Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. More >> Animals. Rights. Today is the launch of.

Woodland Park Zoo and its Controversial Elephant Breeding Efforts

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An article in today's Seattle Times about Woodland Park Zoo's attempts over the last 20 years to breed elephants. Very controversial with organizations such as In Defense of Animals, PETA and the Northwest Animal Rights Network. The zoo claims it's to preserve the species. seattle zoo woodland park zoo captive breeding elephantsThey say it's cruel.

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Controversial Elephant Death at San Diego Zoo

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An animal rights group has called for a federal investigation into the death of an elephant at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The Northern California-based In Defense of Animals called for the Department of Agriculture, which does inspections of zoos, to investigate Umoya's death. As part of standard procedure, Umoya's death has already been reported to federal officials by the zoo. PETA and In Defense of Animals oppose keeping elephants in zoos.

Tiger Abuse at Chinese Zoos

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On Tuesday, state media reported that dozens of tigers and other endangered animals had died of malnutrition over the past two years at the Northern Forest Zoo in the Chinese city of Harbin. Workers, who later leaked the story to the media, buried their bodies in a 3-meter pit to hide the animals from authorities. Tags: zoos tigers china

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Calgary Zoo Feeling Economic Pressure

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Dr. Clement Lanthier, Calgary Zoo president and CEO (is this a corporation??) Lanthier, a veterinarian and walrus researcher who took the helm in Calgary two years ago, says the cancellation of the polar bears exhibit might please some animal-rights extremists, but the reality is a blow to Canada's white bears. It's off the table until somebody comes to the zoo and says, I want this and I'm willing to pay," said Lanthier.

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Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo, Part Deux

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Coincidentally, last night was a board meeting for our homeowner's association, and though I wasn't on the agenda there's always time for homeowner comments about, say, the petting zoo and pony rides that are scheduled for the spring "BBQ" ( here 's part one of this story). I printed pages of information about petting zoos from the Internet, mostly about health risks but also about animal treatment. Basically, it's for children who eat animals and their parents.

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Calgary Zoo Set for External Review

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But, of course, this is really all because of some extremists who want to close down all zoos. In announcing the expert panel, zoo CEO Clement Lanthier also came out swinging Saturday, defending the reputation of his facility, calling much of the criticism “unsubstantiated or unfair,” and adding the review will reassure Calgarians about the quality of the institution. “To The latter comment is in reference to Zoocheck Canada , a zoo watchdog demanding the independent investigation.

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Actress Lilly Tomlin Calls on Seattle Woodland Park Zoo to Release Elephants to Sanctuary

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Lilly Tomlin is in Seattle and spoke out about the conditions of elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo on behalf of the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN). Addressing supporters and the media at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center, Tomlin said elephants in zoos across the country are suffering in confinement. Tags: zoos elephants

Bob Barker Donates $1.5 Million to LA Zoo

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Along with about 200 Los Angeles Zoo employees, children and community members gathered today at City Hall, rock guitarist Slash pledged his support for completing the zoo’s Pachyderm Forest. million donation, courtesy of former “Price is Right” host Bob Barker. The donation is for helping Billy the elephant.

Lucy the Elephant's Case to be Heard by Canadian Supreme Court?

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The Supreme Court of Canada could be getting involved in the battle over the fate of an ailing elephant in an Edmonton zoo. Animal rights groups are seeking leave to appeal to the high court in their ongoing fight to have Lucy the elephant moved to a warm-weather U.S. In their Supreme Court application, the groups say private citizens have a right to seek legal remedies to ensure that governments enforce animal protection laws. zoos canada elephants

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Bob Barker Offers to Pay to Move Canadian Elephants to Sanctuary

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I hope, when I reach their age, I'm as active and effective as Bob Barker and Betty White are in the animal rights movement. Legendary game show host Bob Barker says it will cost $200,000 to move three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary, and he doesn't mind paying for it himself. Toronto city council voted in October to move the elephants to a facility run by PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) near Galt, Calif.,

New Podcast for Week Ending February 13, 2009

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In this week’s podcast ending February 13, 2010: **Britain’s Ministry of Defense defends its use of pigs as subjects in explosives testing; **an elephant expert argues for the closing of the elephant exhibit at the Toronto Zoo; **the State of Hawaii seeks to toughen penalties for dog fighting; **Animal rights groups protest the Canadian seal hunt in the shadow of the 2010 Olympics.

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People Who Want to Ban Circus Animals are Bozos?

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In "Council Bozos Want to Ban Circus Animals in City" Ellis Henican ridicules the New York City Council for introducing a bill to ban the "display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement." The only way most of us will ever see an elephant (or a tiger or a hippo) is on the National Geographic Channel, at a circus or in a zoo. The elitist “animal-rights” zealots hate to admit this.

Monkey Rescued in India

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According to the article, "Zoochosis is a term used by animal rights activists in reference to the degrading effect of zoos on animals that have been kept in captivity over a long period of time. The problem is characterised by the animal swaying its head and pacing up and down in its enclosure incessantly in a trance-like state, indicating it may be suffering from boredom." Tags: India animal cruelty macaque zoochosis

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Dutch Whale Denied Freedom; Must Go to Spanish Amusement Park

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A Dutch court had suspended the government's export permit after an animal rights coalition presented a plan to release her to the wild in stages. This feels like a defeat because an animal like this really belongs in the sea and not a zoo," Bleker said in a statement. captivity spain academic research marine life marine animals entertainment Orcas NetherlandsUnfortunate, but the court decided she would not survive being returned to the wild.

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On "High in the Clouds"

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What begins as a personal quest becomes a mission as the brave little acorn-cracker realizes that animals are enslaved everywhere. For instance, the animals are enslaved. But there's no connection made--or no explanation--for how we use animals.

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On the Psychological Continuum

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There is no philosophical continuum, but there is a psychological continuum, as evidenced by everyone at the workshop taking steps back or forward, denoting their increase in animal use (including no meat to meat, or backsliding, like I did a decade ago), or their decrease (such as when vegetarians go vegan). Hence the psychological continuum described (below) by Austria's Association Against Animal Factories from about a year ago.

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoy Animal Ethics. It’s a job-matching site for all jobs related to animals, like training, grooming, veterinary medicine, caretaking, zoo positions, and much, much more. What makes the site special is that a portion of every sale is donated to animal rights and rescue organizations. If the majority of your blog readers are animal lovers like me, then I know they’d love my site.