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Help is not just on the way, it’s here. If you’ve had an encounter with a wild animal – a bird stunned by hitting a window, a fox hit by a car, or a family of raccoons unexpectedly found residing in your attic – you know how hard it can be to find help.

The popstars of Shanghai

10,000 Birds

In Shanghai, May is the month with a chance to see the regional popstars of the birding world – male Japanese and Amur Paradise Flycatchers.

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Another Trio

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In my last post here , I spoke of a rather odd trend permeating the birdlife here in Trinidad & Tobago. Many species seemed to come in threes, and today I shall continue my examination of these. Three species of antshrikes are resident in T&T.

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Flights of Passage: a book review

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Last year there was a spate of books specifically about bird “behavior” – though one might well say that every book about birds, from field guides on up, is about behavior in some way or another. It’s the behavior that makes them fascinating to us.

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How Many Birders are There, Really? (Addendum)

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I have previously written about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s estimates regarding the number of birders in the United States.

A Quick Visit to a Mud Puddle

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Oh my goodness! I’m writing a blog post! I know, I know, it’s been a long time.

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The Hummingbirds Out Back

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Hummingbirds are natural attention getters. Small as a bug, decorated with iridescent lights, and always in the mood for a fight, how can these real life fairies not take center stage? In Costa Rica, with around 50 hummingbird species on the list, we have our fair share of minute feathered stars.

“Christmas in June” – Brasserie au Baron: Saint-Médard Cuvée de Noël

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True, it’s not even yet midsummer and we’re still more than half a year away from Christmas. But I do have a perfectly valid reason for celebrating Christmas in June with this week’s featured beer, Saint-Médard Cuvée de Noël from the French brewery Brasserie au Baron.

Who’s watching whom?

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May 29th was my 63rd birthday, and I got the best birthday present possible. It rained! And it wasn’t a passing shower; no, it was the kind of rain that suggested that our summer monsoon season might be starting. Then it rained on the 30th, 31st, 1st of June, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.

Yellow-billed Spoonbills breeding

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One bird species that we occasionally observe around Broome is the Yellow-billed Spoonbill, but we had not seen one for a few years until recently. There are Royal Spoonbills that frequent the Broome Poo Ponds and the shores of Roebuck Bay, but not the Yellow-billed Spoonbill.

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Collaborative list – May 2021

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OK, hands up, I confess! Events overtook me again and the month, nay the season changed before my clicking finger retrieved the list for May. But all is not lost. Most… , but not all.

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