Birding and Wildlife photography at Limneo Lodge, Kerkini Lake, Greece

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Other important breeding species include Black and White Stork , Lesser Spotted , White-tailed , and Booted Eagle. Also Dalmatian and Great White Pelicans are resident species, breeding successfully on artificial platforms (close to 300 pairs).

The Final Days of the Danube backwaters in Belgrade: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is coming to Serbia

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In mid-December, I was birding along the Beljarica levee (Beh-LYAH-ritza), my local patch north of Belgrade, when something other than birds attracted my attention: three wild boars , appearing all black because they had just swam through the swamp to reach the bottom of the levee.

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The best-kept birding secrets of Belgrade

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Two Wild Boars crossed our path, returning from the arable field where they fed overnight, to the safety of Beljarica. For most species, the breeding season ends by the end of June and the majority of songbirds are silent and invisible now.

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Emerging birding destinations: Serbia

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Depending on your particular interest, opt for March/April (spring migration), May/June (breeding season), August to October (autumn migration), or November/December when waterbird migration reaches its peak.

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Birding Pulau Ubin-Singapore

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There are also wild boars and macaque monkeys and you are advised to not rustle plastic bags, because they associate the noise with food. The Bar-tailed Godwits had developed their breeding plumage and were roosting on a small rock close to the island. Grey Plover and Bar-tailed Godwit in breeding plumage. Pulau Ubin is a small island off the north-east coast of Singapore that is easily reached by a small boat from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Rarer than Tigers: the Indian Wild Dog

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In the morning, still sleepy, we enter the jungle, where a sounder of Indian Boars (a long-maned subspecies Sus scrofa cristatus ) is watching us, standing among the first trees, right next to the road. According to an as yet unpublished update to the IUCN Red List, there are only 949 to 2,215 breeding Dholes left in the wild – which is far below the number of the world’s breeding tigers (source: the Guardian). India, February 2013.

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The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

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Photo: This area holds 3 to 4 breeding pairs of White-tailed Eagles , which represents the biggest density per square mile anywhere in the country. The majority are clearly Mallards , followed by Garganeys , with one and possibly more Green-winged Teals , also Ferruginous Ducks … Surprises among them are one Common Shelduck , a species that most likely breeds some 15 mi from here (and my first shelduck of the year) and an even greater surprise: two Eurasian Wigeons.

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Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl–A Book Review

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Slaght’s goals are simple: learn how to find Blakiston’s Fish Owls, find them, attach transmitters, track them, collect data, use the data to map out which parts of Primorye are most important to their feeding and breeding, develop a conservation plan. Here are some of the questions that were running through my mind as I read Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl : (a) Is ornithological research always this dangerous? (b)

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The Belgrade Amazon Campaign or the House of the Eagle

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That is hardly a surprise: this area holds 3 to 4 breeding pairs of White-tailed Eagles, which represents the biggest density per square mile anywhere in the country! Were the hydrologists of 1920s worried where the fish will spawn, Wild Boars fatten and eagles nest? Beljarica backwaters cover the 900 ha of wilderness on the eastern bank of the Danube, between the river and the embankment, by the suburb of Kovilovo, some 15 kilometres upstream from downtown Belgrade.

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Where to watch birds in Belgrade

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While regular in winter, Pygmy Cormorants do not breed in the vicinity and are absent in spring and summer. There is a breeding pair of White-tailed Eagles at the Veliko Ratno Island and they can be seen year-round, but the best chances are in winter, when they hunt ducks around the island. When to bird: The best period here may be the breeding season (May-June) and the autumn migration in September.

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Finding an Asian Openbill in Singapore-second ever record!

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We were met by several Cattle Egret in beautiful breeding plumage feeding on the grass right next to the train station. Squirrels, water monitors, lizards, wild boar, macaque monkeys and more had too often stopped us in our tracks when we heard leaves rustling or odd sounds initially! We have just returned from an incredible three weeks in Singapore, where unlike many others who visit the country we spent the whole time in nature parks, forests and gardens observing birds.

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