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Birding in Costa Rica, August, 2022- News and Recommendations

10,000 Birds

In the northern temperate zone, August is a time of hazy, lazy dog days, a month when you soak up that last bit of summer during outdoor picnics and shorebird chases.

Is the project of the very best field guides in the world dead?!?

10,000 Birds

I understood that my favourite, and in my opinion the very best field guide series in the world – Lynx & Birdlife International – is practically dead because of the high costs of developing a field guide and low sales during the pandemic.

Birding the Kruger Park (4): Letaba area

10,000 Birds

Letaba is a largish rest camp in the North central part of the park. It is near a river, attracting some birds that like to eat wet food.

Benin 56

Mistletoebird family

10,000 Birds

Since I first told you of the Mistletoebird nest that was built in the bush close to our home there has been a lot of activity.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

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