Wildlife Rehabilitator War Wounds

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And I was pecked in the eye by my pet chicken, does that count?”. “I Injured wildlife are not the most cooperative of patients. Most of them think we’re trying to eat them, not help them. Frightened and defensive, they react accordingly. Wildlife rehabilitators have an arsenal of equipment and techniques we use to protect ourselves. Gloves (some lined with Kevlar), goggles, facemasks, helmets, body padding, nets, poles … the list goes on.

Scarlett The Cat: From Homeless To A Hero

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The interesting thing is that it was not a first time, when David saved poor animals out of a fire: ten years before he has already taken a wounded dog after the fire to the North Shore Animal League, where he was cured. All in all, Karen had to make a dramatic and hard decision of mercy killing to stop the agony of her pet, which happened on October 2008, when Scarlett peacefully passed in Karen’s arms. guest post pet stories

Lick Granuloma

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This usually creates open wounds which increases the chances of infection. guest post pet care sponsored postLick granuloma is a serious skin problem in dogs and occurs when dogs continuously lick a certain area, which then becomes inflamed and sore. It tends to be most common on the legs; however any area can be affected. The most common cause of lick granuloma is psychological, usually due to stress, boredom or a compulsive behaviour.

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How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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Chronic pain in horses can develop from other conditions such as osteochondrosis, degenerative joint disease, or from wounds and infection. guest post pet careA Farrier is a professional with a very unique set of skills, they are able to care for and treat ailments found in hoofed animals including horses, ponies and some other animals.

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Injured Deer Finds Clinic

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Workers at an Ohio pet shop are used to worried pet owners bringing their animals in to be treated in the store's clinic. Manager Trudi Urie says the wounded doe was hanging out behind the store and then ran through an open door into a stockroom. Lucky deer! She was treated and then released. But an unaccompanied visit Saturday by a deer to the PetSmart in Rossfield was a first for the store.

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Your Dog and Fleas

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Hot spots; these are red, open wounds caused by licking and biting the skin. pet careDog fleas cause itching and discomfort in your dog. Not only are they annoying, they can cause serious health problems. There are a number of different symptoms to look for when dealing with a possible flea infestation. It is important to understand how fleas work and what to look for before starting a treatment.

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Black Bear

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During a brief moment of insanity after the death of my pet kitty Brady in 1991 (at the age of 17), I attended Vermont Law School to study Environmental Law. He was bleeding from several bullet wounds, and visibly in excruciating pain. I stared into his eyes while envisioning him breaking free from the prison the men made of the truck, and the prison the men made of his now mortally-wounded body.

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An Open Letter to Outdoor/Feral Cat Supporters

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Can you convince yourselves that your cat does not kill birds, when statistics show pet cats only bring home 23% of their kills? It’s so much easier to delete a picture than to end the life of a mortally wounded cat-caught bird, like this Downy Woodpecker … who is alive, but not for long. Dear Outdoor Cat Owners/Feral Cat Supporters, Does the photo above sicken you? It sickens me. I have been rescuing animals, both wild and domestic, since I was a child.

Make Your Cat an Indoor Cat

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Almost every single outdoor pet cat, feral cat, or stray kills other animals , no matter how well fed the cat is through other sources. I can also remember the fleas they brought home to share with us and the wounds they would get from unknown sources. But, one might ask, isn’t it virtually impossible to take a pet cat that is used to wandering freely out-of-doors and make it an indoor cat? Attention : They are your pets so pet them!

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Fizzle’s Story

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Hospice Tails is a series of true stories about my experiences with pets and patients as a hospice social worker. Then I noticed that several family members were also nursing bleeding wounds. Hi, I’m Debra Stang , author of Hospice Tails and guest writer for today’s blog. Although I adore my own cats, I had not realized what an important role animals can play as life draws to a close.

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From the Mailbag

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This little guy appeared weak and the wound on its head is very apparent. A young bird, yet to reach flight, is extremely vulnerable to pet cats and dogs. Feeding and caging them from your own pet, is impossible. Keith, Here is a photo of a little guy we found across the street. It was chewing on the remains of a little bird that had fallen out of its nest. It was right on the curb and I was concerned about it getting run over.

Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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They pointed out the puncture wounds, likely infected with bacteria that could quickly kill. It’s the bane of many rehabbers that they simply can’t get through to cat owners on this critical issue of free-roaming pets. This blog is written by writer, photographer, and animal advocate Ingrid Taylar. Years ago, I became a wildlife volunteer and advocate because of a cat who caught a bird.

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The Medicine Bird

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Tamarack’s veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Ramey of Animal Ark Pet Hospital in Erie, PA (who donates his time), treated her with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, then five days later, surgically removed one hopelessly damaged talon. Rehabilitators at Tamarack are now treating the redtail with antioxidants as well as providing hydrotherapy and continuing wound care, all the while trying to handle her as little as humanly possible.

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