Alley Cat Allies’ lifesaving spring kitten protection tips

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Now that kitten season is in full swing, we want to make sure that those who care for kittens have the information and resources they need to help those kittens grow up to be healthy cats. Alley Cat Allies’ wrote … Continue reading → The post Alley Cat Allies’ lifesaving spring kitten protection tips appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats people helping animals

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KITTEN BOWL III is on Su-purr bowl Sunday, Feb 7th at 12 PM ET/PT, 11C only on the Hallmark Channel. The highly anticipated four-legged game is hosted by Beth Stern with play-by-play announcers John … Continue reading → The post KITTEN BOWL III appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats cute animals cute video dogs people helping animals tvAre you ready for some cuteness?!


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Some time ago a neighborhood stray cat came to the yard to have her kittens. This little mama cat was super smart and found her way into the hot tub, and here are her little kittens snuggled up in a flower pot. Sadly, shelters and rescues are full of cats and are already full. So here is a bit of a reminder to please spay and neuter your pets… it’s so sad that these gorgeous kittens won’t know the fun of having a human servant!

Rescue Spotlight: Kitten Rescue

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Kitten Rescue is a wonderful animal rescue organization! They have had truly great success in finding loving new homes for unwanted cats and kittens. Kitten Rescue volunteers place approximately 1,000 cats and kittens into new homes every year. Since its inception, Kitten Rescue has rescued and placed over 10,000 cats into loving homes. Kitten Rescue’s goal is to help Los Angeles become a no-kill city.

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CATS for Cats

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Dynamic duo Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars) and Brendan Robinson (Pretty Little Liars) walk the red carpet at Kitty Bungalow’s CATS for Cats benefit concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The stars turned out for the 2nd annual CATS for Cats charity event on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Actor Ioan Gruffudd (Ringers) and Gumble Cat in Kitty Bungalow’s charity event CATS for Cats with cast member Alyssa Yowell.

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The Kitten Connection

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Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat’s development. It’s important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable these animals are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure their kittens the best start in life. In order to raise a well adjusted kitten to become a healthy, happy and well-mannered adult cat, it is best if owners prepare themselves for their new pet.

Getting a Kitten from Kansas

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My division director loves Norwegian Forest Cats. Friday she showed me the new kitten she will be purchasing. It's a two-week old kitten from Kansas. Now, this kitten will have an excellent life with my division director. The woman still gets teary-eyed over a cat she lost 10 years ago to illness and these animals are like her children. But I can't help wishing she'd go to a shelter and save a cat that needs a family and a home. But a cat?

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Nothing Funny About Cat Cruelty

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What is it about cats and the internet? I would struggle to name one friend on my Facebook account who has not at some point shared the latest Lolcats pictures or shred a grumpy cat memo. We seem to find hours of amusement online thanks to cats, in fact I have often joked that many years in the future our generation will be known for worshiping cats. The Difficulties Of Re-homing Abused Cats. The cat needs to be left to come to you in his own time.

ZooBorns Cats!

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Get ready to break your “cuteometer” because this little book is packed with adorable baby cats! ZooBorns Cats!: The Newest, Cutest Kittens and Cubs from the World’s Zoos delivers on what it’s title promises, they really are the cutest kittens and cubs. This book would make the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. Each page features color photos of rare kittens and cubs from around the globe.

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Paw Star Game brings the cuteness!

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Get ready for more kitten cuteness than you can handle! You’ve seen the “Kitten Bowl” but now the most adorable and adoptable kittens are going … Continue reading → The post Paw Star Game brings the cuteness! cats people helping animals tvHallmark Channel’s newest show, Paw Star Game, will be airing July 12 at 6pm ET.

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The Lady with 700 Cats

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Nat Geo WILD’s The Lady with 700 Cats, airs Saturday, July 30. Narrated by actor Jane Lynch of Glee fame, the program chronicles the story of Lynea Lattanzio, who is the founder and owner of California’s largest cat sanctuary. Can you imagine, 700 cats?! Her own cat was all she wanted as a little girl. Founder and owner of California’s largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, Lattanzio lives with more than 700 cats.

