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Birding Nanhui, Shanghai in November 2021

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Somehow, it seems that most birders regularly visiting Nanhui feel that 2021 was a bit of a disappointing year. Not too many highlights, not too many species … hard to say whether this is just the usual nostalgia for a better but probably nonexistent past or a real phenomenon.

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Trinidad’s Toughest Triad

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Continuing here with the series on threes within the avian landscape of Trinidad and Tobago (in case you missed it, T&T has three each of trogons , antshrikes , spinetails , manakins , hermits , honeycreepers , and resident warblers ) we arrive at one of the more difficult species triads to encounter.

Where the Sparrows Are

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Like many birders, I regularly submit short lists of birds seen at my place of employment. But I also sometimes go there, specifically to bird, for hours.

Collaborative list November – 2021

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I have been humming the Dwarves’ theme from Sleeping Beauty all month. Can’t think why. …we bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird in the marsh the whole day thru.

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Pheasant Coucal-the sound of summer!

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It is now summer here in Australia and there is hope of rain in the next few weeks here in Broome. It has been more than eight months now since we had rain and the land is desperate for rainfall. We are all desperate for a change, because you can actually get a bit bored of constant blue skies!

Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests: A Field Guide Review

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Once upon a time, bird field guides included nests.

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Best* Bird Books, Binoculars, Bottles** of Booze, and Backpacks of the Bygone Year

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The holidays started early this year, with the first night of Hannukah coming right at the end of Thanksgiving weekend!

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of December 2021)

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December is a special month occupied almost entirely for most people by holiday preparation, shopping, and celebration.