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Birding Inirida, Colombia, or river dolphins and hoatzins, part 2

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Have you ever birded a place so young that birds still have no names ? … – part 2 – Once I finish this writing, with a strange mix of emotions I will put the Lynx field guide Birds of Colombia to the bookshelf for the first time, more than half a year after I received it.

The Wintering Wood-Warblers of Costa Rica

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Winter birding can be fun, especially when you do it in a place with palms, parrots, and weather for wearing shorts. This is where the summer birds go, where those fall warblers went sometime after October.

What Was Your First Bird of 2022?

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What was your first bird of the year this year, 2022? Here’s hoping it was something memorable, awesome, exciting, or some other positive adjective. At least I hope it wasn’t a pigeon!

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Ringed Plover in Broome

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Although the official paperwork has not been completed with the Rarities Committee it appears that we have the honour of a Ringed Plover in Broome at the moment!

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Test webinar 6/10 10am

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Birding Balangshan, Sichuan, China (part 3)

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My last trip to Balangshan was in July 2021 – now I was back, three months later. Yes, I know you are not interested in boring semi-autobiographical descriptions of individual birding trips. But you may be interested in some of the most recent photos.

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Birds Worth The Trip

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As this holiday week advanced and my Wednesday deadline approached, I was torn between two post themes. One was to piggyback on Patrick O’Donnell’s interesting article about winter warblers in Costa Rica, since his list is quite different from my list for central Mexico. (I