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National Feral Cat Day Didn’t Go As Planned

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feral cat with a Golden-crowned Kinglet by Isaac Grant. Pity the poor souls at Alley Cat Allies. They have been so successful in suckering cities and other municipalities into believing that they can solve their feral cat problems through Trap-Neuter-Return (T-N-R) that now citizens of those towns have had their eyes (and their noses) opened to what happens when the inmates run the asylum. After all, someone is taking care of all those cats, right?

Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats

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We are excited to tell you about Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats new eco-friendly, net-zero cat shelter in Chicago! Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. Harmony House for Cats new Net Zero Energy shelter. Since 1970, Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats has rescued and rehabilitated stray and injured cats in a no-kill cageless environment.

Cats Indoors Compromise!

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Photo courtesy Kimm Schroeder She also has some serious cats. Not just any type of house cat, she has Bengals. Lorraine started with one tiny kitten when she moved into her home. The kitten Venus is an F4 Bengal meaning she’s four generations (F4) removed from the Asian Leopard Cat which is a small wild cat from Asia. Asian Leopards are about house cat sized and can breed with house cats giving a bit more wild animal to your domestic pet.

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Weird Cat Behaviors (And What They Mean)

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Your cat’s antics can say a lot about what they’re thinking. Cats are funny animals that’s half the reason Youtube exists and they’re funny because so much of what they do seems inexplicable. Partly this is because, even after thousands of years of domestication, cats have retained many quirks and instincts that made more sense in the wild than they do in your living room.

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Scarlett The Cat: From Homeless To A Hero

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Being homeless, at first, this cat became one of the top-figures in press, both newspapers and TVs: even Oprah Winfrey has talked about her in own talk-show! Before the life-changing moment, Scarlett lived in an old Brooklyn garage in New York, taking care of five kittens not older than four weeks. One could only imagine how much pain the cat experienced while getting over the fire! The cat was sent to the intensive care immediately and placed in an oxygen chamber.

Feeling stressed? Try a little #KittenTherapy!

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Who could stay stressed after playing with a bunch of adorable kittens? In true SoulPancake fashion, they built the world’s first ever kitten therapy office for chronic. therapists” (tiny kittens) burst from the wall, providing instant stress relief with belly laughs and awwww’’s. Oh, and did we mention the kittens are beyond cute?! ABOUT TIDY CATS: Tidy Cats, a Purina company, is committed to the welfare of cats everywhere: from providing.

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Big Cat Week day 2

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Filmmaker John Varty, who filmed a wild female leopard for 17 years, opens an extraordinary window into the lives of Africa’s most secretive big cat. Video “Leopard Kittens!” – This is the cutest surprise ever! JV stumbles upon teeny tiny leopard kittens when one leopard mama leaves her den As promised, another sneak peak! Tonight’s episode, Leopard Queen, Premieres Tuesday, December 7, at 9PM ET/PT.

A Dietary Alternative for Feral Cats?

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Much has been made in these pages about the havoc that feral cats wreak on native birds. Maybe Daleks could be trained to focus on feral cats?). An abandoned kitten nicknamed Frankie had staked out a McDonald’s restaurant as its feeding grounds, and for more than a year, subsisted mainly on handouts from employees and customers. A kindhearted SPCA worker took Frankie off the streets (or, rather, out of the carpark) and helped him adjust to more traditional cat food.

Animal Control Officer Shoots Cats Because They Hissed at Him

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A couple of cats hiss at him and he freaks out, gets out a gun and shoots them? Grasso finally got his day in court Monday, testifying that he shot and killed three cats last June only after they had hissed and spat at him from the basement of a Lackawanna apartment complex. “I I opened the door, I took two steps downstairs, and three cats — the mother and two kittens — came at me,” Grasso testified at his daylong trial on two misdemeanor charges.

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Great cat tips from Housecat Housecall

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Katrina Warren and the experts at Animal Planet’s “ Housecat Housecall ”, presented by Purina Cat Chow, have put together some simple tips to help families conquer some common cat care issues. Here are some good tips for prospective cat owners: What should I do before bringing a new kitten into the family? Take some time to kitten proof your house before you bring your kitten home. All kittens need play time several times a day. Kitten or Cat.

