An Animal Rights-Protection-Abolitionist Organization

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The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages calls itself "an animal rights-protection-abolitionist organization," which I find interesting. Regardless, they are joining Friends of Animals and Hearts for Animals on Saturday December 5. The well being of the horses should be the ideal of every organization whose mandate is to put animal protection ideals first - especially when they ask for donations based on that mandate.

Amy Goodman Interviews Former Animal Rights Prisoner

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Here's a video and transcript of Amy Goodman's interview with Andrew Stepanian, an animal rights activist who was jailed at a secretive prison known as a Communication Management Unit, or CMU. He was jailed along with six other activists for violating the Animal Enterprise Protection Act. Tags: animal rights

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Book Chronicles History of Animal Rights

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The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA by Norm Phelps came out in 2007. In a brisk, readable narrative, The Longest Struggle traces the campaigns of animal rights pioneers like Henry Spira, Alex Hershaft, and Ingrid Newkirk, as well as leaders who have come more recently on the scene like Heidi Prescott, Karen Davis, and Bruce Friedrich. Tags: animal rights

Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

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In issuing its condemnation of established cultural practices, the rights view is not antibusiness, not antifreedom of the individual, not antiscience, not antihuman. It is simply projustice, insisting only that the scope of justice be seen to include respect for the rights of animals.

Ocean Advocacy and Animal Rights

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We support two ocean protection organizations: People for Puget Sound (local) and the Ocean Conservancy. The purpose is to protect ocean species as a whole. I'm not sure how this fits into my support of animal rights though. Tags: oceans marine animals I was reading Ocean Conservancy's magazine today. For the past couple of issues I've read, it has had a "sustainable seafood recipe."

Beliefs About Animal Rights

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Forty years ago, the suggestion that nonhuman animals have moral rights—indeed, many of the same rights as human beings—would have been met with incredulous stares, if not outright ridicule. If you are among the growing number of Americans who think that animals deserve the same moral rights as people, you can help promote their rights by refusing to purchase products from industries that harm and exploit animals.

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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In " 'Animal Rights:' Pernicious Nonsense for Both Law & Public Policy ," Massachusetts attorney and "sportsman" Richard Latimer is on the mark with some concepts, and way off with others. However, both his perceptions and misconceptions are based on: 1) observing the work of PeTA and HSUS; and 2) the assumption that those two organizations are in the same category--"animal rights." Now, I know you're saying: That's not what animal rights is.

On Dolphins as a Gateway to Animal Rights

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The way I see it, there are three camps on this one: People who think that dolphins or Great Apes or chimps could function as a gateway to other animals getting rights. You could be for or against animal rights and believe the gateway theory. which animals and why, what characteristic/s and whose definition of them, just to name a few)? Would you actually actively campaign against rights for some species?

From the Animal Rights Action Network re: Greyhounds

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Brief commentary follows this e-mail I received regarding greyhounds, animal rights and Ireland. Back then I was a young child and never thought any different about greyhounds or indeed any other animal. Today it is a different situation, i learned from then about respecting animals and my life has been devoted to ending their suffering and torment. We're simply asking you for just a couple of hour to help greyhounds in serious trouble right now.

China Calls for Tiger Protection

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India’s newfound partnership with China on environment issues has yielded results in the area of tiger protection as well. In what could be seen as a new year’s gift for the Indian tiger, China’s State Forestry Administration has issued a directive calling for the protection of tigers, especially the need to step up action against illegal trade in tiger parts and products. whether it be animal rights or human rights. What kind of protection do they really mean?

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H. B. Acton (1908-1974) on Animal Rights

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I will conclude with some remarks about the rights of animals. When it is asked whether animals have rights, and whether human beings have duties to them, the question, I think, is partly moral and partly verbal. It is this latter view, I believe, that is in the minds of some of those who deny that animals have rights. This could be either because no pain is bad, or because no animal pain is bad.

Julian H. Franklin on Animal Rights

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I don't expect that many readers will be converted to the cause of animal rights by reading this book. If they are to be swayed, the change is likely to come from witnessing the realities of the fate endured by animals. Nor have I dealt with advances in the legal protection of animals both in practice and in theory. Franklin, Animal Rights and Moral Philosophy [New York: Columbia University Press, 2005], xvii-xviii

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Joel Feinberg (1926-2004) on Animal Rights

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So far McCloskey is on solid ground, but one can quarrel with his denial that any animals but humans have interests. I should think that the trustee of funds willed to a dog or cat is more than a mere custodian of the animal he protects. Rather his job is to look out for the interests of the animal and make sure no one denies it its due. The animal itself is the beneficiary of his dutiful services.

Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

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Hal Herzog’s “ Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat ” (Harper 2011), though fascinating, is ultimately depressing for vegans and animal rights activists. The bottom line is that there are many reasons why human-animal interactions are so often inconsistent and paradoxical.

