Dead Sea Lions in Puget Sound - Again

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The bodies of seven sea lions with bullet wounds were recently found on the Nisqually River. The animal protection group Seal Sitters says a necropsy showed that the sea lion had suffered a shark bite and had twisted intestines in addition to a bullet wound. This has happened before. I don't know whether these are disgruntled fishermen or regular jerks. Here's the whole story from the Washington Post National.

Working Animals Face "Firing Squad" in Developing Countries

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Here's what they say about "the Firing Squad," a horrible method of "treating" wounded work animals. No, their suffering will be far more drawn out. They will be ‘fired’ with a red hot iron in the mistaken belief that it will cure a wound. Humar, pictured on the right, is just one animal to have suffered this traditional, yet ineffective treatment, to horrifying effect. For many years, Humar had carried heavy loads for his owner and was now suffering from arthritis.

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Eating Eggs is Eating Cruelty

Creature Talk

Birds suffering from broken bones, bloody open wounds, and untreated infections. Egg laying hens are arguably the most abused animals on today’s factory farms.

Palin Supports Brutal Method of Killing Wolves

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The wolves suffer needlessly because hunters simply wound them more often then not firing from an airplane. I understand there may be some instances where predator control is necessary. I'm not an absolutist on this point. Doing it from low flying aircraft, however, is just barbaric. This is what Palin has pushed for. Here is a video from Defenders of Wildlife that shows the method (it's under 3 minutes).

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Scarlett The Cat: From Homeless To A Hero

4 The Love Of Animals

The interesting thing is that it was not a first time, when David saved poor animals out of a fire: ten years before he has already taken a wounded dog after the fire to the North Shore Animal League, where he was cured. In 2008, Scarlett’s state of health has deteriorated; she suffered kidney failure, the heart noise, lymphoma and other diseases. The story of homeless Scarlett is, probably, one of the most touching, unbelievable and heart-stirring over the last decades.