Sat.Dec 18, 2021 - Fri.Dec 24, 2021

Birding the Drakensberg, South Africa

10,000 Birds

Given the strict covid prevention measures here in China, I have not left the country in almost 2 years now. Fortunately, China still has lots of interesting birding locations left for me. But of course, it is also nice to remember past birding trips.

Low-effort Warbling

10,000 Birds

This time of year the canopies of the Neotropics are alive with countless warblers escaping the cold grip of the northern winter.

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White-faced Herons in Australia

10,000 Birds

White-faced Herons – Egrettta novaehollandiae are a very versatile heron species that we often observe around Broome. They can be found in a variety of habitats during the year.

I Get Back

10,000 Birds

… to where I once belonged. My first experience birding was as a teenager back in the 70s, when birding meant a pair of binoculars, a couple of bird feeders, and a smallish field guide (book).

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