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Links/Products You Should Check Out

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Sanctuary Tails – This is a blog written by some of the people who care for animals at Farm Sanctuary. They talk about animal cruelty issues, but also profile rescued animals – my favorite part. There are some very touching stories, and it’s so nice to read about animals being well cared for when it seems like all you ever hear are horror stories.

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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Here's the good news: This is a very readable explanation of how animals in the Hundred Heartbeat Club (there are 100 or fewer individuals in the wild today) got to be in the club. For only $450,000, we could buy almost all of the habitat neded to protect Ecuador's remaining frogs.

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"Creature Quotes" Is Here!

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From the Introduction : "Humans are fascinated by animals. For all our devotion, though, we sometimes seem not to recognize the needs and wants of animals. We unwittingly partake of activities that hurt, physically and mentally, the very creatures we admire and seek to protect from harm (5).". Do animals have rights? Do human beings have duties toward them regardless of whether they have rights? What kind of souls do animals have?

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On Different Results of Direct Action

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There is a profound difference between what Sea Shepherd does and what the Animal Liberation Front does, but there are also similarities, and those similarities increase in number if a direct action by the ALF (or anyone else) is an open rescue and therefore a direct defense of sentient nonhumans being attacked by humans. Here's another direct action and its result, as described in an interview by Larry Mantle on KPCC Radio (it's the one called " Animal Rights vs. Animal Testing ").

Where Does Entertainment Begin and End?

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Vamsee Juluri, Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco, takes me back to graduate school when he writes of the importance of the stories we tell ourselves in " Use Free Speech to Celebrate Animal Life, Not to Enjoy Their Suffering." Juluri is referring to something specific: the Supreme Court's examination of First Amendment protection of acts of cruelty to animals. They certainly depict cruelty to animals, right?

UK Science Minister Says Public More Accepting of Animal Testing

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According to this interview, he credits animal rights extremists for fueling the public backlash against animal protection. Tags: UK animal research Discouraging article.

Getting Emotional

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Sometimes being an animal rights advocate is emotionally exhausting. Last night I was watching Animal Planet, as I often do, and the show was about polar bears in the wild. The mama bear was trying to get him back up but she couldn’t and eventually she had to leave him so that she could protect her other cub and herself. Chickens, turkeys, pigs and other farmed animals get nothing of the sort.

Quebec is the Best Province to be an Animal Abuser

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An animal rights group based in the United States has ranked Quebec “the best province to be an animal abuser” in a report on Canada’s animal welfare record. The Animal Legal Defence Fund says in its fourth annual report ranking Canada’s 13 provinces and territories on their animal protection laws that only Nunavut ranks worse than Quebec. montreal canada animal abuse quebec legislationThat sucks. From the Montreal Gazette.

Quote of the Week

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".prejudices die hard, all the more so when they are insulated by widespread secular customs and religious beliefs, sustained by large and powerful economic interests, and protected by the common law. The animal rights movement is not for the faint heart." --Tom Regan. To overcome the collective entropy of those forces against change will not be easy.

SHAC7 Trailer

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I credit Will Potter as the catalyst for shifting my focus away from critiques of other activists and activist groups (particularly his post, " While the Government Continues Attacks on Activists, Animal Rights Groups Protest Each Other " back in 2008). But when our First Amendment rights have been diminished as an activist group and we're being unfairly targeted and called "terrorists" and not afforded equal protection, it feels strange to protest against other vegans.

New Jersey Bear Hunt to Continue as Planned

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Despite efforts by animal rights activists to stop this hunt, it is scheduled to continue. New Jersey’s first bear hunt in five years is just a week away and set to go on as planned despite a last-ditch effort by several animal rights organizations to have the hunt postponed. That really sucks. It's a cull to "control the population." From North

On the Banning of Eating Cats and Dogs in China

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I've been blogging here less partly because I've been blogging at Animal Rights & AntiOppression (check out my latest post " On Corporate Personhood and Animal Rights " and the better-than-the-post comments) but also because I've been feeling like a broken record and I don't want to bore anyone. We can care about animals and people at the same time; they're not mutually exclusive.

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On Small Victories

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Yesterday's " Do Small Victories Affect Big Picture in Animal Rights Debate? Both, of course, were seen as victories, but the article's author, Richard Foot, asks: Do such successes mean the animal rights movement is winning its long, controversial campaigns to gain the same legal protections for animals as those ascribed to humans? restaurants by animal rights activists." Paul Watson 's response is, I think, the right one.

Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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Animal-rights activists claim an orca is being held in an "inadequate tank" in the Miami Seaquarium. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Individuals and three individuals challenge the NMFS decision "to exclude from the listing of the Southern Resident killer whale population all captive members of that population and their progeny." Read the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service.

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PETA's Orca Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

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Full story posted on Global Animal and from the Huffington Post. Do whales deserve constitutional protection against slavery? On February 8, a federal judge said ‘no,’ stopping a historic case filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals against SeaWorld for violating the 13th Amendment on slavery. SeaWorld’s attempts to deny [orcas] the protection solely based on their species is the same kind of prejudice used to justify any enslavement.