FiXiT Aims to Facilitate 25 Spay Neuters This Week

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Every year 3-4 million dogs and cats die in animal shelters in the United States because there aren’t enough homes for them. The site was created in response to the heartbreaking requests received from people wanting to do the right thing – telling us of their personal hardships and asking for our help to end the cycle of unwanted kittens and puppies,” said Dr. Kellie Heckman, Co-Founder of FiXiT. cats dogs events people helping animals

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Fancy Feasts (For Fabulous Floors)

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Cy, more commonly referred to at our house simply as ‘The Boy,’ has loved sinks, tubs and showers since he was a kitten and that is only one of the many unique qualities that I love about him. And because I adopted him as a 6-week-old kitten when I was 15 and he turns 17 in 2014, I have lived with him longer than I lived without him. For each of the top corners, I stenciled a little flourish that actually reminded me of cat tails! cats DIY for pets

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A healthy diet for healthy pets

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A nutritious diet promotes stronger bones and teeth, a sound heart, healthy coat and a happy personality for your cat, dog, or any beloved pet. Cats and kittens. Maintaining a healthy diet for cats may be a little trickier, as generally cats do not get their exercise in the same way as our canine friends do. Unlike dogs, cats do not sit by the dinner table with puppy dog eyes, begging for titbits.

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That Awkward Moment With Feral Cats and Family

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Case in point: some of my family members have become active with feral cat colony organizations. It started with donation requests for spay and neutering cats but then quickly transferred to a trap, neuter and release organization. On the one hand, it’s better than doing nothing with a feral cat colony. But I don’t agree with the supplemental feeding that happens with feral cats–if you’re gonna call them wildlife, treat them as such.

Leap Day is Friskies Plus Day!

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The amazing Canstructure will feature thousands of cans of Friskies Plus, all of which will be donated to three Los Angeles cat rescue organization after Wednesday’s event. Friskies will donate the cans used to build the Friskies Plus Catstruction to three Los Angeles based cat rescue organizations; The Lange Foundation , Kitt Crusaders and Kitten Rescue each will receive thousands of cans of Friskies Plus. Combined, these organizations help 2,400 cats each year.

Casting Call!

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Animal Planet is creating an all new show that is all about the early lives of puppies and kittens! In this lighthearted documentary we follow three pups and three kittens through the first months of their life. We are looking for dogs and cats in the New York Tri-State region who are expecting litters sometime from mid-September through mid-October, to take part in this special. Breed of Dog/Cat.

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Birding Fengxian, Shanghai in summer

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As a consequence of frequently walking around in Shanghai, I have a fairly large number of cats in my home – picked up as kittens left on their own on the rather uninviting streets of the city.

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Giveaway: Housecat Housecall

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Housecat Housecall is one of the first reality TV shows that is cat based! The third season started on June 5th, and features a great group of cat lovers, including Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With the Stars. The show visits cat owning homes to help the cat owners overcome issues, achieve harmony, and have more connection with their pets. We have a special giveaway for three cat loving readers!

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Taste of the Wild Pet Food Giveaway!

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Taste of the Wild has recently launched new dog and cat food formulas! Taste of the Wild is an all-life stages food that is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pets throughout all stages of life, from puppy and kitten to senior years. Cat owners can choose three sample bags of the new dry formula; Canyon River Feline contains only fish protein with trout, salmon and sweet potatoes for a more limited ingredient profile, which may be a better choice for sensitive cats.

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Fix Nation

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Caring for the homeless cat population in Los Angeles, FixNation , offers free spay and neuter services to caregivers of community cats. FixNation uses Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), which is a community-based program that involves trapping homeless, free-roaming cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and then returning the cats to the exact spot where they were trapped so they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

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Million Pound Pledge For Pets

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She has now teamed up with Hill’s Science Diet to launch the Million Pound Pledge – a national call-to-action for pet owners to help their cats and dogs lose weight and get back on track to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. There will be 2 dog winners and 2 cat winners (can be puppy, kitten, or adult, wet or dry). Did you know that one out of every two pets are overweight?

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Cats Love To Play, But Lucky For You, The Best Toys Are Free!

