"Educate, Investigate, Liberate"

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He recently wrote me: We are an abolitionist group and our approach is "Educate, Investigate & Liberate". You may know Jose Valle of the International Organization for the Abolition of Animal Slavery, AnimalEquality. We are currently doing an investigation on pig farms in Spain, including intensive and extensive/free-range farms (tho extensive ones are scarce since intensive ones are the majority in the industry).

The Best in Vegan Education

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Encourage others to go vegan by educating them about the issues, and particularly about why we should not accept alternatives to eating animals that include eating animals (i.e., To my knowledge, there is currently no opportunity like this for vegan education.

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Enjoy Helping Animals? Consider an Education in Zoology

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Working as educators in sanctuaries, aquariums and other such venues. To become a zoologist you will need to gain an educational background in the areas of chemistry, math and biology. Today’s guest post is from Amy Silver. Amy is a Public Health student and an animal lover.

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On Mixing Bowl and Vegan Education

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From today's Publisher's Weekly : In January, Meredith Corporation quietly launched Mixing Bowl , a social networking site about cooking. Emphasizing user-generated content, the site invites home cooks to exchange recipes, share photos, participate in contests and post messages. The site is approaching 12,000 members, which Meredith v-p and general manager Jeff Myers said is “ahead of expectations.”

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Pet Care Education

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Here is a website for your consideration. I have added it to the blogroll

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Want a Career in Animal Rights?

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Compassionate Action for Animals is a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Minneapolis, MN focused on eliminating cruelty to animals through vegetarian outreach, education, and community building. Now might be your chance!

Veganism in the Workplace

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This presents both an opportunity for education and sometimes awkwardness. After a 7 month hiatus from this blog, I wonder: is anyone still out there? Anyone waiting for me to post? I bet you are just beside yourself with curiosity about where I’ve been.

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Cat Anatomy (infographic)

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Another fun and educational infographhic. This time, if you have ever had questions about cat anatomy, you might just get them answered! Cat Anatomy graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the full post. pet care

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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day #Cat2VetDay

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Saturday, August 22, is “National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day” (#Cat2VetDay) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is using this as an opportunity to educate cat owners on the importance of routine check-ups.

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Getting Emotional

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I’m vegan, and I educate others about veganism; I write this blog; I volunteer for an animal rights organization doing office work and event planning; and I have a dog and a cat whom I love dearly… but none of it really feels like enough. Sometimes being an animal rights advocate is emotionally exhausting. Today is one of those days. Last night I was watching Animal Planet, as I often do, and the show was about polar bears in the wild.

Where Does Vegan Baby Sky Get Her Protein?

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No matter what your beliefs are, when you're a parent you educate yourself about parenting style, nutrition (and Ginny Messina 's fabulous Vegan for Life recently arrived and includes nutrition information as well as sample menus for kids!)

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Ethical Beauty Website for Girls

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Here is an online magazine for girls promoting and educating about cruelty-free beauty products.

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Quote of the Week

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There's about as much educational benefit studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary. Jacques Cousteau.

Clarification on Messaging

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Vegan education/advocacy for animals is easiest for me when I know my audience. And by "know," I mean I have a relationship with them and/or I understand what drives them, what they appreciate and what they can tolerate.

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Spread the Word About Halloween Safety for Cats #AAFPHalloweenSafety

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Today is Halloween and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is using this as an opportunity to educate cat owners on Halloween safety.

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On "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer

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I say "if you know someone" because this isn't a book I'd recommend to vegans for their vegan education efforts. I immensely enjoyed "EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED" (even on the big screen) and eagerly anticipated "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer.

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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We can stop using animals and "allocate resources" to educate Homo sapiens worldwide to change their relationship to the animals around them. When I was asked if I wanted to read Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS (Rodale 2009) I was ambivalent.

CHIMPANZEE Challenge Fact #5

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These facilities are dedicated to excellence in animal care, conservation, education and science and meet the highest standards in animal health, husbandry and welfare. Currently 269 chimpanzees live in 34 United States zoos that are accredited with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

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Cat People VS Dog People

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“It’s interesting to learn how different cat and dog owners can be when choosing, and making decisions for, their pets,” said Dr. Brent Mayabb, veterinarian and manager of education and development at Royal Canin.

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On Fighting for "Animal Rights"

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But for the average discussion with the average, dog and cat person, I say stick with the language they use ("I love animals," "I only buy meat that was humanely raised"), and use those opportunities to educate them and point out the inconsistency in their claims. Being featured on ARZone's worldwide Live Guest Chat has reinvigorated my thinking about a couple of topics ( here 's the transcript). And then I read the "OMG!!!!!OED!!!!!LOL!!!!!" OED!!!!!LOL!!!!!" LOL!!!!!"

On Why a Bunny Might Have Two Noses

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and vegan chocolate, I hope) for more on "breaking the cycle of acquisition and relinquishment by educating the public about the responsibilities involved in keeping a companion rabbit before a rabbit is brought home.". ( AP Photo/The Connecticut Post, Brian A.

Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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Education. Today is the launch of. I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have.

Busch Gardens’ Baby Cheetah Gets a New Puppy Pal

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Eventually, the pair will live together and even travel together, helping the park’s education team teaching the public about the plight of cheetahs in the wild and the importance of Busch Gardens’ conservation efforts.

