Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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Animal-rights activists claim an orca is being held in an "inadequate tank" in the Miami Seaquarium. The federal complaint focuses on a whale named Lolita, who was captured more than 40 years ago, and has been held at the Miami Seaquarium. Read the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service. They sued the National Marine Fisheries Service for excluding captive killer whales from listing under the Endangered Species Act.

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To Tick or Not to Tick – Exotic Birding in Miami

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Today, if you want to see parrots in the USA you need look no further than Miami. Nearly 70 species of parrots have been recorded flying free at some stage or another in Miami, including Hyacinth Macaws. Dozens of other introduced bird species, largely escapees from pet owners, now call Miami home. Miami, with its warm climate and abundant food sources, has become a hotbed of exoticism. Red-masked Parakeets , readily seen around Miami, are not countable. Right?

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My Big Day in Miami-Dade

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For January 1st, 2013, I decided to do something a little different this year — a Big Day in Miami-Dade, which involves seeing or hearing as many species as possible within a 24-hour period inside my home county. The past record holder for Miami-Dade, my good birding friend Roberto “Toe” Torres, admitted that, as far as he knew, his not entirely serious effort of 102 species was the highest number of species recorded for the county in 24 hours.

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Best Time to Bird South Florida? Fall Migration

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If conditions are right, the Palm Beach Agricultural Area can be teaming with various shorebird species such as Spotted, Solitary, Upland, Buff-breasted, Least, Semipalmated, Western, and Pectoral Sandpiper, Black-bellied and Semipalmated Plover, Long-billed Dowitcher, and Black-necked Stilt. Why do Lark Sparrows always show up in September in Miami and then vanish? Birding bird migration fall migration Florida birding Miami birding warblers

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What’s the Next ABA-Countable Exotic?

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They were right! For example, flocks of White-winged Parakeets around Miami International Airport now also contain an increasing proportion of Yellow-chevroned Parakeets — this was not true a few years ago. Although most parrot species persist only in urban and suburban areas, this small parakeet also occurs in agricultural areas of the Redlands and Homestead in southern Miami-Dade. Birding California parakeets Florida parakeets Miami birding

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South Florida Specialties Birding

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On my recent short family vacation to Miami, I was granted a single day to get out and really bird like a madman. Can you believe that a New Yorker could travel all the way to Miami and not be treated to breakfast? Why bother with birds you can’t check off your list, right? He was right! Pigeon, grackle: from a distance they can easily be confused, right? Trips Florida Miami

Birding Through the Seasons at Matheson Hammock

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Carlos Sanchez is an excellent birder, a Miami resident, and a polyglot. Matheson Hammock County Park is a special place to many who grew up in the Miami area, filled with the nostalgia of taking one’s first swim in the ocean, seeing their first Brown Pelicans , or dip netting through the seagrass beds to find Pygmy Seahorses (the most coveted and prized catch). Destinations Florida Matheson Hammock Miami

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Artist Sentenced for Wildlife Trafficking

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Artist Enrique Gomez De Molina was sentenced to 20 months in prison and a $6,000 fine in Miami on Friday for trafficking in illegal and threatened wildlife. The artist used parts of animals to create his art: De Molina’s Miami attorney Ben Kuehne said the artist was “extremely remorseful and apologetic,” while fully acknowledging his actions which were opposite to what he meant to express with his art: that humans menace the rich diversity of wildlife.

But…It’s a Canada Goose?

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Luis Gonzalez is a Miami resident and IT major who was originally born and raised in Cuba. A bit of background history, the Coot Bay/Everglades National Park CBC has been taking place over the last sixty-nine seasons in the southernmost area of the park, it covers anything the Miami-Dade/Monroe County border and it includes some of the most iconic, and infamous, trails in the Everglades. punch line to a bad birding joke, right?

A Birder’s Version of Oktoberfest

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Autumn migration gets off to an inauspicious start in Miami-Dade with the appearance of a small selection of passerines at local migrant traps at mid-July. Oktoberfest is the term coined by birders in Miami-Dade county to refer to a time of plenty [of migrants], when a visit to a local suburban park might yield up to twenty or more species of warbler on a good day. A correctly angled cold front combined with a sloppy, wet tropical system created the right conditions for a logjam.

