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Retirement Age?

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The twin-island postcolonial paradise of Trinidad & Tobago celebrates its 60th anniversary of independence today, and as much as I am vehemently anti-nationalist I figured I’d draw some attention to this fact.

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Life Can Be Interesting

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Over the past couple of months, my wife and I have had an interesting turn in our lives. This turn has resulted in our gaining new friends, one of them an avid (and professional) birder. In fact, it was birding that brought them into our lives.

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Pied Oystercatcher eggs become chicks

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One of the pairs of Pied Oystercatchers on Cable Beach have hatched their eggs this week. There had been one egg in the nest scrape on July 25th and a second egg followed. This Tuesday I was expecting the eggs to start to hatch and they did just that.

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Birding Shanghai in August 2022

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I think there is a potential joke somewhere in a person saying in an exaggerated French accent “I have no egrets” (try imagining the French accent please, otherwise this is definitely not funny. Even with the French accent, it probably isn’t, but that is another problem).

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15 Australian Birds (Episode 6)

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When I was a kid (and don’t you hate it when blog posts start like this, with the author apparently just assuming that you care about how he spent his childhood), the first pets we had were a pair of Budgerigars. We even had some chicks – not that this was a big achievement.

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