird Watcher” column for the USA today newspapers in N.J.

The Eyrie Vineyards – Pinot Gris (2017)

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Most casual wine drinkers know that pinot gris and pinot grigio are just two different names – one French and one Italian – for the same grape.

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What is the Terra Project?

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Have you ever wondered what birds were flying overhead while you slept or what critters crept through your yard unnoticed? Trail cams and the like can, to a certain extent, record what you miss, but they focus on visual information.

An Emerging Trend

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Pandemic life has taught me valuable lessons, many of which are in relation to birds. Usually I would be taking people in the field, showing them loads of birds and we’d be preoccupied with what is in front of us at the particular moment in time.

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Power Companies and Springtime Tree Removal

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It’s a beautiful Spring morning… humming insects, calling birds. But then you hear the rev of a chainsaw, followed by the ripping sound of a falling tree.

Lesser Known Places for Birding in Costa Rica- Mi Cafecito

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Birding in Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without a fine cup of coffee (or two). Smooth, tasty, and rejuvenating, the beans grown in the volcanic soils of Costa Rica make some wonderful boost juice.

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Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

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Here’s a can-you-top this tale of cutting down trees in the springtime. The Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center in Norristown covers four Pennsylvania counties (including Philadelphia) and takes in over 3000 animals a year.

Uncharacteristically Wet

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I know many of us seek birds as an escape from dreary, depressing news that seems to permeate almost everything of late. Endless notifications about 3% of intact forest remaining here, another species falling into the endangered species category – it all can get overwhelming sometimes.

Changing Bird Names (Again)

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On April 16, 2021, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the American Ornithological Society (AOS), had a “ Community Congress on English Bird Names ” to discuss whether certain bird names should be changed and, if so, how quickly.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of May 2021)

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May is a time for birding. We have the slow weeks and months for reading, writing, and dreaming about the birds we’d rather be seeing. Right now, though, we can watch and listen and enjoy.

Summer Days

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of May 2021)

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This has been the oddest May migration in memory, at least around upstate New York. The beauty of May, however, is that there are always birds, even if they’re not the ones we expect!

Urban Nature Persists in San Joaquin, Heredia, Costa Rica, May 4th, 2021

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In birding circles, Costa Rica is better known for protected areas, quetzal tours, and glittering displays of hummingbirds than the things that fly in urban spots. That makes sense. I mean, who comes to Costa Rica to bird on city streets? In remnant riparian zones?

A Tale of Two Eagles

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The White-tailed Eagle is one of the easiest birds to observe in Belgrade, Serbia (almost guaranteed). There are about ten pairs around the city. One pair even breeds on the island at the very confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, less than a mile from the central city square.

“Earth’s Wild Music”: a book review

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A fine idea for a nature book is promised by the title and subtitle: Earth’s Wild Music: Celebrating and Defending the Songs of the Natural World. And what an attractive cover it has, filled with blackbirds against a blue and purple sky.

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Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species–A Book Review

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Louisiana is a magical place to bird.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of May 2021)

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May has arrived. What other three words sound as sweet to a birder? Spring migration seems to be arriving late at my northern latitude, but interesting birds are popping up seemingly by the hour.

Birds on Utility Poles – The Electrocution Solution

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Picture this. You’re wandering through a park, minding your own business, and decide to take a short rest on a bench. You sit down. You want to get comfortable, so you lean against the armrest. Surprise! Thousands of volts of electricity snake through your body.

Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente, part 2

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It isn’t often that a single outing of mine yields enough photos for two weeks’ posts. But last Wednesday at 1 a.m., only 5 hours before my deadline, I finally accepted that there was no way I was going to get all my Hot Country beauties from Paso Ancho into a single post.

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Within my self-imposed one hour birding radius around Morelia, I have so far seen 21 different hummingbirds (15 residents and 6 migratories). That may seem like a lot to the northerners among our readers, but I suspect it would not impress those who live in the northern Andes. (21

“They fly and fly until there’s no more ocean to fly over” — a review of the book “Shearwater”

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In six or seven months, the “best books of the year” features will come out in the important print and web publications. They will list ten or twenty or fifty titles, and will include, inevitably, Hunter Biden’s autobiography, and Volume 12 of Barack Obama’s, and other such works.

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Shanghai birds in April

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In April, many birds come to Shanghai, stay for a day or two and decide to move on. As all my cats are indoor animals, I do not feel particularly responsible or guilty for this. Still, it makes you wonder whether staying in Shanghai all year really is the best decision.

Wet Birds

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Recently, many people have been telling me that they are very tired of photos of dry birds. Naturally, being in the extended service industry (consulting), I want to help. So, here’s a collection of wet birds. A wet Grey-eyed Bulbul (Xishuangbanna, China).

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Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente

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I have often sung the praises of the beautiful birds I can see by driving 3,000 feet / 62 km / one hour down to the little town of Paso Ancho, on the edge of what Mexicans call Tierra Caliente (the Hot Country).

The Warbler Brewery – Dissimulation India Pale Ale

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I realize this is the third time since March that we’ve highlighted a beer from Delmar, New York’s The Warbler Brewery. But can you blame me?

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of May 2021)

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I have it on good authority that many of you have already ridden the roller coaster of this season’s migration madness and are now recovering from strained eyes, sore necks, and bloated lists.

Juvenile Varied Sittellas

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The header photo above is of our local Varied Sittella. Varied Sittellas are endemic to Australia and widespread across the mainland. However, their plumage is quite different depending on your location. Our local bird is called the White-winged Varied Sittella and has distinct white wings in flight.

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Little Puffballs

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A week and a half ago, I got some exciting news: My beloved Lake Cuitzeo, which I believed had dried up in our ongoing drought, has not completely disappeared.

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Returning to the Fitzroy River

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After camping by the Fitzroy River for Grant’s birthday on April 24th we returned for a night after my birthday trip. As you can see in the header photo the river level had dropped considerably in two weeks.

Further up the Fitzroy River

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Following on from Grant’s birthday camping trip to the Fitzroy River at Langi Crossing it was my turn to choose a place to go for my birthday. Our birthdays are two weeks apart and I decided we should go and check out the Fitzroy River at another location.

Boab Quarry

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Before our day at Geikie Gorge and Fitzroy Crossing low level bridge we were at Boab Quarry. This huge quarry is as a result of rock being removed from the area to build the RAAF Base at Curtin near Derby in the 1980’s.

May Flowers

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