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Winter Wood-Warblers in Southeast Florida

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Carlos Sanchez is an excellent birder, a Miami resident, and a polyglot. That’s right. Over twenty species of wood-warbler may be recorded in a single winter in Miami-Dade County, with several more species recorded regularly in Monroe and Broward. In addition to these widespread species, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Waterthrush are reliably seen in the right habitats.

The Littel Big Year – Week 45: Wrapping up the Bahamas

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We did however gain an extra night, at our expense in Miami, Florida, all of which was in the dark, so I could not even run out and put a couple of birds on a Florida State List. Carolyn was able to get us into the right area, but was afraid that we were so late in the day, it was not likely that we would be able to find this rare bird. Right after those photos were taken, 8 more of these beautiful birds flew in and joined the first one, affording me a bit of a better photo.

The Fate of the Florida Anis

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According to the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas, the first confirmed breeding record was in Miami in July of 1938. Certainly, Smooth-billed Anis have shown great adaptability in Latin America where they can often be seen in parking lots and unkempt grassy lots right in the middle of large cities from San Juan to Caracas.

The Razorbill Invasion of Florida

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The first sighting was of an individual seen and photographed right off the pier at Boynton Inlet on December 9, 2012. On December 11, 2012, an observer saw one at Government Cut in Miami-Dade right off the pier which was quickly followed by a sighting of three birds off Singer Island in Palm Beach, two birds filmed off Fort Lauderdale, and another bird photographed off of Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne — already an unprecedented number of records.

Jamaica Birding Trip 2013 Part 1

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One of the perks about living in Miami is that plane tickets to the bird-rich Caribbean, Central, and South America are often cheaper than going to places like Arizona, Colorado, or California. Day Two: On the second day, I got off to an early start at Ecclesdown Road in the northeast corner of the island, flushing a Crested Quail-Dove right near the beginning. Like magic, a dark bird flew into a tall tree right beside the road.

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Birding in Honduras, Part I: Highlands

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A pair of Spot-breasted Orioles were a welcome sighting, having personally lead many clients to their life Spot-breasted Oriole in Miami for their ABA list but having never seen one in their original range. After some brief birding along the trails at PANACAM Lodge the following day, we drove to La Tigra National Park which sits right above the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

I and the Bird: What is a Vulture?

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And when you think about it, that seems right. Turkey Vulture on Little Miami River – Kelly Riccetti, The Red and the Peanut. That vultures get a bad rap is something of a given. There’s no getting around the fact that they’re weird looking. Birds are supposed to have feathers and birds without feathers look incomplete, like they left home with shaving cream on their ear and toothpaste spots on their shirt.

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Veraguan Mango – Panama's ex-endemic

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Like when Cleveland local Lebron James showed up in Miami and started playing basketball for the Heat. Wicked, right? home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Veraguan Mango – Panama’s ex-endemic Veraguan Mango – Panama’s ex-endemic By James • March 1, 2011 • 4 comments Tweet Share Endemism is special.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East: A Field Guide Review

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from University of Miami in 1966 and has written over 75 scientific and popular papers and books, including Shorebirds of North America: The Photographic Guide. Species accounts are sequential, one running right after the other. I imagine length and weight are also the reason the species accounts are sequential; one following right after the other, as opposed to one species per page. We now interrupt all talk about birds and migration to consider dragonflies. And damselflies.

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The Future of Birding Field Guides is Digital

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It takes only a single raindrop at the right place to render an electronic device completely useless. If you are in remore and/or dangerous places, like Somalia or Miami, and you get robbed, a book or (paper) notebook will likely be left in your posession by the robbers (saving all of your bird observation notes), an electronic device will be taken – that’s what they are after. Wicked, right?

Best Bird of the Year 2012

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Red-necked Grebe by Carlos Sanchez My Best Bird of the Year was a Red-necked Grebe discovered in an urban pond in Tallahassee which lingered long enough for me to go and see it — a full 17 hour round trip drive from Miami. And, the best thing was that it did not require tapes, just the right habitat and good ears and patience.

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Birding while Holiday Shopping

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In fact, several species in Miami-Dade are found exclusively in such habitats. Most visiting birders look at me in disbelief when I point them in the right direction for this range-restricted ABA species — away from good, mature forest habitat and towards the nearest fast food restaurant. Shopping mall parking lots even show a degree of seasonality in Miami-Dade.

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