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The Animals We Use

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Like part of the original, it traces the conversations I have over and over again, with good people who simply aren't educated about what's involved in the use of animals, or they are, yet they continue to not align their actions with their knowledge and what they believe to be right. After failing miserably at a long pamphlet in 2007, I decided to shorten it by 50% and focus on a different audience: people who use animals.

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On Scheduling Epiphanies. and Coral Snakes

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The two things I know about vegan education are that: 1) it involves a lot of listening and guesswork; and 2) once someone has heard an answer to every objection they have--and we've all seen this--that doesn't mean they'll go vegan.

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On "Wild Justice"

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But whether of not there is wide agreement on the existence of wild justice within social mammal communities (there isn't), we do find that the cognitive, social and emotional lives of these animals are far more developed and rich than most people are willing (or educated enough to) admit.

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Chris from Beijing is Finally Blogging!

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However, I have recently noticed that several vegans who write for Examiner.com have animal-exploitation based ads on the same page as their vegan education. Christopher Barden, an American vegan living in Beijing, and whom I mention frequently, has started his own blog/"Notes on Life" ! Chris is a bit of a geek, and I say that with great warmth and admiration, and he's always trying to figure things out technically and technologically.

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Melange Monday

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But more important, commenter Daniel Manahan could use some gentle education. Finally, there's an alert from Susan Hargreaves, who is a humane educator here in South Florida (via Trish). I've had the pleasure of seeing her in action with adults and children and I profoundly admire her vegan education and animal rights activism. education [link]. So many things to say today. First, check out " The Vegan Solution: An Ideal Whose Time Has Come " over at Care2.

On Radical Abolitionism and Guilt

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I do not believe that our war can be won by vegan education alone and that some day, the oppressors of humans, nonhuman animals and the planet are going to see the error of their ways and transition to a nonviolent, non-exploiting way of life. He refers to Paulo Freire, a favorite of mine who, Best writes, "insisted-education can only be part of a much broader and multi-pronged movement of resistance, struggle, and change. Frequently, when I read Steve Best, I feel guilty.

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Happy Bunnies!

4 The Love Of Animals

The national event happened this May and offered free health checks and education events to help owners get a more detailed understanding of what their pet needs. We love to see pets that are happy and healthy! Here are some very happy bunnies to make you smile today.

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On Bad Presidential Puppy Decisions

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It's disheartening to know that after being educated about the "pet" trade and the implications of buying from a breeder, and seeming to understand the problems and issues, we nevertheless will have yet another pure breed dog in the White House. They can say that the puppy was needing to be re-homed, therefore it's like adopting from a rescue group.

American Veterinary Medical Association Makes Despicable Decision

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An AVMA resolution was quietly killed this afternoon that would have revised its policy on use of random-source dogs and cats for research, testing and education. The controversial resolution, submitted by the AVMA’s House Advisory Committee, called on the association to oppose the use of live animals “procured from animal shelters or the use of live animals procured from dealers” for use in veterinary education. Bastards. From Veterinary News.

On Foundation Beyond Belief

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I think my favorite part of FBB is parent education and support for nontheistic parents. It's officially Day 2 for Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB), and I'm watching carefully. I think I'll join today, as I'm not sure I can make a fair judgment on the process and the structure (and the success, whatever that means) from the outside. Here are my initial thoughts, though: "Animal Protection." Uh-oh.

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Cute of the day: Baby Aardvark!

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He will be raised in Jambo Junction – located in the Nairobi area of the park – and will become one of the park’s educational Animal Ambassadors. Busch Gardens’ Jambo Junction patrons will have the opportunity to see something quite rare: a baby aardvark.

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On the Vegan "Diet"

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And one would think that a vegan diet is the gateway to veganism if there is adequate support and education regarding other connections that might not be immediately obvious to someone concentrating on health and diet. My dogs eat vegan dog food. They don't have collars made from animals. But they also haven't made a moral choice to not use animals.

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Animal Fact Guide Website

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From their press release: A fun, educational website about animals called Animal Fact Guide (www.AnimalFactGuide.com) has just been launched. Teachers also can download educational worksheets relating to wildlife. Smith's experience in the field of education. We're always interested in promoting sites about animals. Here is a new website.

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Help Me Help Foster Kids

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One shows you how to start a transitional housing and life-skills program in your area just like our immensely successful program, and the other educates people who work with this vulnerable population about its unique needs. May is National Foster Care Month Allow me to change topics for one day and ask you to help me help foster kids and young people who have aged out of foster care (i.e., turned 18) by supporting two organizations that are dear to my heart.

For the Budding Vegan Author

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Books are obvious opportunities for advocacy and vegan education. If what you're writing is about vegan education, the bulk of your market isn't vegans, and presenting statistics about the number of vegans in the US isn't all that helpful (but not useless, as some might buy it to give to others, but that happens with every book).

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Planet Dinosaur (giveaway)

4 The Love Of Animals

It is pretty amazing, and educational as well as entertaining. We were very excited when we were contacted about BBC’s Planet Dinosaur ! The series will introduce you to all kinds of dinosaurs through the use of computer animation. It can also be fairly realistic at times, so it might not be suitable for very young audiences (there is a bit of blood, after all, dinosaurs didn’t always get along).

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Urban Resource Institute and Purina Unveil the Purina Play Haven

4 The Love Of Animals

Studies show that as many as 48% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations out of fear of what would happen if they left their pets behind, and more than 70% of pet owners who enter shelter report that the abuser has threatened, injured, or killed family pets.

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