Sat.Sep 10, 2022 - Fri.Sep 16, 2022

The Sun Chaser

10,000 Birds

The Latin name of the Long-billed Starthroat , Heliomaster longirostris roughly translates to ‘long-billed sun chaser’ Truly, it is a bird that has captivated my interest from the moment I laid eyes on it roughly a decade ago.

Birding the Kruger Park (5): Pafuri area part 1

10,000 Birds

Pafuri lies in the northernmost part of the Kruger National Park and is described as “some of the most potentially productive birding territory in South Africa” on the SANParks website.

San Diego Pelagic

10,000 Birds

In August, we took a family trip to beautiful San Diego, seeing SeaWorld , LegoLand , and the San Diego Zoo. But I took a day for myself for a 12-hour pelagic trip sponsored by Buena Vista Audubon.

Pied Oystercatchers breeding in Roebuck Bay

10,000 Birds

Roebuck Bay is a well-known location for bird-watching around Broome. It is especially renowned for the migratory shorebirds and they have been returning from the Northern hemisphere to our shores in recent weeks.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

Speaker: Test

15 Australian Birds (Episode 7)

10,000 Birds

(In which the author, rather than jumping out of his 13th-floor window out of his frustration over his long lockdown, describes a final 15 Australian birds, whether or not anyone is interested).