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Birding Shanghai in December 2021

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Here in Shanghai, December is the month that a birder’s addiction cannot be satisfied by the increasingly meager assortment of species at Nanhui – we have to go to other places as well. Such as Tianmashan, where a steeply inclined pagoda still has not fallen down.

Birding the Trinity Hills

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It may seem like an unnecessarily recurring theme in my posts about birding within Trinidad & Tobago, but the more I write on the subject the more it becomes apparent that the number three must have some significance, somewhere.

My 10 Best Birds for 2021

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Last week, Corey opened the “Top Ten Birds for 2021” season here at 10,000 Birds.

Collaborative list – December 2021

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A Happy New Year to you all. December in the UK has been the mildest on record with even Lady Helen venturing from the heated rooms to pop her nose outside the door.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

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New Year’s Eve early morning rain

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There is nothing better than waking up to the sound of rain, especially when it has been so many months without rainfall. At 1:30am on New Year’s Eve the overnight temperature suddenly dropped from 30c to 27c and the raindrops fell!

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A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching: Getting to Know the World’s Most Misunderstood Bird: A Book Review by a Pigeon Cynic

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The American Birding Association has declared that 2022 is the year of the Burrowing Owl, but if Rosemary Mosco has her way, it will also be the year of the Rock Pigeon.

2018 83

Collective Arts Brewing: Good Monster DIPA

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Now that we’re nearly a week into 2022, I’ve made a resolution for the new year to keep a more regular schedule posting here at Birds and Booze. 2021 was a busy, even tumultuous year for me, and while I always strive to stick my usual weekly posts, that wasn’t always possible.