Another Critical Article Directed at CITES

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This article is by the President of the Blue Frontier Campaign. Tags: CITES united nations marine animals Japan endangered species The CITES irresponsible treatment of marine animals made it to Huffington Post too. I'm glad others share my disgust with CITES and the UN. Hopefully, regular citizens will read this and not just other activists. (I I forwarded an article about this to my book club members. Knowing them, I bet they were hoping for fish and chips instead!).

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For mankind to snatch away a species’ very existence is wrong on so many levels that I can’t begin to explain them. However, despite our best efforts to wipe them off the face of the earth, some of the more vulnerable species have managed to hang on. These species have seen the infamous Brink of Extinction, seemingly gone over the edge, and have scrambled back to solid ground in the nick of time…with a little extra help. this species breeds. Species.

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Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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Already, some conservation campaigns have taken on martial aspects. In some parts of Africa, rangers receive military training and equipment to defend animals (and themselves) from poachers in pursuit of elephants, rhinos, gorillas, and other endangered species.

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Fur Free Fashion Show Winners Announced

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Through litigation, legislation, and public education, BFUSA leads vital campaigns against animals in entertainment, exotic “pets”, trapping and fur, and destructive international wildlife trade. BFUSA’s mission is to end suffering of wild animals in captivity, conserve threatened and endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. Received this press release yesterday.

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When conservation and animal rights collide

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Wildlife conservation is concerned with protecting wildlife at the level of species or perhaps population. With the exception of species that number in the hundreds, conservation biologists are not as concerned with the fates of individual animals, it is only when such fates of many individuals are added up do they begin to worry. Before people start thinking biologists are somehow cruel in this regard, I should note that they are worried about species as a conservationist.

Saving a New Zealand Icon

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Mt Bruce, since you ask, is the Department of Conservation’s premier endangered bird breeding centre. The centre now encompasses native bush into which some of these endangered species have been released. (It Kiwi, New Zealand icons par excellence , are rather endangered. To deal with this peril to one of New Zealand’s most important birds (or family of birds, there are five species of kiwi), one bank has been spearheading a campaign to save those chicks.

Birding under Clouds of Uncertainty: Santa Ana NWR

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Trump’s presidential campaign was his promise to build a “great wall” along the border with Mexico. But the Administration is pushing hard to prove that it can deliver on promises made on the campaign trail. It would also consider cost, design, location, and other variables, such as the impact on the environment, including endangered species.

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