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Sucked In By Cat Commercialism. When you first bring home your new kitten or cat, you go to the pet store for the first time and can’t believe what you are seeing. Little cat condos! Rolling balls that have bells, feathers, catnip and everything but the cat itself! Your cats will get just as much (or more!) When it comes to cats, there is one basic rule. They love to hide, especially kittens, so make sure that they have places to snuggle into.

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Breast Cancer in Pets

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Here are some great facts about breast cancer in dogs and cats. Mammary gland tumors are common in dogs and cats, especially those that aren’t spayed or were spayed late in age. Once your dog or cat is five years old, perform a mammary exam monthly. Cats: • Less common in cats than dogs, 1/4000 will have mammary cancer. Early spaying is the best prevention and also if a cat has had kittens they’re less likely to get it.

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November is Senior Pet Month

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Do you have an older cat or dog sharing your home? I think senior cats project an air of peaceful dignity. For kittens and puppies, most any time is play time. Older pets still need love and attention, but they don’t require babysitting like a frisky puppy or curious kitten. Did you know that November celebrates senior pets? There are many reasons to love an older animal, and here is a great post by Peggy Frezon for Guideposts that highlights 5 of those reasons.

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My Uneventful 3rd Blogiversary

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Also, there are three kittens, who are the only kittens since Project Treadstone began, so that's not so bad. The good news is that, including the kittens' mom, there are only four cats remaining at the site who need to be sterilized! In about four months, the entire site of about 30 cats is almost done!

Balanced Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Diet

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With all the choices out there, how can we know what makes a balanced dog food or cat food ? Protein helps support lean muscle tissue for adult pets, and for puppies and kittens, protein nourishes growing muscle tissue. Vitamins support the immune system; minerals help puppies and kittens grow strong muscles and healthy teeth. We hear a lot about healthy diets, both for people and for pets. What we often don’t hear about is the importance of balanced nutrition.

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Brooklyn Woman Assaults Two ASPCA Agents

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Responding to an anonymous tip about a neglected cat, the Humane Law Enforcement agents arrived at Stewart’s residence to find a seven-week-old, one-pound orange tabby with his whiskers cut off and a serious injury to his right front paw. The kitten’s leg was broken,” says Supervisor Lucas. “As It was determined that Stewart had failed to get medical attention for her cat.


Animal Shelter Portraits

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From dogs to cats, kittens, and even birds and rabbits, there are all kinds of animals to be found at shelters. Photographer Mark Ross has captured some truly beautiful, and touching, photos of animals abandoned at kill shelters. The book, Animal Shelter Portraits , captures just a small glimpse of what our furry friends experience in shelter situations. The photos in the book made me want to reach out and save each one of them.

Pet Proofing Your Home Electronics

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Protecting your cat or dog from exposed wires, especially chewing, is simple if you make a point to keep your electrical wires off the floor. These cord clips work to protect your phone cords, lamp cords, and even computer cords from teething pups and curious kittens. I find that using a room spray in my office that’s citrus scented deters my cat from even going inside. 5 easy ways to keep your pets and your gadgets safe.

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Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

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Half a decade ago, in a little mountain town about 60 miles northeast of San Diego, a feral kitten dragged his front left leg uselessly. The dog-loving owners of the property in Julian where he sought refuge rushed him to the local veterinarian, who informed them that if his leg was amputated, he could live as an indoor cat. Once gregarious and outgoing, she withdrew from her family and friends, from everyone except her pet cats.

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On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

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We are a far bigger problem on this planet than the (over)population of feral cats, elephants, Canada geese, or any other creature we "manage" or want to manage, "humanely" or otherwise. Yesterday, regarding being a minority within a minority , mikey commented (among other things): While I am fairly new subscriber to this blog, therefore not knowing your particular stance, I've often felt like a minority within a minority for my stance on animal birth control.

It’s Only Hygienic

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Worms, also a threat to cats, are internal parasites that can damage your dog or cat sick. Just like humans can take supplements for vitamins to have and protect healthy joints, dogs, cats and horses can also take supplements like Cosequin to improve and maintain your pet’s joints. Thankfully, cats are self-cleaning. Your dog, cat or any other pet you own is part of the family, and the responsibility of how well they are kept is up to you.

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