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Tom Regan on Endangered Species

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The rights view is not opposed to efforts to save endangered species. In this way people may be encouraged to believe that, for example, the trapping of plentiful animals raises no serious moral question, whereas the trapping of rare animals does.

Second Bear Killed On Trans-Canada Highway

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The second bear to meet its end this year on the Trans-Canada Highway has prompted an animal rights group to call for immediate repairs to a fence line intended to protect wildlife in Banff National Park. Interestingly, we just went on a tour of the Canadian Rockies where the wildlife corridors and fences were lauded by the tour guide as a way for wildlife to avoid the roads. Apparently, there's room for improvement. From the Calgary Herald.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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You can buy some extra time by presoaking the animal in a basin of ice water.)" Actually, I didn't quit neuroscience as a result of the experiences described, but I did quit working with animals. But that's neither here nor there -- I'm very supportive of animal research in principle. I'm sure we could do a much better job of ensuring the humane treatment of our laboratory animals--but at this point it's very difficult even to start the discussion.

Lucy the Elephant's Case to be Heard by Canadian Supreme Court?

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Animal rights groups are seeking leave to appeal to the high court in their ongoing fight to have Lucy the elephant moved to a warm-weather U.S. In their Supreme Court application, the groups say private citizens have a right to seek legal remedies to ensure that governments enforce animal protection laws. Could be. Excerpted from CTV News. The Supreme Court of Canada could be getting involved in the battle over the fate of an ailing elephant in an Edmonton zoo.

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Reduce Plastics in Order to Save Marine Life

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First of all, it's gross (find your own planet to dump your trash on), but it's also dangerous for animals. There are so many fronts on the war for animal rights (and I'm increasingly believing that "war" is the right word for it) and often times it's hard to know what to do. The protection of marine animals may fall under "environmentalism," but these are artificial divisions.

PETA Settlement over Shelter Records

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Follow-up from the Utah scandal in which shelter animals were being sold for research purposes. The Davis County Commission has agreed to pay the legal fees of an animal rights group after settling a lawsuit over animal shelter records. The Standard-Examiner of Ogden said Wednesday that the county will pay $17,732 to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The settlement provides limited protections for the county from further litigation.

Whales in danger.

4 The Love Of Animals

The International Fund for Animal Welfare ( IFAW ), is a non-profit organization working to save animals in crisis worldwide, to help protect our oceans’ whale population. IFAW advocates for the protection of wildlife in their habitats, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and rescues individual animals. It is up to us to lead the effort in protecting these animals. originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on May 11, 2010.

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Atttorney's File Motion to Dismiss Charges Against AETA 4

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Attorney's for 4 people accused under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. From the press release: “To characterize protest and speech as terrorist activities is ludicrous,” said Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) cooperating attorney Matthew Strugar. And it is not just animal rights activists who are in danger here. These activities are protected by the First Amendment.

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You Might Be a Terrorist!

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Here is an excellent article by Gayle Dean on the Bush Administration's excessive use of the rhetoric of terror, especially as it is being selectively applied to animal rights advocates. For more on how the rhetoric of terror is being used to restrict the rights of animal advocates so as to protect the profits of animal abusers, see my earlier post here.

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Steven M. Wise on Legal Rights for Animals

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The legal rights of nonhuman animals might first be achieved in any of three ways. For example, the Treaty of Amsterdam that came into force on May 1, 1999, formally acknowledged that nonhuman animals are “sentient beings” and not merely goods or agricultural products. The European Community and the member states signatory to the treaty are required “to pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals.” Wise , “ The Evolution of Animal Law Since 1950 ,” chap.

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Tom Regan on Rights

Animal Ethics

Whether individuals have legal rights depends on the laws and other legal background (e.g., the United States) citizens meeting certain requirements have the legal right to vote or run for elected office; in other countries (e.g., Libya) citizens do not have these rights.

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Julian H. Franklin on the Use of Animals in Research

Animal Ethics

To inflict death or pain on animals for scientific or medical research is wrong morally, and ought to be prohibited. This follows from everything said in the text about the rights of animals. This does not mean that animals may never be deliberately harmed or become subjects of research. They may be killed in order to protect the health of humans (and other animals) if they are infected with a serious disease and cannot be quarantined.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 9 of 13

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The Argument from Animal Rights A stronger argument is made by people who maintain that animals have rights. In particular, it has been argued that animals have a right to life. So, even if animals are killed painlessly and raised for food in humane ways, it is wrong to kill them. The question is, of course, whether animals do have a right to life. The answer to this question turns on what is meant by having a right.

From the Mailbag

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As you know, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is committed to protecting the lives of animals everywhere. But you may not know that we have filed a lawsuit against Mendes Calf Ranch for its violation of California animal cruelty laws. While our lawsuit to stop this cruel practice is pending in court, there is more we can do for these animals right now. Greetings, We need your help.