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National Audubon Society Birds of North America: A Guide Review

10,000 Birds

Audubon guides to birds have been around since 1946. The first guide bearing the National Audubon Society imprint was Audubon Bird Guide; Eastern Land Birds , written by Richard Hooper Pough, and illustrated by Don Eckelberry.

The Reva Situation

10,000 Birds

Reva Pond was my favourite local patch until, a few years back, construction works started there. Not just mine, but all the most active birders of Belgrade, Serbia, were visiting this site at least 2-3 times a month: it is so conveniently close to the city, and even reachable by the city bus 108.

Why I write for 10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds

It’s all about the avocados. Sometime back in 2018, I started sharing some of my photos by e-mail with my sister and aunt. But I felt that photos of Mexican species wouldn’t make much sense to west-coast Americans, so I added some descriptions of the birds and how I saw them.

Returning to the Fitzroy River

10,000 Birds

After camping by the Fitzroy River for Grant’s birthday on April 24th we returned for a night after my birthday trip. As you can see in the header photo the river level had dropped considerably in two weeks.

April Showers 4.30